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Trendy Summer Tops That Will Make You Forget About 2020

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It’s almost summer time and now that restrictions are starting to be lifted and people are starting to go out again, we need to amp up our summer 2021 wardrobe with trendy summer tops that will make summer 2021 memorable and fun.

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The Ultimate Trendy Summer Tops

1. UO Tanya Butterfly Crochet Tank Top – $69.00

trendy summer tops

How cute is this crochet butterfly top? This top literally SCREAMS summer to me!

It’s a crop top with a colorful summery color palette and skinny spaghetti straps.

I would recommend sizing up one size because they are a big snug. So if you’re a size small, I would recommend wearing a medium. In fact, the model in the photo above is wearing a medium, too, and she looks like she would normally be a small or even an extra small.


2. Princess Polly Cropped Sweater Set Argyle Print – $75.00

Argyle sweater vests have been so popular all of last year and this year, and this cropped sweater and tube top combo will the ultimate summer set for 2021! The bandeau top is elasticated so it’ll adjust to your bust size which will make the top a lot more flattering and the printed design is trendy and fun.

3. Shein Ditsy Floral Smocked Peplum Top – $19.00

I found a smocked floral top that looks super similar to this one on the Revolve website from LPA for $168 and this peplum top from Shein is less than $20!

I know that Shein is pretty controversial, especially lately, but you can’t beat their prices and from the reviews and the feedback on social media, their stuff is much better than AliExpress and the quality is surprsingly good considering the prices you pay. So if you want to buy trendy summer tops that you don’t plan on wearing for several seasons, then I would highly suggest Shein.

4. PLT Orange Satin Ruched Halterneck – $23.00

Pretty Little Thing has the ultimate collection of trendy summer tops that are cheap but still look expensive. The brand is huge in the UK but not so much in the US, but it is becoming more popular in the States and if you haven’t yet ordered from them, this is your sign to!

This hot orange satin ruched halterneck top is so sexy and trendy. The color would look incredible on a summer tan, or if you have a darker skin tone in general.

Plus, it’s only $23!

Totally recommend getting this top for the wild nights you’ll hopefully have in 2021!

5. NastyGal Beaded Batwing Sleeve Blouse – $54.00

This batwing sleeve blouse would be perfect for summer dinners. The embellishment detail is fun and great for any night time event.

It has a plunging V neck which is something to consider if you don’t want to show too much skin.

6. UO Carina Knit Lettuce Edge Cami – $34.00

Lettuce tops are so trendy lately and this violet cami top is a perfect example of why. This top is sexy, fun, and super feminine. The cropped hem is so flattering and PERFECT for the summer time!

This top also comes in a multi-color form with kind of a tie-dye print on it, but to be honest, I think that’s TOO trendy and this top is the perfect mix of trendy but also something you can wear next summer and the summer after that.

A lot of the pieces in this list are from Urban Outfitters, but it’s just because they are the perfect mix of on trend but also staple clothing, for a relatively reasonable price point and good quality. So if you’re trying to spice up your summer wardrobe and don’t know where to look because of how many fast fashion stores and brand there are nowadays, I would highly suggest Urban Outfitters if you want to find long lasting, investment pieces that are still trendy.

trendy summer tops

7. PLT Chocolate Slinky Cropped Blouse – $19.00

Brown is such a trendy color and if you want to keep up with what’s in, then you need a chocolate brown top like this wrap around one. This style is great for the summer because you can wrap it however tight or loose you want and it’s cropped – the perfect summer uniform.

Pop it on with some leather trousers or some jeans and you have the ultimate trendy outfit for 2021.

8. Princess Polly Benita Top – $36.00

Princess Polly has some of the cutest, trendiest tops that are also good quality. If you want high quality, designer-looking prices but on a budget, then I would totally recommend Princess Polly. This top is the ultimate trendy summer top with a floral blue print and spaghetti straps. The straps also adjust and can be tied so you can adjust it however you like, which is super convenient.

It also ties at the bust, which is great because you can make it however tight or loose you want. The smocked waist will make your waist look tiny and really flattering.

LOVE this top!

