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60 Wall Prints for Bedroom: Feminine and Silly (2022)

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Finding the perfect wall prints for bedroom can be tough: they’re so personal and add a lot of character to your space so you want to make sure you have the perfect one for you. Finding the perfect wall prints for bedroom is even more difficult because you’re putting them in your room, your sanctuary and you want it to perfectly embody the vibe and theme you have in your bedroom and your home.

These are some of my favorite wall prints for the bedroom and if you like wall art that is feminine and light and also a little silly and fun, then you will absolutely love these ones! From Monet and Matisse prints to Kahlo and Playboy, trust me, you’ll find the perfect wall prints for you here.

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1. Frida Kahlo Wall Print – $27.89

Frida Kahlo wall prints, like this one, are some of my favorite because Frida was such a badass and so cool and this wall print just screams ‘POWER’ to me. If you want wall prints for bedroom then this is a great option because its personal, strong, and so colorful.

If you have a very neutral aesthetic, then this wall print may not be great for you because of how colorful and bright it is, but I think if you have a very neutral theme in your room, then this wall print would be a great statement piece.

This wall print is unframed so it’s completely up to you how want to mount it: you can frame it, you can just tape it to the wall, or you can use a hanger. It’s completely up to you and what the vibe you want in your room.

2. Queen of Hearts Wall Print – $13.99

This wall print is super girly and feminine without being obnoxious. This Queen of Hearts pink monochrome wall print is perfect for your bedroom if you want something fun and feminine but still super strong. Girl, you’re a queen, just like this Queen of Hearts wall print!

This wall print is only $13.99 but looks so much more expensive! P.S. this wall print is also unframed so keep in mind you won’t get the wooden frame around it like in the picture lol!

3. Matisse Woman in Garden Colorful Wall Print – $37.95

Oh my gosh, I am OBSESSED with these Matisse wall prints. I think prints like these are so feminine and soft and perfect for literally any space – your living room, hallway, bedroom. But if you’re in the market for wall prints for bedroom, then you need to get a Matisse wall print. I have a bunch of them in this article, and this one is one of my favorites.

I love all the colors – it’s so bright and in your face but also so soft and muted – and I just think it would make the most beautiful addition to any bedroom, regardless of what theme or vibe you have.

Whether you’re bedroom is all white and this Matisse wall print would be a pop of color or if you have a fun and bright room and this print would settle in perfectly, it’s perfect for any bedroom.

AND what’s even better is that this print comes framed in a durable plastic so it’s ready to hang as soon as you get it!

LOVE this one.

4. Van Gogh Framed Canvas Wall Print of Pink Roses – $37.95

If you want something soft and elegant, this Van Gogh ‘Pink Roses‘ wall print is perfect for you. The colors are fresh and light and the floral print of the painting is so feminine and delicate. If you’re an art buff, you’ll love this wall print!

I would totally put this wall print up over the desk in my bedroom. Where in your bedroom would you put it?

This print also comes with a durable plastic frame.

5. Matisse Sleeping Woman Wall Print – $37.95

Another beautiful Matisse wall print. I wasn’t kidding when I said I loved these prints – there’s many like this one in this article.

If you want color in your bedroom, this print is perfect! It’s so beautiful and feminine and I love the scene in the print from Matisse’s Sleeping Woman painting.

Prints that are this bold and beautiful don’t even need to be mounted, they would look just as beautiful if you had it propped against a wall – this is a really good idea if you want the vibe in your bedroom to be more casual and messy.

6. ‘Still Growing’ Groovy, 70s Wall Print – $10.99

Here’s a wholesome and inspirational wall print for you. This wall print makes me feel so warm and cozy and kind of reminds me of the 70s – the colors are muted and very Autumnal and the print on ‘Still Growing’ is super groovy.

Retro posters like this one make for great wall prints for bedroom because of how cozy and personal they are. Personally, I probably wouldn’t want a wall print with quotes on it in the living room but would love having them in my bedroom – they’re so personal and intimate.

7. Red Flower Wall Print – $12.99

How sweet and cute is this red flower wall print! I love this wall print, it’s so simple but so bright and colorful. This would be an amazing statement piece in your bedroom or even your bathroom.

This baby is simple but packs a big punch!

8. Pop Art and Vintage Wall Print – $13.99

Pop art wall prints are super cool because they’re so fun and animated and you can make them super personal depending on what the speech bubble says.

