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16 Easy & Effective Thin Hair Tips for Thicker Looking Hair Immediately

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thin hair tips

I have naturally pretty thin hair, so I’m used to constantly trying new hair products and thin hair tips and tricks to try and make my hair look and feel thicker, fuller, and more voluminous. After years of trying to find the best techniques, I’ve narrowed it down to the top 16 thin hair tips and products and will make your hair look so much thicker!

You need to keep reading if you have fine thin hair. Regardless of hair color or hair type, these tips will add volume to fine hair!

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1. Choose the Right Shampoos

Great hair starts in the shower and that’s why it’s very important to choose the right shampoo if you have fine, thin hair.

For thin hair, you want a shampoo that gives it hydration to make your hair follicles look plumper and more full while still being lightweight so it doesn’t weigh your hair down and make your hair feel flatter than it already it.

One of the most underrated thin hair tips is to use 2 different shampoos: a volumizing shampoo for body and plumpness and a clarifying shampoo that get rids of buildup. Clarifying shampoos are a great way to make your hair look denser while the volumizing shampoo will add height – combining to give the appearance of much thicker, fuller hair.

Here are some of the best clarifying shampoos for thin hair for all budgets!

Here are a few of my favorite volumizing shampoos:

2. Cut Down the Shampooing

If you have thin hair, then try cutting down on how often you wash your hair to 2 to 3 times a week – even once a week if your hair can handle it!

When you wash your hair too much, it sends a signal to your scalp that not enough oil or sebum is being produced, so your hair creates more oil to compensate, and this can lead to excess oil production. This is especially bad for fine thin hair that is naturally prone to greasiness because it will make your hair extra oily and give the appearance of dull, flat hair.

Washing your hair less frequently will give your hair more volume, less grease, and will be much easier to manage.

3. Invest in Volumizing Products

The easiest way to go from thin hair to thick hair is by using volumizing hair products that will give the appearance of thicker, fuller looking hair.

You can’t go from having naturally thin fine hair to naturally have thick hair because it’s completely dependent on genes, but you can fake it with these incredible lightweight hair volumizing products.

This is the easiest thin hair treatment for fine hair!

4. Air Dry Your Hair

A very easy and simple way to make the most of fine thin hair is by air drying your hair at least 75%.

When your hair is wet, it’s a lot more vulnerable to stretching, pulling, and breakage. That’s why if you blow dry your hair when it’s completely wet, you can cause a lot of damage and hair loss.

This is really important for people with thin hair because you could accelerate hair loss of already fine, thin hair.

Once your hair is 75% dry you can style it how you normally would and this way you’ll end up with the same result as if you blow dried completely wet hair, minus the heat damage and breakage.

5. Heat Protectant is a Must

There’s lots of ways you can create volume and the appearance of thicker hair using heat styling tools and techniques like blow drying, crimping, and hot rollers.

BUT, using heat tools means heat damage, and heat damage is one of the most destructive things for your hair. That’s why using a heat protectant is an absolute must in your hair care routine.

Here’s two very popular heat protectant sprays you will love:

6. No Conditioner on Your Scalp

You should never be applying conditioner to your scalp, but especially if you have thin hair.

Applying conditioner to your scalp will clog your hair follicles at the root, which will make new hair growth very difficult. The conditioner will also weigh your hair down and make your hair look limp and very flat.

For thin hair, apply a small amount of conditioner to the palms of your hand, rub your hands together, and then apply the product only to the ends of your hair. Normally it’s okay to work the conditioner up the hair shaft but for fine thin hair, keep it concentrated at the ends of your hair so you still get volume at the roots while hydrating and preventing dry hair.

If you’re looking for the best conditioners for thin hair, then you need to check out this biotin thickening conditioner formulated specially for thin hair!

7. Use the Right Heat Tools for Insane Volume

Avoid straightening your hair if you want bouncy, voluminous hair that looks a lot thicker than it actually is. Straight hair is meant to look sleek and flat, which is the opposite of what you want for fine thin hair.

For thin hair, stick to hair styles that give your hair texture and body, and that can be done best with two specific hair tools:

  • Hot rollers: using hair rollers have been very trendy lately to give you that 90s blowout look without using as much heat as a curler. Hot rollers are a step above that because these heated rollers will give that 90s blowout with tons of volume and body but will also last much longer!
  • Hair volumizing iron: this is essentially a crimper for your roots and it adds INSANE volume and will make your hair look so much thicker and denser. All you need to do is crimp your roots, let the crimped hair cool in your hands, and voila! you have instant volume. Just make sure to leave the front pieces uncrimped so that it doesn’t look like your roots are wavy and then the rest of your hair is straight. This product is definitely an investment but it’s so, so worth it.

8. Find the Perfect Dry Shampoo for You

Dry shampoo is probably one of my all-time favorite hair products and it makes for one of the best hair products for fine thin hair.

Not only is dry shampoo great for the days you don’t wash your hair by absorbing any excess oil on your scalp, but it’s great for adding volume to your roots and making your hair feel fuller.

