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The Most Legendary Halloween Costumes for Best Friends

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It’s spooky season, girls! And you know what that means… HALLOWEEN. With the pandemic, this year’s Halloween isn’t as fun as it normally would be but these best friend costumes will change that. Here are some sexy, bad ass, and ridiculously cute Halloween costumes for best friends!

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Victoria’s Secret Angels

halloween costumes for best friends

This costume is the ultimate Halloween costumes for best friends! It’s fun, sexy, and great to do in groups, like the Kardashian/Jenner family did for Halloween in 2018.

What you might not have been expecting (especially with the pictures of the Kardashians as VS angels) is that you can actually make this costume as conservative or sexy as you want.

Obviously, we see the Kar-Jenner being a lot more sexy with lingerie and big angel wings, but you could also wear the signature pink Victoria’s Secret robes with angel wings and that would be a great, fun, and more conservative Victoria’s Secret angels costume for you to do with friends.

The Key to Being a VS Angel for Halloween

halloween costumes for best friends

Because there’s a lot of variety in what you could do with this (any honestly, any!) costume, here are a few things you need to pull this costume off, perfectly because nothing’s worse than going to a Halloween party and no one knows what you are!

Angel Wings

halloween costumes for best friends

Sounds obvious, but angel wings are great for this costume! Stick to white or pink wings, NOT black.

Here are a few links to angel wings that will elevate your VS angel costume:

The brand Da NeeNa is available on Amazon and I linked a couple of their angel wings but they’re definitely pricey and more investment pieces but if you want a show stopper VS Angel costume, it would look amzing!

Pink Satin Robe

This is one of Victoria’s Secret’s most iconic and legendary pieces. If you’re just wearing angel wings, some people might confuse with a regular ole angel and not a Victoria’s Secret angel. But if you’re wearing the wings AND a pink satin robe, EVERYONE will know you’re a VS angel.

For your robe, look for something bright and short. Here are a few links you might want to check out:

Other Outfit Options

It’s kind of up to you what you wear underneath the robe, but here are a couple of options that will take your VS Angel costume to the next level!

Knee High Tights

One way to make your VS Angel costume become extra sexy is to add knee high stockings and tights:

Heels – Very High Heels

If you’ve seen any of the Victoria’s Secret fashion shows, you know they wear the highest of high heels and that’s exactly what you need to do, too!

If you’re friends are planning on being VS angels this Halloween, make sure you have high heels to go along with your outfit. You can wear platforms or stilettos, but I would recommend platform heels because they’ll be easiest of the heels to walk around and dance in all night while still being sky-high and sexy.

Plus, these heels will probably be great for other events too, not just Halloween!

A cute way to make your group costumes more fun is by each of you wearing different colored heels while still being in the same color palette. You could wear nude heels, your friend could wear baby pink ones, and your other friend could wear hot pink heels, and so on and so on depending on how many of you are VS angels!

Check out these heels for your group Halloween costumes!

The Classic Victoria’s Secret Waves

This is a MUST. Victoria’s Secret’s signature curls/waves have been copied worldwide and if you want you and your best friends to be the ultimate VS angels, you have to rock those curls!

There’s plenty of hair tutorials on YouTube showing how to achieve the brands signature hair, but here’s a few great ones!

Playboy Bunnies

halloween costumes for best friends

Trying to think of Halloween costumes for best friends? Playboy bunnies is a sexy, classic, and fun option!

Like in the photo above, a really great idea for this costume with a big group of girls is to do Playboy bunny costumes in several colors. This way, it’s still a group costume, but every girl gets to be unique in her own special color.

Playboy bunny costumes are so popular that you can easily find them at any Halloween store, but here are links for your convenience! These costumes are great options for your group Playboy costumes:

halloween costumes for best friends

The links above are for full costumes but if you’re just looking for accessories, check these out:

halloween costumes for best friends

Another staple for the Playboy bunny costume are sheer tights, and these ones are so cute, you’ll fall in love!

  • Fishnet Tights Stockings – $8.99
  • White Fishnet Stockings – $9.99
  • Ultra Shimmery High Waist Pantyhose – $14.99
  • Nude Shimmery Pantyhose – $15.99
halloween costumes for best friends

Cheetah Girls

halloween costumes for best friends

This is one of my favorite Halloween costumes for best friends! It’s nostalgic, fun, and a classic – who hasn’t seen Cheetah Girls and danced to every song in the movies?!

Plus, this group costume is so easy to recreate – you just need colorful tracksuits, white sneakers, and fun headbands. The only real limitation is that this costume is perfect for groups of four.

What You Need to be a Cheetah Girl This Halloween

Colorful Tracksuits

halloween costumes for best friends

To be a Cheetah Girl, you need to have your signature monochrome tracksuit. The colors to choose from are orange, pink, purple, and blue.