This one is quirky and ironic and a great piece if you have dark humor. I think pop art prints are so cool because of how retro and vintage they look.

Where would you put this print in your home?

9. The Creation of Adam Wall Print – $12.99

This painting is iconic and so easily recognizable but would make for great wall prints for bedroom if you want something neutral and subtle in your bedroom.

If you have a very light, neutral home, this wall print would be perfect for you because it’s big and commanding but also pretty muted. It’ll stand out enough to be noticeable, but not enough to take the attention away from the other pieces in your space.

Always a safe bet with this wall print.

10. Audrey Hepburn Wall Print – $13.99

This is the ULTIMATE girly wall print for your bedroom! It’s big, it’s pink, it’s Audrey Hepburn! This wall print is based off of Audrey Hepburn and would be perfect if you’re into old school cinema or if you’re just girly and want something pink and bright and fun.

I would totally put this print in either my bedroom or even my bathroom.

If you’re in the market for wall prints for bedroom that are super feminine and girly and funny, you will LOVE this one.

11. Lips Wall Print – $13.99

How fun and cute is this lips wall print! I love simple but bold prints like this one because they work well in literally any space – especially the bedroom.

For wall prints for bedroom, this lips art is intimate and silly and feminine. This print comes unframed but would look really cool with a solid black frame – the white background of the print and the black print would contrast beautifully.

12. Vintage Celebrity Pop Art Wall Print – $12.99

How freaking adorable is this set of 4 wall prints?!

These are some old Hollywood’s most iconic actresses and the pink bubble gum bubble is a great way to make the piece super trendy and fun!

I would totally prop and mount these all over my room – one over my desk, one hanging above my bed, or even hanging all four up in a gallery style like in the photo.

These wall prints are so fun and chic, you have to get them ASAP!

13. Boss Lady Pop Art Wall Print – $13.99

Another pop art wall print that I’m obsessed with! This wall print is so fun and colorful and sexy, it would look amazing in your living room over a bar cart or in your bedroom next to your vanity.

I love bright and bold wall prints like this one because they’re such conversation starters and make such a statement in a space – especially if the room is already pretty toned done and subtle.

14. Female Plaster Torso Wall Print – $37.95

Ugh, I LOVE this Van Gogh wall print. Art prints are so delicate and beautiful and this would look so so amazing hanging over a mantle or over a desk.

Regardless of what the vibe is in your home, I would highly recommend getting wall prints of famous artworks because they never go out of style and can work with any space.

Love this one!

15. Frida Kahlo Chicano Wall Print – $13.99

Another Frida Kahlo wall print because I just can’t get enough of them. Her wall prints are so powerful and bold and I am obsessed with the vibrant, rich colors. If you want a statement piece for your room, you need this wall print!

I also feel like the bright colors in this wall print are bold enough to draw attention but not obnoxious and in your face. This print in your bedroom over your vanity would look epic!

16. Matisse ‘La Japonaise’ Wall Print – $13.98

Can you tell I love Henri Matisse wall prints? They are so fresh and feminine and beautiful. They also look so elegant in any space because they’re so sophisticated but also a little silly and messy.

If you’re just getting wall prints for the first time, then I would definitely suggest that the first few that you should get are Matisse ones because they’re classics and will work in *literally* any space. I can imagine putting this wall print over a fire mantle or over my work desk or over my makeup vanity or propped up on a wall next to my bed or even on a bookshelf.

The options are endless with Matisse wall prints!

17. Van Gogh Red Poppies and Daisies Wall Print – $37.95

If you want a wall print that’s richer and has deep, sensual colors, then you will love this ‘Red Poppies and Daisies’ Van Gogh wall print. I am in love with the turquoise blue and beet purple color combo – they contrast so well and it’s the perfect blend of warm and cozy and bright and fun.

Van Gogh wall prints are super trendy currently and they’ll make you look a lot more cultured if you have one lol! No, but seriously, these wall prints look good in all spaces and make for great talking points.

Plus, buying actual artwork is oftentimes really expensive and wall prints like this one are a great way to get your toes wet in getting artwork without having to pay a crazy amount.

18. Vintage Vogue Wall Print – $19.98

If you’re a fashion girl like I am, you definitely appreciate vintage magazine covers and will love this vintage Vogue magazine wall print.

I love how subtle and simple this cover is with the pop of red in the bubble – so freaking cute!