9. NastyGal Mesh Leopard Shirt – $17.10

Collared mesh shirts are so popular this year so you basically NEED one if you want to be on trend for summer 2021. Nastygal has so many trendy options, so check out some of their other stuff too if you want trendy summer tops for this year.

10. UO So Wavy Tie-Back Top – $59.00

trendy summer tops

How COOL is this wavy tie-back blouse from Urban Outfitters? It also comes with matching flowy pants in the same wavy print but even on its own, it’s so adorable and trendy!
This top would look awesome with white jeans or a pastel satin midi skirt – the options are endless.

The tie back is sexy and alluring without being over the top and too sexy and provocative. It’s also very fitted in the waist so it will make you look teeny tiny and super snatched.

11. PLT Zebra Print Crop Top – $23.00

I recently saw a top that looked almost exactly like this on the website of some LA brand, except that top was almost $200 and this top is only $20.

Zebra, or animal print in general, is really great for the summer time because it’s fun and sexy. The tie detailing in the front is really trendy and popular this year. Leave it to PLT to stay on top of their 2021 trends!

12. NastyGal Handkerchief Denim Crop Top – $20.25

OBSESSED with this denim crop top! This top is so trendy and cool – denim is totally making a comeback in 2021 and this top is perfect for the vibe.

Whether you want to pair it with denim jeans or a silk midi skirt, this top is surprisingly versatile. I also love the look of it – it looks so much more expensive than it is, can’t believe it’s only $20!

13. Princess Polly Ring Detail Crop Top – $42.00

Trendy summer tops? This one’s it! Halter necks are so trendy for 2021, and combined with the ring detailing and the cut out, this top is the ultimate trendy summer top for 2021. The color is a beautiful green shade that would look great for daytime events but also for nighttime dinners or the club.

This top is such better quality than I was expecting and I would totally suggest you get this for summer 2021. It’s also super flattering, the cut out makes your waist look smaller and the halter neck really accentuates your shoulders and chest, which makes your waist look EVEN smaller!

14. UO Modern Love Corset – $59.00

trendy summer tops
$59.00 (in washed black)

Corsets are so sexy and fun and perfect for the summer time. You can wear corsets in the bedroom, but they also make for really great trendy summer tops with jeans or a cute mini skirt.

This corset from UO is such good quality, I have it and am very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the boning and how snatched it makes your waist look. It also comes in three different color schemes (neutral, slate, and washed black) so there’s a pretty wide color range.

The neutral corset is beige and a muted dull pink, mauve color that would look great for day time events. The slate color is so beautiful, it’s this creamy lilac, blue shade that would literally look incredible on every complexion. The washed black color scheme is the darkest one and is super sexy. It’s the ultimate going out/clubbing top, which hopefully we’ll get to be doing a lot of in summer 2021!

$59.00 (in neutrals)

15. PLT Black Satin Halterneck Crop Top – $16.00

This slinky satin number is so great for summer and the pointed hem bottom will accentuate your waist and make it look teeny tiny.

I really like how simple and basic the top is while at the same time being sexy and trendy.

This top would look great with any bottoms: skirts, jeans, leather trousers, the list goes on.

16. Princess Polly Floral Corset Tee – $45.00

Love, love, LOVE this floral short sleeve corset button up top. I love the fit of this – so flattering and the little closures down the front are really sexy and fun.

This top has insanely positive reviews on the Princess Polly website and everyone says the fit of this corset top is great and the floral print is the ultimate summer uniform. The bust is also really well structured so it will make you look really perky in the chest area.

It also comes in two different colors but I like this one the most!

17. UO Aluna Tank Top – $39.00


Ruched tops are perfect if you don’t like your belly area because it makes everything look intentionally fluffy which makes everything look a lot flatter. I know, sounds crazy, but trust me, if you want to look summer ready without hitting the gym, put on a ruched outfit and you will look INSANELY GOOD.

This tank top is the perfect summer tank top with a deep v and ruched detailing down the center. The color is a yummy mustard yellow color, but it also comes in 3 other colors (but the yellow color is the most summery one so I’d recommend this one for this summer).

Simple, easy, affordable – the perfect summer 2021 top.

18. Lioness Heavenly Sent Top – $65.00

This style is so popular this year and I am so here for it! I love the halter neck with matching shrug combo because it’s flirty and fun but it’s also a little more covered up and it looks super chic.

