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Where to Buy the Best Cheap Jeans Under $40?

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Jeans are a MUST for every girl’s closet. But where do you find the best cheap jeans? Especially when they’re usually reallyy pricey. Look no further! Keep on reading to find some of the cutest and most affordable jeans for under 40!

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Topshop is great for good trendy pieces that don’t break the bank. Personally, I also really like Topshop more than most other fast fashion brands because they have more unique, cooler pieces.

Their jeans are famous for being affordable and great quality, though some cross the $40 mark. Here’s some adorable trendy jeans that are under $40:

Rip Hem Straight Jeans – $25

These washed black rip hem jeans are currently on sale for $25 from $80 and they’re trending on the site! The ripped hem is so cool and looks great for a cool, edgy vibe.

Plus, black jeans are a great staple and the hem detail adds a unique twist to a staple.

Black Raw Hem Straight Jeans – $25

If you want a more classic jean that’s still super trendy, check out these black raw hem jeans by Topshop!

Let’s be honest, skinny jeans just aren’t trendy anymore, and the new skinny jean is the straight jean. These black straight leg jeans are so flattering because they fit your thighs and waist well but are a little looser from the knee down.

Raw Waistband Straight Jeans – $38

Classic blue jeans never go out of style, but these raw hem waistband jeans are such a creative twist to a staple.

They’re currently on sale for $38, so get them quick!

Topshop has great choices for jeans, but they can get a little pricey, especially considering they’re a fast fashion brand.

BUT, the brand always has great sales going on, so you’ll for sure find the best cheap jeans if you look hard enough!

PLUS, of all the fast fashion brands I’ve tried, Topshop has some of the best quality jeans. Definitely worth the price.


If you’re looking for the best cheap jeans that are also super trendy, you have to check out Prettylittlething.

Prettylittlething is a fast fashion brand and even though their quality isn’t the best, they have really trendy pieces at great prices.

All of these jeans are all over Instagram this year and they’re all less than $40 on Prettylittlething:

Split Hem Jeans – $35

Split hem jeans have been so popular the last year and PLT has some of the best options available, like this vintage wash pair.

These jeans are perfect to wear with sneakers or to elevate them for a night out with some heels. They also make your legs look super long.

What’s perfect about this pair is that they come in six colors, from sage to light blue to off-white and they’re on sale for $35!

Black Straight Leg Jean – $12

Here’s another pair of super affordable black straight leg jeans! They’re versatile and a staple and are only $12 on the PLT website.

These jeans also come in a mid blue and light blue wash so you have variety at an awesome price.

Black Dad Jean – $20

These Dad Jean’s might look a lot like the straight leg jeans above but they’re a much more relaxed fit and are more casual. The waist and ankle is tapered and tight but the rest of the jean is much more relaxed and loose.

Mid Wash Boyfriend Jean – $21

These jeans are a classic and always trendy! They’re currently on sale for $21 from $58, so get your pair fast!

Also, I know a lot of the jeans I’ve listed here are currently on sale so they may become sold out or increase in price but these fast fashion brands ALWAYS have sales going on, so don’t stress! Just go to any of these sites and go to their denim section and I guarantee you’ll find awesome jeans on sale.

Prettylittlething has an amazing variety of jeans for all shapes and sizes. You can find jeans specifically tailored for petite and tall girls, more curvy girls, plus-size ranges, and everything in between. You’ll always find flattering clothes on Prettylittlething.


Boohoo is similar to Prettylittlething and they also always have great deals on jeans.

One thing that is especially great about Boohoo is that even without sales, their jeans are super affordable, but because they always have sales and discounts, you can always find jeans for super, SUPER low prices.

Let’s look at some of their trendy jeans, all under $40!

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Mid Rise Vintage Wash Mom Jeans – $20

Mid Rise Distressed Boyfriend Jeans – $12.80

These super trendy black distresses boyfriend jeans are on sale for $12 on Boohoo! BUT, even at their regular price they’re for $32, which is below our $40 budget so don’t stress if you feel like these sale items won’t last (even though they usually do so you’ll probably get amazing deals year round!).


H&M is the ultimate place for basics, including jeans.

They always have really trendy pieces at affordable prices. Let’s deep dive into some of their popular and trendy jeans – all under $40.

Mom High Ankle Jeans – $29.99

Mom jeans have been really popular for the last couple of years and that’s because of how versatile they are. They’re baggy enough to clearly not be skinny jeans but hug your legs enough to either be dressed up or down.

This mom jean is a perfect example of that!

Wide Leg Cropped Jeans – $24.99

These cropped wide ankle jeans are super trendy. They’re especially great for the summertime because the wide ankle gives a more relaxed feel to your outfit.

What’s awesome about this pair is that they come in three staple colors: white, light blue, and black.

Slim Mom High Ankle Jean – $34.99

This edgy ripped denim is perfect for a more relaxed, slouchy vibe while still looking cool and trendy.

Like the other pair of jeans, there’s five different colors in this pair: four different types of blue wash and this black pair.

PS: these H&M jeans aren’t on sale, this is their full price and they’re all under $40!


Missguided has really cute, trendy clothes, including jeans. Plus, like most other fast fashion brands, they’re constantly having sales and deals going on, so you’ll always find something in your budget.

Another awesome thing about Missguided is that you’ll find the most popular and trendy pieces on their website. A lot of the time, if I just want to see what’s trendy in fashion, I’ll just scroll through their website and see what’s popular.

Split Hem Jean – $24

Split hem jeans like this one are super trendy and currently on sale for $24!

Plus, they also come in black and white, so there’s ton of variety.

They also have split hem jeans in grey and acid wash colors, as well as with slits, depending on your preference.

Petite Ripped Thigh High Waisted Mom Rigid Jeans – $22

These jeans come in so many different colors and have a thigh rip that has been really popular this summer. They’re originally $56, but are currently on sale for $22!

Oversized High Waisted Jeans – $22


I LOVE Bershka! They always have really trendy pieces – like the mega popular tennis skirt but in plaid colors for a funky twist – at really affordable prices.

If you want to get trendy and cheap jeans, you have to check out Bershka.

High Waist Mom Jeans – $26

Flared Jeans – $33.98

Bershka flared jeans $33.98
Bershka Flared Jeans

Flared jeans are definitely making a comeback and this pair comes in three colors!

Wide-Leg Jeans – $33.98

Baggy Jeans – $33.98

Bershka baggy jeans $33.98
Bershka Baggy Jeans

One of my favorite things about Bershka jeans is that they come in so many colors for each style. If there’s a specific style you like, like baggy jeans or flared jeans, they will definitely come in a couple of different colors so you always have variety.

Plus, Bershka has some of the nicest quality jeans among the popular fast fashion brands. Check out Bershka for some of the best cheap jeans on the market!


Pull&Bear has probably one of the BEST selections of jeans that are always on trend. BUT, they tend to be a bit pricier than their fast fashion rivals, so it’s harder finding good, trendy jeans from them on a budget of $40.

Here’s what I found!

PRO TIP: Pull&Bear tends to run small in their sizing, so if you’re ordering online I would recommend sizing up by one size.

High-Rise Slouchy Jeans – $39.90

Pull&Bear Slouchy jeans $39.90
Pull&Bear Slouchy Jeans

Basic Kick Flare Jeans – $35.90

Cropped kick flare jeans $35.90
Pull&Bear Kick Flare Jeans

I hope that you found jeans you love on a budget! These are some of the most popular and trendy places to buy the best cheap jeans.

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