I really like how neutral this print is so it’ll be perfect if you’re looking for wall prints for bedroom because it would fit any aesthetic.

19. Vintage Vogue Tennis Wall Print – $19.99

How cute is this vintage Vogue magazine cover wall print? I love how the edges are a little yellow and brown so it looks like an actual aged magazine.

I would totally hang this over my bed in a little gallery wall of all vintage Vogue magazine covers – that would be so cute!

I also can’t believe that this print is less than $20 – it looks so expensive and luxurious.

If you’re into fashion, you need this wall print!

20. Vintage Vogue Parisian Wall Print – $13.99

Here’s another vintage Vogue magazine cover and this one is giving me all the Parisian feels! I love the bright colors and the orange umbrella with the pink floral scarf – this print screams old money lol!

If you want something super fun and girly, you will love this wall print. I can’t wait to put this one over my vanity area – it’s so feminine and girly it would be perfect for a glam area.

If you want feminine wall prints but don’t know where to start, try looking at vintage magazines, they’re very chic and girly and always look good because they’re vintage and intentionally ‘out of trend’ which kinda makes them trendy lol.

21. Vogue Fashion Magazine Wall Print – $12.98

I’m sorry, I just can’t get enough of these vintage Vogue magazine covers. Plus, it doesn’t help that they’re all so beautiful and pretty, it makes me want all of them.

This one is pretty subtle and muted so would work really well in a space that is already pretty busy so you want something more lowkey.

Love, love this wall print.

22. The New Yorker Floral Cover Wall Print – $19.99

Oh my gosh I am absolutely in love with this wall print and I think you will be, too. It’s a cover of The New Yorker magazine from 1945 and I love the floral print.

Floral prints will never ever go out of style so if you want a timeless wall print, this is a great option.

I can totally picture this print over a work desk.

This botanical wall print will make you feel like you’re in the middle of the most beautiful tropical forest and it’s only $19!

23. Butterfly Dancer Wall Print – $12.49

A simple but bold wall print for your bedroom! This is such a statement piece without being too in your face – it would look so cute in a gallery wall.

This wall print is from the cover of Life Magazine in 1922 and is a great vintage find that is super hard to find nowadays.

I can totally picture this print framed sitting propped up on a book shelf.

24. Flower Market Wall Prints – $33.99

Flower Market wall prints are so, so trendy and popular currently that if you want something very in right now, you need these!

What’s really great about these wall prints is that they’ll kind of always be in trend because they’re posters of popular cities. In this article I’ve linked a lot more Flower Market posters because they look great in any space and are so popular that if you want your hands on them, you need to act fast before they all sell out.

This set of 6 has wall prints for Copenhagen, Tokyo, Honolulu, Amsterdam, London, and Tunis. These would look so cool as a wall gallery piece or you can place them in different parts of your home and still have your space look super cohesive and on theme.

I love these posters – I love how some are super bright and fun and others more soft and subtle because they balance each other out really well.

You NEED these!

25. Flower Market Tokyo Wall Print – $13.99

This is one of the Flower Market posters from the set of 6 I linked above but I made a separate post for this one if you want only one city’s print.

This poster one of the most popular Flower Market wall prints for bedroom because it’s this incredible sage color that is really popular this sage – sage is literally the ‘IT’ color of the season.

I would hang this up in my bedroom right over my bedside table – so cute!

Check it out here.

26. Monet Nature Wilderness Wall Print – $39.59

If you’re aesthetic is super boho and neutral, then this wall print of Monet’s ‘Poppy Field’ is the one for you!

Just looking at this wall print makes me feel so peaceful and serene. If you’re looking for wall prints that are subtle and soft and very delicate, this is a great option for you.

This is the perfect wall print to mount over your desk. Imagine working on a really stressful deadline and then looking up and seeing this incredible Monet print!

27. Van Gogh Sunflower Oil on Canvas Wall Print – $37.95

Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ is so iconic and will always look trendy and classic in your home.

This wall print is so versatile and legendary that it would literally look amazing in any space – on a mantle, hanging over a desk, propped on a shelf, hanging in your living room, or even as a part of a gallery wall.

If you’re starting out with prints and want something that will last you a long time and always look current, this is a great one.

28. Picasso Black and White Roses Wall Print – $39.59

If you have a super modern home, this would look so cool. If you have a space that’s super bright and light, this wall print would add so much depth and character to it and be the ultimate statement piece.

