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Unique Valentine’s Day Party Decoration Ideas You Need for 2022

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner and if you’re looking for Valentine’s Day party decoration ideas, you will love these! Whether you’re single or enjoying February 14th in a loving relationship, throwing a Valentine’s Day party is a great way to celebrate love.

So if you’re looking for Feb 14th party decor, you need to see these. These decoration ideas are romantic and fun, and so on theme for V-Day.

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Valentine’s Day Party Decoration Ideas

1. Customizable Fringe Backdrop – $59.00

This customizable fringe backdrop is perfect for Valentine’s Day if you want something dramatic and eye catching.

Pick romantic, Feb 14th appropriate colors like pinks and reds, and you have the ultimate backdrop for your Valentine’s Day pictures.

If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day party decoration ideas, you can’t forget this one.

2. Felt Heart Garland – $18.00

Garlands aren’t just for Christmas, but can totally transition into Valentine’s Day if you have the right decor – like this felt heart garland.

How cute would this garland look hanging from your tables or even stuffing them into clear jars for a few Valentine’s Day party decoration ideas.

Here’s the same felt heart garland in baby pink!

3. Red Cake Stand – $29.99

If you’re looking for food to serve on Valentine’s Day, then desserts are the best option because they’re oh so romantic, sweet, and look adorable!

If you’re looking for a cake stand to put your cake, cupcakes, or other trinkets on, then you need this red cake stand for your Valentine’s Day party.

This Valentine’s Day party decoration idea is practical, beautiful, and can be used again and again even after February 14th.

4. Red Hanging Mirror Disco Ball – $63.99

Forget your traditional Valentine’s Day party decoration ideas, and check out this red hanging mirror disco ball that would look epic hanging from your ceiling for your Feb 14th party!

If you want decor for Valentine’s Day that isn’t just romantic and cheesy but edgy and fun, you will LOVE this disco ball.

5. Pink Disco Ball Planter – $29.95

If you liked the red disco ball above, you will adore this pink disco ball planter that can be hung or sat on a table.

A great idea to jazz this up for Valentine’s Day is to stuff it with acrylic hearts, the red garland I mentioned earlier, or some red and pink flowers that are perfect for the occasion.

This planter is so unique, I’ve never seen anything like it!

6. Heart Neon Sign – $70.00

A red heart neon sign is a great way to add lighting and some moody accessories to your Valentine’s Day party!

I love this one because it’s so simple, that it would transition beautifully into other events and parties or even just as home decor.

In fact, you could totally gift this heart neon sign to your significant other as a Valentine’s Day gift!

7. Playboy Bunny Neon Sign – $108.00

If you would like a neon sign that’s a bit more cheeky and fun, then this Playboy bunny neon sign is perfect for you.

8. Conversation Hearts Valentine’s Day Blocks – $7.00

How absolutely adorable are these conversation hearts Valentine’s Day blocks!

My favorite thing about block decor items is that they’re so durable and versatile – you can put them on tables, on the ground, outside, literally anywhere and they look incredible.

You need these conversation hearts for your next Valentine’s Day party.

9. Champagne Valentine’s Day Balloons – $8.97

No party is complete without balloons and these champagne, baby pink heart and ‘love’ balloons are festive and cute but sophisticated and super elegant.

Love the color of these balloons!

10. Red Lip Balloons – $8.97

These red and pink lip balloons are less sophisticated than the champagne ones above, but are so fun and sexy and perfect if you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your best girl friends!

Also, can we appreciate how realistic these lips look?!

11. Coral Pink Tutu Table Skirt – $35.99

How cute is this pink tutu table skirt that will instantly jazz up your table for Valentine’s Day.

This is such a great (and affordable!) way to make your food and drinks table a lot more interesting and fun.

Love this idea!

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Plus, it’s great for any table size because you can customize the dimensions to fit your needs.

12. Valentine’s Day Burlap Table Runner – $22.99

Table runners have never been so festive and on theme before!
I’m obsessed with how this table runner is subtle and simple but still super romantic and perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Plus, the burlap fabric makes it feel super rustic and earthy – obsessed!

13. Flameless LED Pink Candles – $31.98

These baby pink candles are so romantic and perfect for your Valentine’s Day party, but my favorite thing about them is that they’re flameless LED candles so you don’t have to worry about your guests drinking and lighting themselves on fire lol!

These LED candles are beautiful, convenient, and so practical!

14. Valentine Pom Pom Garland – $14.00

Garlands are great for parties because you can literally hang them up anywhere and as long as they’re on theme, it’ll work.

So, these pink pom pom garlands are perfect to hang around your Valentine’s Day party to add more decor that feels festive and romantic.

You can also customize the color of the tassels!

15. Giant Pink Plush Teddy Bear – $49.99

How fun would it be to put this big plush teddy bear next to a big center piece at your Valentine’s Day party?

This teddy bear is cute, cuddly, and will add so much drama and character to your Valentine’s Day party.

16. Red and Pink Acrylic Hearts – $14.69

These red and pink acrylic hearts are Valentine’s Day party must haves because you can literally add them to anything!

I would totally put these in clear containers and put them on all the tables at the party or have some messily laid out on the table or even glue them onto other decor to make it more Valentine-y.

These acrylic hearts are so versatile!

17. Shades of Pink Chinese Lanterns – $19.93

I’m obsessed with Chinese lanterns, especially for parties, because not only do they amazing warm light to set the mood, but they’re big and bold and can be used as main decor pieces – perfect if you’re on a budget.

OBSESSED with these pink and red Chinese lanterns!

18. XOXO Valentine’s Day Blocks – $24.95

Just like the conversation hearts blocks, these XOXO Valentine’s Day blocks are so, SO cute and on theme for February 14th.

LOVE these.

19. Pink and Silver Valentine’s Day Garland – $59.99

Tell me this pink and silver garland doesn’t remind you of Legally Blonde lol!

Add this garland to your lights, to your table trims, or wrap it around your indoor plants for Valentine’s Day decor that is girly, fun, and adorable.

20. Ombre Hearts Banner Garland – $6.00

Another heart garland that I LOVE!

I love that the hearts are ombre colored and they look like they’ve been messily cut out – so chic!

I know you’ll love this heart banner garland.

21. Pink and Red Layered Candle – $9.00

How expensive and luxurious does this red and pink layered octagonal candle look?

I can’t believe it’s only $9!

This candle looks so romantic and is perfect for Valentine’s Day decor.

22. Red Tinsel Fringe – $10.99

Tinsel fringe is great to hang over the wall, to the edge of tables, or use as stuffing in clear bowls!

This red tinsel fringe is so multipurpose and you’ll find so many last minute uses for it for your Valentine’s Day party.

23. Red Rose Lights – $12.99

You can string lights everywhere but I love how beautiful and romantic these red rose string lights are!

Plus, they’re in cream and red so it adds a lot of color and texture to the space.

24. Rose Gold Plastic Utensils – $53.13

This pink rose gold plastic utensils set is less decor and more a party must have but I can’t get over how adorable this glitter shimmer set is – it’s perfect for your Valentine’s Day party!

I hope these Valentine’s Day party decorations ideas make your party planning easier, more convenient, and more fun! Check out these articles on my favorite coffee table books and the ultimate hand creams for Winter!

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