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The Best Unique Cocktail Glasses You Need in Your Cupboard

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If you’re looking for the best unique cocktail glasses, then you need to check out these glassware sets that are perfect for cocktails, margaritas, and wine. From vintage cocktail glasses to coupe glasses to cheap martini glasses, this list has everything you need to start a glassware collection that all your friends will ask you about!

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Best Unique Cocktail Glasses

1. Gold Rim Cocktail & Margarita Glass

If you’re looking for the best cocktail glasses that are unique, trendy, and effortlessly cool, then you need this gold rim cocktail coupe glass.

This is some of the best glassware for cocktails – it will never go out of style.

2. Mexican Cocktail Glass Set

How stunning is this cocktail glassware set?

These drinking glasses are simple, aesthetically beautiful, and come in an assorted set that all ties in together.

Obsessed with these bar glasses!

3. Hand Blown Ombre Coupe Glasses

Looking for cool glassware for cocktails? Then you need these coupe cocktail glasses that come in a multicolor ombre set.

These are some of the most unique cocktail glasses I have ever seen – from the shape to the colors, these trendy cocktail glasses are such a conversation starter!

4. 22K Gold Rimmed Vintage Cocktail Glasses

Vintage cocktail glasses are always a good idea and I’m so here for these 22k gold rimmed ones.

This set of vintage martini glasses is a must for building a timeless glassware collection.

5. Vintage Unique Cocktail Glasses

If you want a cool cocktail glasses set, then you need this 70s inspired glassware set!

Gold-rimmed, these elegant glasses are perfect for champagne, cocktail, and martinis.

6. Short Textured Cocktail Glass Set

I love this textured glass set as glassware for cocktails because they work so well for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Drink coffee in this in the morning and switch to margaritas in the evening with friends!

7. Aesthetic Coupe Glasses

These are the best coupe glasses for evening drinks – they’re timeless but unique and the long stem looks so beautiful!

8. Colored Rock Drink Glasses

This glassware set comes in smoke gray and amber and is perfect for all types of drinks, but especially whiskey!

Plus, the quality of these glasses is INSANE – they’re hand blown by glass artisans and are incredibly sturdy.

9. Handcrafted Wine Glasses

These handcrafted alcohol glasses make for the most delicate and unique glassware for cocktails – AND they come in several different colors.

10. Bubble Cocktail Glasses

If you’re looking for cheap martini glasses, this bubble cocktail glass set is fun, unique, and so affordable while adding the perfect vintage flair to your drinks!

11. Tall Skinny Stem Cocktail Glasses

These extra skinny and tall stem cocktail glasses are so unique with their large flat base – it’s timeless with just the perfect twist that’s functional and cute.

12. Unique Margarita Glasses

This cool cocktail glasses set is so funky and perfect for drinks with friends (and they hold a surprising amount of alcohol!)

13. Amethyst Wine Glasses

I love how iridescent and colorful these amethyst cocktail glasses are – I have never seen anything like them!

14. Fluted Glassware

This fluted glassware set is a must-have everyone needs in their cutlery cupboard.

Whether you use it for alcohol or coffee, these work with any drink.

15. Unique Cocktail Glasses

Simple, beautiful, and unique – these coupe cocktail glasses are a Summer drink dream!

16. Two Tone Hand Blown Cocktail Glasses

These retro glasses are perfect for cocktails, margaritas, and wine and are awesome conversation starters!

I hope these amazing cocktail glasses make shopping for your kitchen more fun and exciting!

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