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Tasteful & Trendy Hair Accessories That You Need (2021)

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Hair accessories are such a simple and understated way to elevate your outfit and make you look so much more trendy and put together. These trendy hair accessories are must haves you need in your wardrobe for 2021 that will make every outfit so much cuter!

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Trendy Hair Accessories You Should Have in Your Closet

Claw Clips

Claw clips have been so in this year and they will continue to be super trendy and popular because they’re cute, practical, and so easy to use. There’s lots of different types of claw clips to choose from so you’ll always be able to find something you love.

My favorite types of claw clips are the metal and tortoise shell ones – they’re so cute and look so much more expensive than they.

Plus, most claw clips are pretty affordable so it’s easy to build up a solid collection and then you can switch them around for whatever matches your outfit on any given day. There’s a really wide variety of claw clips to choose from, too, so it always feel like you’re wearing a new hair accessory even if it’s just different claw clips.

I am obsessed with this trendy hair accessory for 2021 and have found some adorable ones for you. I think you’ll love these.

Where to Buy the Best Claw Clips

Chunky Headbands

Thick chunky headbands are so in this year and were all over runways for FW2021/22. If you’re looking for trendy hair accessories, you need to have one of these in your closet.

The most popular type of thick, chunky headband right now are velvet ones. These are great for the Fall, Winter weather that’s coming up and they add a lot of texture and depth to any outfit.

I love wearing these type of headbands when my hair is greasy and unwashed because even when my scalp my greasy the ends and length of my hair doesn’t look greasy so headbands are great for dirty hair days because they cover the greasy roots but show off the rest of your hair.

I’ve linked a bunch of different types of chunky headbands from pearl ones to velvet ones to embellished ones. These would also make for awesome Christmas hair accessories!

Head Scarves and Bandanas

I LOVE wearing bandanas and scarves as hair accessories.

Again, these are perfect for dirty hair days because they’ll cover your greasy roots while showing off the rest of your hair.

Wearing scarves and bandanas as trendy hair accessories is perfect because they’re such statement pieces and can totally elevate your outfit. I love to match my scarf with the rest of my outfit for a monochromatic moment that looks so cool and edgy and like you’ve spent way longer on your outfit than you actually did.

If you have a hard time tying scarves on your head like I did, then I would suggest cloth bandanas. Cloth bandanas grip the hair much better and stay on all day. Eventually, once you get the hang of cloth scarves, you can move onto satin and silk ones.

Here are some awesome cloth, silk, and satin bandanas and scarves that would look adorable as hair accessories, check them out!

Dainty, Bejeweled Hair Clips

Fancy, bejeweled hair clips and barrettes have been so, SO popular the last year and they’re still coming in strong for 2022.

These hair clips are such an easy and simple way to make your outfit go from looking $50 to $500. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about these adorable little barrettes and clips that makes every hair style look so luxurious and fancy – I love it!

Whenever I feel like my outfit is really simple and needs a little something, I stack on a couple of barrettes and my outfit instantly looks so much more expensive and luxe.

It’s been really trendy to wear these clips stacked with many on top of each other, or you can put two of them diagonally for a more elegant and sophisticated hair do.

Love these clips!

Here are some to help you get started with your bejeweled clip and barrette collection:


trendy hair accessories: hair scrunchies

Hair scrunchies are cute, trendy, and super practical. Not only have hair scrunchies become ridiculously popular the last year since Y2K aesthetics and accessories came back, but they’re really great for your hair (especially silk and satin scrunchies).

Satin and silk hair scrunchies don’t tug on your hair like regular hair ties, so less hair breaks and falls out. I switched over to satin hair scrunchies from regular ones and not only do they look adorable, but I have much less hair breakage now, too.

I’ve linked some adorable hair scrunchies in not only silk and satin but other fabrics, like chiffon, too:

Bows, bows, BOWS!

I am OBSESSED with hair bows!

Hair bows are so cute and make any look a lot more feminine and girly. I remember my mom putting little bows in my hair when I was little, and now I love wearing bigger hair bows for an extra layer of texture to my outfits.

You can find bow hair ties, bow clips that you can place on top of your hair and it looks like there’s a big bow ribbon tied into it, and also bow headbands.

What I really love about bow hair accessories is that they’ll never really go out of style. They were trendy 20 years ago, 10 years ago, 5 years, and they’re trendy now, too.

Check these bow hair accessories out:

Trucker Hats

trendy hair accessories: trucker hats

Ever since the Y2K aesthetic has come back, trucker hats been super popular and you’ll probably see girls all over Instagram and Pinterest wearing them.

What I really like about trucker hats is that they’re such statement pieces: you could wear a basic tee and jeans and then add a trucker hat and your outfit will become instantly trendy and fashionable.

Going along with the Y2K aesthetic that’s been so popular, Von Dutch trucker hats are especially popular so if you want trendy hair accessories, get yourself a Von Dutch trucker hat.

I’ve linked below not only Von Dutch trucker hats, but other trendy and fun ones I think you’ll love!

Y2K Headbands

trendy hair accessories: y2k headbands

This might be my favorite trendy hair accessory for 2021 because they’re so simple and cute but make you look so trendy and fashionable.

Thick cloth headbands are very Y2K and have been so popular this year that I couldn’t make a trendy hair accessories post without including them.

From colorful thick headbands to make your outfit pop to neutral tones that are more practical and go with everything, these Y2K headbands aren’t going anywhere:

Hair Ribbons

trendy hair accessories: hair ribbons

How romantic and feminine and girly do these hair ribbons look. These ribbons elevate a simple ponytail into a sophisticated and elegant hair style.

There’s a thousand and one ways to wear these hair ribbons: put them over your hair tie, insert them into your braid for a cool patterned look, wrap them around pig tails, and the list goes on.

What’s really great about this hair accessory is that you can literally use any ribbon you have lying around for this look. I’ve literally used ribbons that were attached on gifts as hair ribbons. I’ve found a bunch of really cute ones if you don’t have hair ribbons yet:

I hope these trendy hair accessories make you and your hair happy and stylish. Check out these articles on how I grew my hair 5 inches in just 2 months and how to look expensive on a budget!

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