Unlike most of the other wall prints I’ve mentioned so far, though, this print wouldn’t work for all spaces. If you have a space that’s already kind of busy, this print might make it look a little chaotic so I would save this baby for parts of your home that are more simple so that the print can be the star.

This wall print of Picasso’s rose painting would look beautiful on a mantle or on a dark wooden bookcase, propped up next to a row of books!

29. Flower Market Pt. 2 Wall Prints – $14.95

Here’s another set of Flower Market wall print posters that I absolutely adore!

These wall prints are a lot brighter and more Summery than the ones I mentioned before and so would be perfect for the warmer, brighter, sunnier days.

What I would do is keep the earlier set for the Autumn and Winter and save these ones for Summer since they’re so bright and colorful. Or you can even make a gallery wall of all of them and mix and match them.

I love that these wall prints almost look like watercolor – they’re so delicate and feminine. I would totally hang these up over my bed exactly the way the photo above has them arranged.

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You’ll love these wall prints for bedroom!

30. Hot Pink Floral Tokyo Flower Market Wall Print – $9.99

How stunning is this Tokyo Flower Market poster in hot ink and green.

This wall print is such a great statement piece to put in any space that you want to add more color and life without it being too much and seeming messy.

Even in the photo above, the wall print adds so much character to the nook without it being overwhelming and seeming messy and chaotic.

You need this print for your home!

31. Tunis Flower Market Wall Print – $9.89

Here’s another Flower Market wall print poster if you haven’t had enough lol! This Tunis wall print is so colorful and fun – it would look amazing on its own or in a gallery wall with other Flower Market wall prints.

I think everyone should get these Flower Market wall prints because of how dynamic and versatile they are!

Plus, they’re really trendy nowadays so if you want to stay up to date on the latest trends, you need these!

32. Flower Market Pt. 3 Wall Prints – $15.99

These are the same Flower Market wall prints but with a couple of different cities.

I love how funky and cool all the posters look next to each other – they look so different to each other but also go well together. These would make the ultimate gallery wall.

These posters are for Bologna, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Tokyo, Lissabon, and Honolulu. How cute are they?!

33. 60 Piece Retro Vintage Wall Prints – $17.99

If you’re into retro, psychedelic wall prints, you will love these!

These prints are a lot small than the other ones I’ve talked about but that’s because they’re meant to used in gallery walls and collages instead of on their own. These come in a pack of 60 retro mini posters that are all very hippie, 70s, and retro.

These vintage wall prints would also make an awesome gift for someone who’s into retro music and vintage aesthetics.

34. Mona Lisa Graffiti Wall Print – $12.50

I LOVE how fun and silly this Mona Lisa graffiti wall print is. It’s so quirky and funny and is such a statement and conversation starter.

I would totally hang this up in a super serious place (like a study or work desk) to lighten the mood.

My favorite part of this wall print are the little pink cheeks on Mona Lisa’s other cheeks lol!

If you want something light and funny, you need this wall print!

35. The Bronx NYC Wall Print – $14.99

Geographical wall art is great for any space – especially if it’s black and white.

I love wall prints like these because they can be put anywhere and look cool and make a room feel really elevated and sophisticated (even though in reality it’s really just a $14 wall print!).

This wall print is of the Bronx and it even has the coordinates the base of the print, for a little extra charm.

Map prints are perfect for offices and little book nooks!

36. Matisse Cat and Fish Wall Print – $21.99

I’ve already linked a bunch of Matisse wall prints earlier but I really like this one because it feels a lot more rustic and casual because of the massive parchment style canvas it’s on.

I totally picture this hanging messily over someone’s bed while they sip coffee and read Oscar Wilde in bed lol!

This Matisse print also uses a lot deeper, darker colors which are still vibrant and colorful but also more deep than his other stuff that I’ve linked. It would also look amazing in an office, over a desk.

37. Matisse Purple Robe Wall Print – $21.99

Here’s another Matisse wall print on the same parchment style canvas as above. The colors are a little lighter and brighter in this one and either would work well in a space, depending on what vibe you want to give off.

This wall print is delicate and light and would be great if you want a super open and inviting space. I love how feminine and girly it is with the girl’s purple striped robe and flowers, but also how rich and strong the colors are.

