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Where to Buy Cottagecore Fashion: Convenient & Affordable

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The cottagecore aesthetic has been really popular last year and is coming in hot for this Spring and Summer, too. But a lot of the brands that sell cottagecore fashion are really pricey and it’s not sustainable to buy lots of these clothes considering their price tags. So if you want the cottagecore aesthetic and want to know where to buy cottagecore fashion on a budget, keep reading!

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What is Cottagecore Fashion?

Even if you don’t know what the cottagecore aesthetic is or what cottagecore fashion is, I guarantee you have probably seen it on your favorite influencer’s Instagram feed or on Pinterest.

Cottagecore fashion is whimsical, Spring wear that is rooted in nature. It’s basically like the farm girl aesthetic but more romantic and lustful. In the cottagecore aesthetic you would probably see lots of picnics, agriculture, and fields.

If you want a rough idea on what cottagecore fashion looks like, it’s mostly florals, lots of milkmaid tops and dresses, and lots of puff-sleeve tops and dresses.

Here is some cottagecore inspo for you!

Where to Buy Cottagecore Fashion

Most brands actually have a lot of cottagecore fashion nowadays, but the only problem is they’re usually way overpriced and its just not worth spending the big bucks on a trend that will go out of style in a couple of seasons.

Here are some pieces that I found on Amazon that perfectly fit the cottagecore aesthetic but on a budget!

If you want to know where to buy cottagecore fashion that won’t break the bank, I’ve got you covered girl!

1. Sexy Milkmaid Top – $14.99

Milkmaid tops, like this sexy front tie one, are perfect for the cottagecore aesthetic and would look adorable and very cottagecore with a flowy midi skirt.

2. Lace Peasant Dress – $29.99-$39.99

Long lace dresses scream COTTAGECORE! This Anna-Kaci dress is extra perfect for the cottagecore aesthetic because it has puffed sleeves which make your outfit automatically look so much more romantic and whimsical.

And, this dress comes in so many different colors so you’ll definitely find the one for you. Personally, I think for the cottagecore aesthetic you should wear something white or cream colored.

3. Smocked Floral Print Dress – $21.70

I LOVE this floral mini dress! Cottagecore is all about flowy dresses and its a bonus if its floral, like this dress. The flowers are neutral-toned so they’ll go with everything and the chest area is smocked which is so, so flattering, especially if you have a smaller chest – it’ll make you look more top-heavy and filled out.

4. Ruffled Midi Dress – $31.99

This ruffled, smocked midi dress is a cottagecore dream! The muted baby pink color and the puffed sleeves remind me of a Spring dress from House of CB except this dress is a fraction of the price.

This dress is the epitome of cottagecore!

5. Sweetheart Neck Milkmaid Crop Top – $19.99

This flowy sleeved milkmaid top is super flattering and cinches in on the waist. The sleeves and the sweetheart neck are super romantic and cottagecore.

6. Bohemian Floral Midi Skirt – $16.76

Midi skirts are a great addition to your wardrobe if you want to be on trend with the cottagecore trend. This skirt is fun, playful, and so adorable to frolick in.

7. Strawberry Cottagecore Dress – $22.98

The strawberry dress that went viral last year was the ultimate cottagecore dress – except for the insane price tag. I found this strawberry dress dupe on Amazon and I was really skeptical at first on how it would look in person, but after seeing the pictures that people posted of it online I LOVE IT!

8. Front Tie Puff Sleeve Top – $13.99

Love, love, LOVE this front tie puffed sleeve milkmaid top! The lilac color is so trendy for this Spring and Summer and the smocked waist will make you look SNATCHED. Plus, at $13, you can’t beat this deal.

9. Strawberry Lace Ruffle Mini Dress – $19.99

The strawberry dress above is a midi dress and it’s a bit more formal than this mini dress option that is perfect for fun picnics with your friends.

I love the baby pink with the red strawberries and the ruffle detailing on the strap and hem is so feminine and romantic.

10. Silk Mini Skirt – $12.99

Satin and silk is perfect for cottagecore fashion because its super romantic and light. This baby pink floral satin mini skirt perfectly fits the cottagecore aesthetic and would look so cute with a cute milkmaid puffed sleeved top like this one.

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11. Baby Blue Floral Mini Dress – $18.99

Soft pastel colors like this baby blue is a great cottagecore color cause its soft and more whimsical. This mini dress would be perfect for the Spring and Summer and the floral print makes me more fun and feminine.

12. Ruffle Hi Low Skirt – $12.99

Florals and ruffles – the perfect cottagecore combination. This hi-low skirt is so adorable and perfect for Spring and Summer days where you can throw it on with any top and your outfit will instantly look more feminine and romantic.

13. Sexy Summer Floral Dress – $47.93

This dress is an exact House of CB dupe for a fraction of the price. It’s off the shoulder we big puff sleeves – SO ROMANTIC – with a corset top that lifts your body and cinches it in at the same time.

This dress is such a good deal for what you’re getting, you will love it!

14. Ruffled Puff Sleeve Summer Dress – $29.99

I LOVE this dress! It is the epitome of cottagecore fashion and just Spring and Summer in general. The puff sleeves can be easily pulled down to make the dress off the shoulder and the waist is smocked so it makes your waist look teeny tiny!

This is the ultimate cottagecore dress. You need it ASAP!

15. Floral Mini Dress – $11.98-$33.98

This dress is giving me major Zimmermann vibes but for a fraction of the price. It’s light, whimsical, and perfect for this Spring and Summer.

The ruffles are really romantic and the deep V neckline is really flattering. If you aren’t comfortable wearing something with such a deep neckline, you can wear a nude camisole underneath!

16. Cottagecore Crop Top – $13.99

This crop top is so fun and perfect for Spring and Summer.

Pair this top with a cute satin mini skirt or a midi skirt, and it is so cottagecore fashion!

17. Milkmaid Mini Dress – $22.99

This ruffled floral mini dress is really fun and cute! The yellow color is super bright and gives a lot more of a cottagecore aesthetic than if you chose darker colors like red or dark blue.

18. Linen Tunic Mini Dress – $21.99

This linen tunic dress is so simple and chic, perfect if you’re into more of the minimal cottagecore aesthetic and don’t want something floral or too feminine.

The flowy cut of the tunic makes it feminine without it being too in your face and the deep V makes the dress more interesting and fun.

I LOVE this dress!

19. Floral Buttoned Midi Dress – $21.99

This floral cream midi dress with buttons under the chest is super flattering and totally a cottagecore vibe! Wear it in your garden and I swear you’ll look like an influencer lol!

20. Ruffled A-Line Mini Dress – $28.99

This simple ruffled a-line mini dress is great for the cottagecore aesthetic and for Spring and Summer in general! It is fitted in the waist but then flows outward so its very flattering.

This simple Spring dress is a closet essential.

21. Floral Midi Dress – $31.99

Such a great cottagecore midi dress with spaghetti straps that can be tied and adjusted to whoever low or high you want it to sit. The length is great for a midi dress and you will get so much wear out of it during the Spring and Summer.

22. Love Story Midi Dress – $49.99

This dress is such a dream! A bit on the pricier side, but still much cheaper than most of the other dresses I have seen that look like this.

The sheer overlay is really romantic and the pink and red hues are feminine and girly. The see-through puff sleeves are SO cute!

This dress is my Summer dream.

If you were wondering where to buy cottagecore fashion on a budget, I hope this article helped you find some awesome cottagecore fashion finds on a budget!

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