Here are a few amazing dry shampoos for any budget and check out these fabulous dry shampoos if you have dark hair and want to avoid that horrid white cast on your roots:

9. Texture, texture, TEXTURE!

I have pretty thin hair – there’s a lot of it so looks denser than it actually it is but it feels very limp and fine – and one of my holy grail hair products is texturizing sprays that add volume and body to hair through texture.

Using a texturizing spray is every girls Summer secret to getting beachy waves that looks bouncy, sexy, and super thick.

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I don’t just use texture sprays in the Summer, though. Sometimes I’ll use a texturizing sea salt spray when I feel like my hair needs a pick me up or looks very flat. It’s also a great product to have in your purse for quick touch ups throughout the day!

Check out this list of the best texturizing sprays this year!

10. Try Backcombing

If you have very fine hair that is very flat, then backcombing might work wonders for you.

Take sections of your hair at the crown (this area of your head will give maximum volume and lift) and gentle start brushing downwards at the roots. Then gently brush over the area you have just backcombed to look more natural while still giving your hair body.

BUT, if you backcomb a lot and aren’t gentle with it, you can cause a lot of damage to your hair through hair breakage and tangled hair. That’s why I would recommend using this tip for special occasions but on a daily hair style.

11. Hair Powder to Fill in the Gaps

I used to aggressively part my hair all the way to one side for many years in middle and high school and this led to a small bald patch. Through my hair growth techniques I was able to cover up naturally within just 2 months, but in the meantime it was something I was very insecure about and the only thing that make me feel secure in how my hair looked was hair powder and sprays to fill in any gaps in my hair.

Not only do hair powders and sprays give the allusion of more hair, it also gives the allusion of denser, fuller hair, which is great news for people with fine thin hair.

These root touch ups are a great way to fake fuller hair!

Pro tip: at night, make sure to brush your hair out when you use this so that there is no buildup and thoroughly wash your scalp on hair wash days so no residual product remains.

Here are two of my favorite hair touch ups that I know you will love too (and they have shades for all hair colors!):

12. Be Extra Gentle with Your Hair

This is a general tip that all the thick hair girlies take for granted.

Sometimes I see how rough people are with their hair and I have to physically look away because it does so much unnecessary damage that could easily be avoided if you’re just a little bit gentler on your hair.

What really helps very thin hair is being extra gentle on it. I know this sounds like a very general tip but here are a few examples on how you can gentler on your hair for less damage:

  • If you use a scalp scrubber in the shower, don’t move it in circular motions because this can tangle your hair and it make very prone to breakage since it’s wet. Instead, move the scrubber in straight vertical motions.
  • When brushing wet hair, start from the ends of your hair and work your way up. Make sure to hold the shaft of your hair while you brush so that the hair isn’t pulled.
  • Brush your hair every night so that your hair isn’t tangled and there is no product buildup.
  • When drying wet hair, don’t rub your hair between the towel. This creates friction and tension in the hair and can lead to hair breakage. Instead, squeeze the water out with a microfiber towel.

Take your time styling your hair, and avoid doing things that will pull on your hair.

This is one of the easiest thin hair tips that will make such a difference to the quality of your hair in the long run.

13. Keep Product Away from Your Roots

This is one of the simplest thin hair tips that will make your hair look so much more voluminous and full.

People with fine, thin hair should never, EVER put product close to or on the roots (except for certain volume mousses) because this can weigh your hair down, make it look flat and limp, and accentuate how thin and fine your hair already is.

Instead, focus products on the ends of your hair and scrunch it up so that it creates body and texture.

Unless a product is specifically designed to be applied to your roots (like dry shampoo) you should never put it on the roots.

14. Dry Your Hair Upside Down

I’ve been using this easy thin hair tip for years and it definitely makes a difference.

Literally all you have to do is dry your hair upside down and then take your hair dryer and blow hot hot air on the hair while it’s upside down.

The heat helps mold your hair so that when you flip your hair back to the front, you have intense volume that makes your look a lot fuller.

If you blow dryer on your hair, this is a very easy tip to add loads of extra volume and body to your hair!

15. Are You Getting Your Vitamins in?

If you want to know how can I make my thin hair thicker, then one of the most effective things is vitamins and supplements.

You can naturally make your thicker, but by taking essential vitamins you can add to hair health and density, and it will result in your hair feeling thicker.

Iron deficiencies are very common in women and this may be affecting how long and thick your hair grows. Many of the every day vitamins we need, but aren’t getting enough of, will be reflected in our hair.

When you’re lacking nutrients and not getting enough of your essential vitamins, your hair is the first thing on your body to suffer because your internal system gives priority to the rest of your body to properly function, so your hair ends up suffering first and the most.

Here are some of the best hair vitamins for fine thin hair that you should try if you’re looking for ways on how to make hair look thicker. Make sure to consult a doctor!

16. Exfoliate Your Scalp

I recommend exfoliating your scalp to literally every one, but it’s great for thin hair because it helps remove product buildup so your hair feels bouncier and lighter with more lift at the roots.

If you have very fine hair though, be very gentle and only using a little product at a time so that it’s not too aggressive on your scalp.

Here are two of my all time favorite scalp scrubs:

I hope these thin hair tips helped you figure out how to add volume to thin hair naturally for bouncy, big hair that looks a lot fuller than it actually is.

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