38. Van Gogh Rosebush in Blossom Wall Print – $37.95

I AM IN LOVE. I have linked a couple of Van Gogh floral, bush type wall prints but that’s because they are so beautiful and delicate and strong and feminine – I’m obsessed and think you will be, too.

This is a wall print of Van Gogh’s 1889 ‘Rosebush in Blossom’ and it’s so beautiful and would look incredible in literally any space.

Whether it’s on a fire mantle or hanging in an office or put on a shelf or hanging over your bed, it’ll look incredible anywhere it is.

I love this print and know you do, too!

39. Van Gogh Irises, 1890 Wall Print – $37.95

Another Van Gogh floral wall print, just to give you options so that you can pick one that fits closest to your vibe. This is of ‘Irises’ – an 1890 Van Gogh piece.

Under the portrait of the flowers in the vase it says “if you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere’. I love the quote and it’s so true – I hope this wall print helps you find beauty in everywhere since I know you you’ll love this nature inspired print as much as I do.

This wall print also comes with a frame so you don’t have to worry about getting it framed – you can start hanging it up from the moment you get it in the mail.

40. Tropic-Inspired Wall Print – $49.49

How beautiful is this wall print?!

The bold, vibrant colors are so beautiful and fun and I love the two little cats in the print – it’s so playful and silly. From the girl’s floral skater skirt to the blue doors – this wall print is magical.

I know you’ll love this wall print! BUT, this print and the other collection of prints from this seller are always running out, so if you love it, make sure to order fast before they run out.

41. Springtime Fierceness Wall Print – $54.99

This is another retro, funky wall print from the same seller as the wall print above.

This is such a bold and fun piece – major boss babes vibes from this one.

Make sure to order fast though, these prints are always selling out and there’s currently only 5 left in stock!

42. Playboy Retro Wall Print – $26.00

Vintage Playboy magazine covers are so amazing and cool and make the ultimate statement pieces in your home. This wall print is of the sixth anniversary issue and it’s of a bunch hands holding up cocktails – how epic would this look over a bar or in your kitchen.

If you want sexy and fun wall prints, vintage Playboy magazine covers are a great place to start.

I’ve also linked many more vintage Playboy covers below because they’re great pieces that look soo much more expensive and luxe than they actually are.

43. Vogue Paris Wall Print – $12.98

This vintage Vogue magazine cover is giving me major David Bowie vibes – in the best way possible!

I would totally put this over my makeup vanity!

44. Vintage Vogue Magazine Wall Print – $12.98

Here’s another beautiful vintage Vogue magazine cover. I love the green blue color scheme, it’s very chic and retro.

These Vogue prints are super girly and stylish – I love them!

This unframed wall print is only $12 and looks like a collectible piece – such a steal!

45. Matisse Exhibition Poster Wall Print – $14.99

I’ve already linked similar Matisse wall prints but I wanted to include another one that’s different but has a similar feminine color palette that would look so beautiful in a girls bedroom.

If you’re in the market for wall prints for bedroom then you’ll love these Matisse prints.

46. The New York 3 Pcs Wall Prints – $94.99

Vintage ‘The New Yorker’ magazine covers are some of my favorite wall prints but they’re kind of hard to find compared to Matisse, Van Gogh, Vogue, and Playboy ones.

That’s why when I do find them, I always order them ASAP before they sell out (which they usually do within like 4 days – it’s crazy!) so if you find The New Yorker prints get them quick!

This link is for a set of 3 cover wall prints in large sizes that would perfect for living rooms or collaging in a bedroom.

I’m in love with how bright and fun these colors are – they remind me so much of Spring and Summer.

47. The New Yorker Pt. 2 – $94.99

the new yorker wall prints for bedroom

Here’s another set of 3 ‘The New Yorker’ magazine covers, but these are a lot more color block-y with yellow, gray, and pink being the main colors.

I’m obsessed with all these covers, they’re so funky and cool.

These ones are so bold and in your face that they make the most amazing statement pieces.

48. Colorful Wall Prints (Set of 3) – $94.99

colorful wall prints

This set of 3 aren’t ‘The New Yorker’ magazine covers but are really cool and bold outdoor scenes with intense color blocking and prints.

These would look epic in very neutral spaces where these would be the star of the show.

49. Good Fortune Wall Prints – $94.99

good fortune wall prints

This Asian inspired set of 3 large wall prints is EPIC – I’m obsessed with the super bold and bright colors that command attention and would be amazing conversation starters.

