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The Ultimate Fall Coats and Jackets You Need in 2020

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Fall fashion is my favorite part of Fall, and if you love clothes and fashion, it’s probably your favorite, too! And what’s the toughest part of Fall fashion? Finding the ultimate Fall coats and jackets that you’ll wear to death in the Autumn and Winter season. If you’re wondering what’s hot this year and which Fall coats and jackets you need in 2020, here’s your fashion guide!

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1. Trench Coats

Trench coats are the ultimate Autumn accessory. They look cool and effortless but they’re great for Fall weather where it’s windy and chilly but not freezing cold.

Plus, trench coats go with absolutely EVERYTHING. I have never seen a trench coat look awkward on any outfit. They’re super versatile and they also come in a range of colors, making it a great option no matter what your aesthetic is.

The classic trench coat color is beige but now there’s tons of colors, most notably being black, navy, white, and camel.

What is a Trench Coat?

Typically used as a windbreaker or raincoat, the trench coat is a Fall staple. These coats don’t have hoods and are made from water-proof materials. Trench coats are usually ankle-length or longer.

Where to Buy Trench Coats

Honestly, basically every store nowadays has a trench coat, but the biggest factor in determining where you’ll get your trench from is price.

Like most other Fall coats and jackets, trench coats aren’t cheap. Because they’re investment pieces that meant to be heavy duty for the colder months, they don’t come cheap.

Here are a mix of high end and affordable trench coats you should check out, depending on your budget!

High End Trench Coats

If there’s any brand that is known for their trench coats, it’s Burberry. The brand is the original trench coat maker, and they never fail to dazzle me. They’re chic, elegant, and such a show-stopper.

Here are a few Burberry trench coats that are sure to get you excited for Fall.

  • Basque Detail Wool Gabardine Trench Coat – $3,090
  • Vintage Check Panel Cotton Gabardine Trench Coat – $2,750
  • Sleeveless Trench Coat with Detachable Warmer – $2,250
  • Vintage Check Recycled Polyester Car Coat – $1,750

But Burberry isn’t the only luxury brand that makes beautiful trench coats. There’s so many amazing high-end trench coats available, the only problem is the price tag lol! Check out these luxury trench coats that are mouth wateringly stunning:

  • KHAITE Libby Suede Trench Coat – $5,800
  • KHAITE Libby Cotton Trench Coat – $1,980
  • NILI LOTAN Belted Cotton-Blend Gabardine Trench Coat – $995
  • FENDI FF-Jacquard Belted Canvas Trench Coat – $3,980
  • BOTTEGA VENTA Contrast-Panel Belted Trench Coat – $4,250
fall coats and jackets - trench coats

Affordable Trench Coats

fall coats and jackets - trench coats

But, let’s be honest, paying $5,000 for Fall coats and jackets just isn’t practical or affordable for a lot of people, including myself.

So where do you find affordable but high quality trench coats? Where do you find trench coats that look like a million bucks but only cost like a 100 lol? I’ve got you covered, girl!

One of my favorite places to find affordable but luxurious looking Fall coats and jackets is Zara. Zara has a huge range of really trendy and beautiful trench coats. Here are a few Zara trench coats that I think you’ll love!

  • Faux Leather Double Breasted Trench Coat – $149
  • Limited Edition Water Repellent Trench Coat – $119
  • Faux Leather Trench Coat in Caramel – $89.90
  • Limited Edition Trench Coat – $129

In addition to Zara, there’s so many other places where you can find great trench coats at great prices. Check them out!

  • Massimo Dutti Classic Cotton Trench Coat in Khaki – $249
  • Massimo Dutti Classic Trench Coat in Beige – $249
  • Massimo Dutti Black Leather Trench Coat – $579
  • Stradivarius Long Check Print Trench Coat – $45.99
  • Stradivarius Basic Trench Coat – $29.99
  • H&M Cotton Twill Trenchcoat – $59.99
  • H&M Trenchcoat – $49.99
  • Amazon Double Breasted Classic Trench Coat – $49.76

2. Leather Blazers

The leather blazer is the epitome of Fall coats and jackets. They are so popular this year, that I bet your favorite Instagram influencer is rocking them right now!

I’ve written a really in-depth article all about leather blazers. From what they are to what color to get to where to buy them (luxury and affordable options!), this article covers it all.