I have seen A LOT of brands coming out with tops and dresses in this style, but they are all a lot more than $65 and while this may seem steep for a top, I totally think it’s a versatile piece that you can wear a bunch of different ways.

Love this top and I will totally be rocking it this summer!

19. UO Open-Back Tank Top – $29.00

trendy summer tops

If you want your waist to look a lot smaller, even in the low-rise jeans that are making a comeback this summer, a hi-low effect like in this tank top is perfect!

The tank top technically ends on the smallest part of your waist and then tapers down, so it makes your waist look really small and slender. I love wearing these types of tops because of how lean and long they make me look. Since the end looks down to your hips, it will make you look taller and slimmer and it’s super flattering on every body type (unless you want to make yourself look shorter lol!).

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The back is also open-tie which is super sexy and perfect for the summer! Plus, since it’s a tie-back if you want your waist to look even smaller you can pull the ties tighter and it will emphasize the smallest part of your waist even more.

The ultimate casual summer tank!

20. Princess Polly Lemon Embroidery Top – $43.00

Tell me this top doesn’t scream cottagecore and summer to you because it definitely does to me! This lemon embroidered top is so sexy and flirty and fun, it’s the perfect summer top for day time events like picnics or frolicking in a field lol.

The design is off-shouldered so you can either way it as a puff sleeve short sleeve top or you can pull the sleeves down and make it off the shoulder. It’s ruched in the center which makes your bust look really great and i sextra amazing if you are really flat because it will give you a a lot of extra volume.

This is such a great summer top, I think you’ll love it!

21. UO Asymmetrical Cross-Back Top – $34.00


Asymmetrical tops are: 1) super trendy and 2) super sexy. They add a lot of dimension to any outfit and look really cool, and not just your average, boring cowl neck silk top.

I have also found that asymmetrical tops like this UO one are really flattering and make your d├ęcolletage (fancy word for your upper chest lol) look really beautiful and sexy.

A top like this one is a must-have in your summer 2021 wardrobe.

22. Princess Polly Valencia Crop Top – $35.00

This is a really great basic crop top that is trendy, cute, and simple for the summer. Tops like these are really great to just chuck on to go run some errands or go grab lunch with your friends.

The lace detailing on the bust is really great too make it a little more formal, without it being too much or too sexy.

This crop top is a great summer basic every girl needs in her closet.

23. Out From Under Lucy Girl Crush Corset Top – $59.00


Another corset top because they’re just too beautiful and sexy to not include as many as humanly possible lol! I really like the bright and pastel colors – perfect for Spring and Summer – and the delicate spaghetti straps make it so that you have support. A lot of time I feel really uncomfortable in corsets if they’re strapless because I have a larger chest and I feel like I have no support. But with a corset like this where you have thin straps, it’s the perfect amount of support to feel secure but still feel really sexy.

trendy summer tops

How beautiful is the back of this corset?! Major Bridgerton vibes with this slinky number lol!

24. Princess Polly Tessa Top – $28.00

Cropped halter neck tops with collars are popular and trendy lately, and this top is perfect if you want to stay on top of the summer 2021 trends.

It’s pretty basic but I think that’s what so great about this top – it’s super versatile and can be worn with basically anything. Whether it’s jeans or a midi skirt or a cute mini skirt, this top will go with it all.

25. BDG Knit Henley Top – $69.00

trendy summer tops

Major 70’s vibes in this henley top. Love, love, LOVE the bell sleeves and the subtle change in tone from a lighter sky blue shade at the top to a darker blue shade on the lower half of the top.

I also really like how the henley has a lot of buttons so you can decide how covered or exposed you want it to be.

Understated but sultry.

26. Princess Polly Elouise Crop Top Broderie – $31.00

This milkmaid crop top is currently on sale for $31.00 and I love it! The front tie bow is so cute and delicate and the sleeves with the ruffle lining is so dainty and feminine.

I really like that even though it’s a crop top it is a little longer than most other crop tops so it’s a lot more flattering and comfortable if you don’t want too much of your belly showing.

The puff sleeves make it so that you can either wear it as a short sleeve blouse or you can pull the puffs down and make it an off the shoulder top.