These colorful tracksuits are awesome options for this group costume:

White Sneakers

Chances are, you already have a pair of white sneakers, but in case you don’t, try to find some! You can find really affordable white sneakers almost everywhere.

I have linked both affordable white sneakers and a few that you can get as investment pieces because white trainers are a classic and never go out of style.

Colorful Headbands

Funky, colorful hairbands will complete your Cheetah Girls costume! Here are a few fun ones:

  • Pack of 19 Colorful Stretchy Headbands – $9.99
  • Pack of 14 Yoga Colorful Headbands – $11.99

I would definitely check out these two links if you’re looking for stretchy, Y2K headbands because they come in every color and you can wear them after Halloween, too!

Get your cheetah on, girls!

halloween costumes for best friends
source unknown

Spice Girls

halloween costumes for best friends
source unknown

Fun, flirty, and unique to each member! This Spice Girls girl group costume is perfect for Halloween and showcasing each of your friends unique personalities.

The Spice Girls are great Halloween costumes for best friends!

What You Need for Your Spice Girls Costumes

Each member of the girl group had different outfits, so depending on the girl you are, your costume will be different.

Let’s see what you should wear for each of the Spice Girls.

Baby Spice

If you want to be Baby Spice this Halloween, then there’s a few things you should get for your costume: white knee-high socks, a pink mini-dress, platform sneakers, and pig-tails.

Here are links you should check out!

Posh Spice

Victoria Beckham’s iconic outfits as Posh Spice had a few signature items: a little black dress, big dark sunglasses, and strappy heels.

This outfit is pretty easy to recreate with whatever you have in your closet but here are a few options to make your costume even better!

Ginger Spice

This Spice Girl’s outfit is the most recognizable and iconic of the bunch and it’s because Ginger Spice wears a glittery Union Jack mini-dress!

If you want to go the extra mile, wear a red wig and some cute red knee-high boots and you’ve got your Ginger Spice costume ready to go!

Scary Spice

CHEETAH PRINT! That’s all you need to be Scary Spice this Halloween. You can wear a cheetah print dress, top, skirt, jeans, heels, honestly ANYTHING cheetah print works.

  • Cheetah Print Dress – $35.99
  • Cheetah Print Mini-Skirt – $14.99

Sporty Spice

If you play sports and have a lot of sportswear or gym gear, you should be Sporty Spice if you and your besties are going as the Spice Girls this Halloween.

To get Sporty Spice’s look, wear track pants, a fun tank top, and some sneakers! Here are a few options:

halloween costumes for best friends
source unknown

Pan Am Stewardesses

halloween costumes for best friends
source unknown

If you really want a group costume for your best friends, then going as Pan Am stewardesses is such a fun idea! It’s different and so fun.

It’s hard to DIY this costume, so here are some links to check out if you want to be a Pan Am Stewardess this year:

PowerPuff Girls

halloween costumes for best friends
source unknown

If you’re a group of three, this Powerpuff Girls costume is perfect for you!

What’s really great about this costume is that it’s so easy to DIY and create different vibes, depending on what you wear. And even if you do create different vibes, it’s still easily identifiable and everyone will know you’re the Powerpuff Girls.

If you want to DIY this costume, get a few mini-dress (one in green, one in blue, and one in pink). Then, you can customize this costume with ear muffs, gloves, stockings, and hair accessories!

I have posted a bunch of pictures of girls dressing like the Powerpuff Girls, just to show you how different each group’s costumes are but still very Powerpuff.

halloween costumes for best friends

Honestly, for the Powerpuff Girls costumes, look for all things green, pink, and blue and it’ll fit! These are some options for each Powerpuff Girl

Blossom Costume

Bubbles Costume

Buttercup Costume


One of the best Halloween costumes for best friends is fairies! This Halloween costume is so pretty and sexy and can fit any number of friends. It doesn’t matter if this costume is for 2 people or for 10 people, this costume fits any friend group size.

The best way to go about this costume is for each friend to be a different colored fairy. I think pastel and soft colors would be the best for this group costume because they’re more feminine and fairy like.

Check out these options for some of the best fairy color options:

Purple Fairy Costume

White Fairy Costume

Blue Fairy Costume

Black & White Swans

If you’re in the market for beautiful, elegant, and unique Halloween costumes for best friends, you need to check out this black and white swan duo costume.

This costume is only for groups of 2 but is so, so chic and can be made as sexy or conservative as you like! Check out the links below for each swan costume.

White Swan Costume

Black Swan Costume

These eight Halloween costumes for best friends are iconic and perfect for Halloween this year. They are some of the most easily identifiable costumes EVER and if you want a group costume everyone will know but is still fun and legendary, you HAVE to try these costumes!

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