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Romantic and Personal Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boyfriend

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Valentine’s Day is one of the most special holidays if you have a significant other. It’s a great way to show your partner how much you love them, and give them a little token of your love. If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend, you need to keep reading for these romantic, personal, and customizable gifts that are so sweet and thoughtful, without breaking the bank.

These gifts are small – you don’t want to give something extravagant on Valentine’s Day – but custom, so they’re super thoughtful and meaning. Your boyfriend will love these!

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boyfriend

1. Our Adventure Scrapbook – $45.00

This is such a thoughtful and personal gift!

It’s an adventure scrapbook to put all your special moments in.

How sweet would it be if you gave it to your bf already filled in with some of your most special moments together!

It’s super customizable so you can make it as personal as you want.

This is such a sweet gift, I think I would cry if someone got this for me.

2. Little Coupon Book for Romance – $13.81

This romantic little coupon book is the perfect cheeky Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend if you want something fun and sexy.

It comes with 27 ‘redeem for one’ romantic themed printed coupons as well as 3 blank cards that you can fill in yourself.

This is such a simple but cute and cheeky gift for the boyfriend!

3. ‘I’m So Glad We Swiped Right’ Candle – $19.95

If you want something funny to give your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, then you need to give him this candle that says ‘I’m so glad we swiped right’.

This candle is hilarious, especially if you met your significant other on a dating app.

You can choose your own scent : they have scents that range from rosemary mint to birthday cake to coconut lime.

If you want Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend that are funny and lighthearted, then you will love this one.

4. Custom Star Map by Date – $28.99

This is such a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift idea.

Using astronomy simulation software, the seller will send you a custom star map according to the date, time, and location of your choosing.

A great idea would be where and when you two first met, or had your first date, or even the date of your wedding if you’re married.

So thoughtful!

5. Personalized Leather Toiletry Bag – $22.00

This personalized toiletry bag is super customizable and super practical.

You can choose the color, size, and engraving you want (it gives the option to add his initials!), and it would be a great Valentine’s Day gift that your bf can use for whenever he travels.

6. Genuine Leather Custom Engraved Belt – $27.45

What I love about this belt is that it is SO customizable.

You can have it engraved on the outside with your boyfriends initials, as well as have the inside of the belt engraved with a special message that he’ll see every time he wears it.

Send your boyfriend a cheeky little note only he’ll see with this belt.

7. Reasons Why I Love You Box – $21.60

This gift is so intimate and thoughtful, your boyfriend will probably cry when you give it to him.

You can pick how many hearts you want (the hearts have the reasons I love you on them) as well as the color of the box and the hearts inside them.

Love how special and personal this gift is.

8. Personalized 3D Photo Lamp – $30.96

How cool is this 3D personalized photo lamp?

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All you have to do is send the Etsy seller a message with the photo you want to use and a note that will be engraved on the base.

This gift is super personal and intimate.

9. Custom Star Map Necklace – $49.97

This necklace is exactly like the custom star map I mentioned earlier, except you can have it on a necklace that your boyfriend can wear.

The necklace is a dog tag, which is a super popular men’s style necklace, and you can decide if you want it in stainless steel or 18k gold finish.

This is such a stylish Valentine’s Day gift.

10. Box of Dates – $48.37

This box of dates has 51 romantic date ideas that you and your partner can do and gives you the option to choose between surprised or categorized.

Surprised box of dates are randomized, while the categorized one is more specific depending on if you’re parents, or you’re on a budget, etc.

Make date night easy with this Valentine’s Day gift.

11. Custom Map Print Poster – $19.97

This is such a beautiful keepsake with your desired location on a map with a heart on the exact location.

Not only is this gift so sentimental and personal, but it looks beautiful and so chic.

I love the black and white print, it would look amazing in any home aesthetic.

12. Personalized Couples Bobble Head – $125.09

This Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend idea is definitely on the pricey but it’s EPIC.

Send the seller a photo of you and your bf and they’ll custom build you a bobble head for each of you – AND it’s full body bobble heads.

13. Custom Album Cover Music Plaque – $19.99

If you and your boyfriend have a special song and refer to it as ‘your song’ then you need this custom album cover music plaque that will add the song and a photo of you and him on an acrylic plaque and a wooden stand.

This Valentine’s Day gift looks so cool and would also be a great home decor piece.

14. Custom Photo Key Chain – $15.97

This photo key chain is kind of like a gag gift that’s cheesy and a bit tacky but still really sentimental and cute.

Get this key chain for your bf and everywhere he goes he’ll see a picture of you two together.

This is a cheesy but cute Valentine’s Day gift idea for boyfriend!

15. Personalized Leather Journal – $29.12

If your boyfriend is always writing things and jotting things down, then he will really appreciate this customizable leather bound journal.

Add his name to the bottom of the journal for a sweet, sentimental gift that he’ll get so much use out of.

16. ‘Better Together’ Adult Game for Couples – $17.81

This card game isn’t your usual adult couples game but instead is meant to be a way for you and your partner to get to know each other on an even deeper level with thought provoking questions that are intimate and emotional.

This is such a great gift for your bf because it’s one you both can use and even though they’re deep questions, it still feels lighthearted and fun.

Love this gift idea!

17. Laser Engraved Personalized Tumbler – $26.99

This tumbler is super practical and there’s so many options to choose from, depending on what your boyfriend’s vibe is.

You can choose from 5 different colors and add any personalization.

This tumbler will your bf’s new on-the-go coffee cup!

I hope these Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend ideas make your V-Day shopping easier and more fun!

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