If you’re looking for any and all information on leather blazers, you need to read this article.

fall coats and jackets - leather blazers

3. Plaid Blazers

Festive, fun and oh so cozy! Plaid blazers are a great twist to your regular blazer and are great for the cooler months. Plus, plaid is known for being a favorite Fall and Winter print. In fact, plaid is so popular for the popular, it’s one of 2020’s must-have Fall home decor ideas! Check out that article, here.

What is a Blazer?

fall coats and jackets - plaid blazers

A blazer is a type of jacket that looks a lot like a suit jacket, but is more casual. Blazers can be formal, too, though. Like in the photos above, a really popular trend for blazers is shoulder pads – they are dramatic and funky and makes the outfit more formal and put together.

Where to Buy Plaid Blazers

Where to Buy Luxury Plaid Blazers?

Because plaid blazers are so popular, finding luxury, high end blazers is super easy. I think investing in a plaid blazer is a smart idea because they’re going to be popular for not just this Fall, but many Fall and Winter seasons to come.

Here are a few luxury plaid blazers worth checking out!

  • Alexandre Vauthier Houndstooth Blazer – $2,346
  • Twin-Set Lace Applique Blazer – $248
  • Balmain Double-Breasted Tweed Blazer – $2,269

Where to Buy Affordable Plaid Blazers?

fall coats and jackets - plaid blazers

But let’s be honest, most of us don’t have $2,000 to blow on a Houndstooth blazer. So here are some great affordable plaid blazers you have to see!

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Plus, they are all from popular stores that have branches worldwide so you’ll be able to get your hands on them no matter where you are!

  • Zara Plaid Blazer – $89.90
  • Zara Oversized Plaid Blazer – $89.90
  • H&M Patterned Jacket – $59.99
  • H&M Oversized Jacket – $49.99
  • H&M Jersey Jacket – $34.99
  • Mango Check Structured Blazer – $99.99

4. Oversized Leather Jackets

Leather jackets have been in for every Fall and Winter for years and years but lately, it’s oversized leather jackets that are mega-popular.

Oversized leather jackets look cool, chic, and very effortless. Plus, they are so much more comfortable than tight and fitted leather jackets.

With an oversized leather jacket you can layer sweaters and knits underneath without it being difficult to move around. Best of both worlds!

PRO HACK: you can make any leather jacket oversized by buying a regular leather jacket in several sizes bigger than your usual size. So if you’re usually a small, then get a large or extra large for an oversized, effortless look.

Where to Buy Oversized Leather Jackets

Where to Buy Luxury Oversized Leather Jackets?

  • Balenciaga Steroid Biker Jacket – $4,950
  • Re/Done Moto Biker Jacket (get a few sizes bigger than your regular size for an oversized look) – $2,115
  • Sandro Paris Biker-Style Moto Jacket (get a few sizes bigger for it to be oversized!) – $790

Where to Buy Affordable Oversized Leather Jackets?

If you want to look for affordable, budget-friendly leather jackets, try faux leather jackets! All my leather jackets are faux and they were really affordable and look very real. In fact, I have a few faux leather jackets from Zara and they look like real leather and every time I wear them I get so many compliments on them. For leather jackets, Zara is a great place to look for good quality and relatively inexpensive jackets.

Nowadays even faux leather jackets don’t look shiny and cheap, which gives another reason to switch from real to faux leather.

Most high street or fast fashion stores like Zara, H&M, Mango, Bershka, Missguided, and Topshop have leather jackets, which makes finding affordable oversized leather jackets super easy.

Check these ones out:

  • Missguided Black Faux Leather Oversized Biker Jacket – 42 Euros
  • ASOS Curve Oversized Leather Look Biker Jacket – 69.99 Euros
  • ASOS Oversized Real Leather Biker Jacket – 235.99 Euros
  • H&M Men’s Biker Jacket (since it’s a men’s jacket it will automatically be a little oversized and you can go up sizes depending on how oversized you want it to be) – $69.99
  • Zara Faux Leather Biker Jacket – $69.90
  • Zara Faux Leather Biker Jacket with Mandarin Collar Jacket – $69.90

5. Long Wool Coats

fall coats and jackets - wool coats

If you’re looking for a great coat for this Fall and Winter, you can’t go wrong with a classic long wool coat. They’re very popular this year – as they are every year and probably will be for years to come – and I’ve seen tens of girls on Instagram rocking these wool coats.