This blouse is such a steal for what it is and is super flattering on all shapes and sizes. A must have for this summer!

27. UO Santorini Twist-Front Tube Top – $34.00


You know you’re looking at sexy summer tops when it’s called the Santorini tube top. This top is sexy, fun, and the cotton fabric is super summery.

If you have a smaller chest, I would highly recommend wearing front twist tops if you want your chest to be bigger because they give the illusion of more going on in that area lol.

Plus, strapless tops are the epitome of summer!

28. UO Smocked Ruffle Blouse – $54.00

Milkmaid tops are a must for every summer and 2021 is no different. This ruffled smock blouse is a great cottagecore staple and is so flattering on so many shapes and sizes.

The poofy sleeves are romantic and very girl-next-door, while the cinched waist is sexy and flirty. Urban Outfitters has some of the best cottagecore inspired pieces that are really good quality and will last you many seasons.

This top is a MUST.

29. UO Sicily Babydoll Tank Top – $59.00

trendy summer tops

OBSESSED with this babydoll tank top! I have seen a lot of sexy tops that would be perfect for summer, but to be honest they are all kind of boring and plain. Lots of one shoulder ribbed tanks and bodysuits and lace camis, and while those are stunning and perfect for summer, I wanted to find tops that were unique and different and make a statement.


And this babydoll tank top definitely makes a statement. How stunning are the colors and the flowy materials that will blow so beautifully in the wind. The ruffles are feminine and flirty and the cut is super flattering.

trendy summer tops

You NEED this for your trendy summer tops of 2021.

30. Lioness Satin Halter Top – $59.00


This satin halter top is perfect for summer! The back is open which is sexy and flirty and the front is more covered, which balances the look really well.

The fun floral pink print is really fun and perfect for trendy summer tops that will make 2021 so much sexier and better looking lol.

31. UO One-Shoulder Smocked Tank Top – $34.00

trendy summer tops

One shoulder tops are really, really trendy but not gonna lie, I was getting pretty bored of them. But this smocked version is a fun and cute twist on your average one shoulder top.

This top is flirty and sexy but not over the top and too trendy. It’s the perfect balance between trendy and doing too much and I am so here for it!

This top also comes in three other colors so you have the choice between darker shades or something lighter and more fun like the indigo one in the photo above.

Trendy summer tops? This one’s definitely a front-runner.

32. UO Satin & Lace Cami – $49.00

trendy summer tops

This is currently one of Urban Outfitter’s most popular tops right now and I can totally see why. This lace and satin number is so bright and fun and super flattering for Summer. The satin is really great quality and looks super expensive and not that cheap satin material that looks super stiff and hard.

The perfect mix between casual and sexy, this top would be perfect for a day-time picnic and also for the night club.

33. Kimchi Blue Embellished Strappy Back Cami – $99


This hand embellished top is so beautiful and intricate and the ultimate summer top for 2021.

It is so unique and different, I have never seen tops like this before from other high street stores like Zara or Bershka before.

trendy summer tops

Look how stunning the embellishment is! The detailed work and the loose, flowing fit makes this top perfect for day time events but also formal night time ones.

This top is a bit pricey so it is an investment, but it’s so beautiful and unique, I think it’s worth the plunge.


34. Urban Renewal Recycled Bandana Crop Top – $49.00

trendy summer tops

This top is very unique and cool.

This recycled bandana crop top is trendy, fun, and perfect for summer. If you’re looking for trendy summer tops to rick in 2021, this is such a great option! You also have a bunch of different color schemes to choose from, so there’s variety and you’re not locked into just one color.


35. Out From Under Printed Top – $39

trendy summer tops

The 70’s are so popular and trendy lately, and this flyaway top perfectly fits the aesthetic. It’s simple but fun and would be perfect for this summer. From frolicking in fields to wearing it as a beach cover-up, you can wear this top for a thousand different occasions.

The top is pleated and flowy so it’s super breezy and would look beautiful in the summer winds.

I hope this list of the 35 trendy summer tops you need for 2021 make your summer shopping easier and that this list gave you inspiration for your spring and summer wardrobe. Check out these articles on how to get Bella Hadid’s closet on a budget and affordable cottagecore fashion!

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