If you have a space that’s kind of boring and simple and you want to add more character and life to it, then these would be perfect! Plus, they’re so large that you won’t have to worry about finding other pieces that will take up space, too.

50. The New Yorker Magazine Cover Wall Prints – $94.99

the new yorker wall prints for bedroom

How incredible are these 3 ‘The New Yorker’ magazine covers.

Looking at these wall prints makes me so nostalgic because they remind of beautiful, watercolor scenes from children’s books. These prints are so colorful but soft and delicate and I could be mesmerized just staring at them all day.

These are so beautiful, I added them to my cart ASAP.

51. Van Gogh Acacia in Flower Wall Print – $39.59

This abstract floral Van Gogh wall print is of his ‘Acasia in Flower’ painting and is so soothing and peaceful – it reminds me of walking through botanical gardens during a gloomy day when you know it’s about to rain.

This wall print would look incredible in any space – living room, bedroom, office.

Love this one.

52. Retro Fashion Wall Print – $31.00

This retro fashion wall print is a French one but looks like it could easily be a vintage Vogue magazine cover. I love the rose and the side profile of the girl – it’s so feminine and delicate.

My favorite part of this wall print is the girl’s rosy tinted cheeks and her small red lips – it makes the print feel so delicate and soft.

The seller is super accommodating – you can change the size of the print to whatever size you want and it’s up to you if you want to get framed or not. Personally, I usually don’t order prints framed if I have the option because I like to see the print in person first and then see what frame would look best on it – if any.

53. Playboy Magazine Butterfly Cover – $11.80

How hot is this vintage Playboy magazine cover?!

This wall print would look incredible in your bedroom over the bed or over a desk next to a window.

It would also look awesome over a bar cart – major 007 vibes with this sexy and sultry Playboy magazine cover. I’m also obsessed with the light blue background with the bright red Playboy logo.

Vintage Playboy covers are another level of amazing! You NEED this wall print.

54. 1976 Playboy Magazine Cover – $14.80

Another adorable playboy cover if you want something less sexy and more cute. This would make for amazing wall prints for bedroom because I would totally hang this over my vanity area – I love the baby pink color scheme and how feminine and girly this playboy cover is.

55. Playboy Magazine Cover Wall Print – $28.80

In the market for wall prints that are sexy, cheeky, and fun? This one is for you!

This vintage playboy magazine cover wall print is all things sensual and sensual. It would also be a great gift for your male friends lol!

56. Playboy Magazine ‘Lips’ Cover – $48.80

Another sexy and cheeky Playboy wall print. I linked a bunch of options so that you can choose which of these best fits the vibe you want in your bedroom.

In general, though, if you want your bedroom to be more sultry and fun, any Playboy prints would work super well.

57. New York City Alpaca Black & White Wall Print – $19.99

I can’t help but smile every time I look at this Alpaca in NYC wall print.

This print is so fun and silly and since it’s in black and white, it would literally work for every aesthetic and vibe. Whether your house is boho or super modern or mid-century, this print would look amazing in your home.

This wall print is so fun and silly – I know you’ll love it!

58. Woman on Toilet Wall Print – $11.99

If you’re looking for something silly and funny, you will love this wall print of a girl smoking and drinking while using the bathroom.

I love how casual and in-your-face this print is – it’s an awesome statement piece and great for places you want to feel intimate and personal.

59. Gustav Klimt’s Lady with Fan Wall Print – $39.59

This wall print of Gustav Klimt’s baroque oil painting of a lady with a fan is kind of deceptive because it literally looks like a framed painting when in reality it’s a wall print.

I love the colors in the painting and I love how subtly sexy it is with the lady covering her chest with her fan. This would such a great piece in your living room or even your bedroom since it’s quite intimate.

If you something sophisticated but sultry, this is such a great option.

60. Picasso 2 Wall Prints – $168.89

Sometimes a room is just a little bland and boring and you need to add some color and life to it, and these abstract Picasso wall prints are perfect for that.

These wall prints are super colorful and fun and are perfect if you want t o add color and dimension to any room.

I love all the lines and circular shapes in these two prints – they’re so kooky and funky.

No room will ever be boring with these prints in them.

I hope these 60 wall prints for bedroom ideas give you inspiration for wall art options for your home. I love wall art and decor because it adds so much character to a space and these are perfect for that! Check out these articles on the 57 best candles for Fall and the cutest bathroom accessories for 2021.

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