Wool is warm and a great fabric for the coming months and I like long coats because I think they look a lot chicer and make me look a lot taller.

PRO TIP: If you’re short like me, long coats that hit your above your ankle are a great way to look taller and leaner!

fall coats and jackets - wool coats

Where to Buy Long Wool Coats

Where to Buy Luxury Long Wool Coats

  • Max Mara Wool Coat – 509 Euros
  • Max Mara Lugano Coat – $497.33
  • Emporio Armani Oversized Wool Coat – $537
  • Off-White Single Breasted Wool Coat – $1,825

If you’re in the market for a beautiful long wool coat that will last you a lifetime, then I would highly suggest Max Mara. Yes, they are expensive but they are amazing quality and once you get a Max Mara coat, you don’t need another coat of the same type.

Where to Buy Affordable Long Wool Coats

  • Zara Oversized Coat – $89.90
  • Wool Blend Menswear Type Coat – $149
  • Zara Houndstooth Wool Blend Coat – $149
  • Amazon Wool Blend Coat – $48.99 – $56.99
  • Mango Handmade Wool Coat – 139 Pounds
  • Mango Oversize Wool Coat – 89.99 Pounds
  • H&M Taupe Wool Coat – $149
  • H&M Beige Wool Blend Coat – $199

6. Cropped Blazer Jackets

These cropped blazer jackets are perfect for the days where it’s chilly but not very cold or if you live somewhere like California where Winter doesn’t really happen lol!

Negin Mirsalehi is wearing a two piece set by Havre Studio. Even though it’s a set, for the colder days you could wear pants instead of the matching skirt.

fall coats and jackets - cropped jacket blazer

Where to Buy Cropped Blazer Jackets

I found a few luxury cropped blazer jackets but honestly, they weren’t even that cute, and especially not cute enough to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for, so I decided to save us all a lot of money and skip them.

Havre Studio has some adorable cropped blazer jacket sets and in fact, all the pictures in this section are from their Instagram page, so if you’re looking for nice cropped blazer jackets, I would highly recommend checking them out.

Here are some of my favorite Havre Studio pieces for this Fall jacket look:

  • Reworked Ralph Lauren Set – $173
  • Checked Set in Wool – $173
  • Brooks Brother Reworked Set – $173
  • Reworked 100% Set in Camel/Beige – $162
  • Forest Green Vintage Two-Piece – $173

There are also a lot of other more affordable options for cropped blazer jackets!

7. Fur Coats/Teddy Bear Coats

fall coats and jackets - fur coats

Teddy bear and fur coats scream COZY!! and are must-have for this Fall and Winter.

I know, I know, teddy bear coats were all the rage last year and the trend has died down this year, but we aren’t talking about THOSE teddy bear coats.

This year, the teddy bear coat that is popular is a lot more refined and a lot less fuzzy. The teddy bear coats that are super trendy this year are sophisticated and long.

Fur coats are all the rage every year, including this year! I love fur coats for the Winter and now you can find great faux fur coats which makes fur coat shopping fun and ethical!

fall coats and jackets - fur coats
Mango Zebra Print Fur Coat

Where to Buy Fur/Teddy Bear Coats

Where to Buy Luxury Fur Coats

  • Max Mara Teddy Bear Icon Coat – $3,690
  • Kirin All-Over Print Coat – $1,235
  • Alexandre Vauthier Belted Faux Fur Coat – $4,456

Where to Buy Affordable Fur Coats

  • Zara Faux Fur Trim Coat – $129
  • Zara Faux Fur Jacket – $129
  • Zara Brown Faux Fur Jacket – $39.99 (on sale!!)
  • Mango Faux Fur Coat – $149.99
  • Mango Reversible Faux Shearling-Lined Coat – $169.99
  • Mango Plush Faux Fur Coat – $149.99
  • H&M Faux Fur Teddy Bear Coat – $99
  • H&M Faux Fur Coat – $79.99
  • H&M Faux Fur Coat in Gray – $59.99

Zara, Mango, and H&M are my favorite affordable places to buy fur coats because they look so, so, so much more expensive than they actually are. I also added a lot of links because the luxury coats I linked are thousands of dollars and it just doesn’t make sense (not to me anyway) to spend that kind of money on a coat. Plus, these coats are faux fur and that’s a huge, huge plus!

I hope this list of this years hottest coats and jackets makes Fall shopping easier for you and keeps you warm and cute these colder months.

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