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The Best Hair Growth Serums: Get Long, Thick Hair ASAP!

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I’ve struggled with my hair for a very long time, and was able to grow it 5 inches in just 2 months using hair health and growth tips and products. If you want to know how to get fuller, thicker, longer hair, then these hair serums are definitely worth trying. These are the best hair growth serums to try in 2022 and personal reviews on how well they work!

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What Causes Hair Loss and Thinning Hair?

If you’re looking for the best hair growth serums, then your hair might be thinning and you might be suffering from hair loss.

If you’re asking yourself “why is my hair thinning?” then these common hair loss and hair thinning causes might be what’s happening to you:

  • Hereditary: if your family has a history of hair loss and thinning, especially as you age, then this is most likely why you’re suffering from hair loss, too. For women, this is usually referred to female patterned hair loss and occurs when your hair follicles reduce in size and stop growing as much hair.
  • Age: as we get older, hair growth slows down, causing hair follicles to stop growing and making our hair appear and feel thinner and more brittle.
  • Alopecia: this is a disease that affects hair follicles and causes hair loss, usually in patches. If you notice a large amount of hair loss, consult your doctor.
  • Hormonal Changes: this is very normal and your hormones can easily fluctuate because of conditions like stress and pregnancy.
  • Hairstyles and Hair Treatments: If you put a lot of strain and tension on your hair with hairstyles like tight high ponies and continuous use of hair extensions, then this can create bald patches and hair loss and thinning.

How to Use a Hair Growth Serum

I have used dozens of hair growth serums and here’s my favorite way to apply them:

  • If the serum has a dropper, use the dropper to directly put product onto your scalp. If the serum does not have a dropper, put a few drops on your finger tips and apply it to the scalp.
  • Once the product is on your scalp, start to massage it into the scalp using your finger tips to stimulate the scalp, increase blood circulation, and promote healthy hair growth. I like to do this for at least 5 minutes and pay extra attention to areas on the head where thinning is more noticeable – like where your natural hair part is and traditional patterns of female baldness.
    • I would highly suggest using a scalp massager to evenly distribute and massage the serum into your scalp. I’ve been using one for years and have seen a noticeable difference in how quickly my hair grows.
  • After massaging into the scalp, I like to use a few extra drops of the serum on the length of my hair and two drops just for the ends of my hair.

How Often to Use Hair Growth Serum

Hair growth serums are not like regular serums that you use for frizz and dry ends – they’re more aggressive so use them carefully.

From my experience, it’s best to use a hair growth serum every other day at night, and absolutely use it on hair wash days. If the serum is thicker and more of an oil, then I like to use it every few days because it can make your hair look greasy.

On the days I am going to wash my hair I like to let the serum sit on my scalp for at least 30 minutes before washing it.

In general, I tend to use hair serums about 3x a week as a part of my nighttime hair care routine.

Does Hair Growth Serum Actually Work?

I can tell you from experience that YES, it does!

A lot of people disagree and say that hair growth and hair regrowth is genetically predetermined and hair health products don’t work, but I can safely say from years of personal experience that they really do work.

After consistently using hair growth serums for at least 3 months, I noticed changes in how fast my hair was growing, how healthy it looked, and how much denser it felt (I saw a HUGE difference in how much fuller bald patches on the sides of my head looked).

So if you’re looking for the best products for fast hair growth, then you will love these amazing hair serums.

The Best Hair Growth Serums That Actually Work

Best Overall

Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam

This is one of the BEST hair growth serums on the market and helped me not only with insane hair regrowth but with how much heavier and denser my hair felt and looked.

BUT, your hair does go through a shedding phase where you will lose A LOT of hair before your hair starts rapidly growing.

If you’re willing to wait for amazing results, this is my favorite hair growth serum and so worth the price tag!

Plus, it’s FDA approved.

Best Budget

Bellisso Biotin Hair Health Serum

This hair growth serum is super affordable and effective!

It’s formulated especially for hair loss and thinning and will make your hair feel noticeably fuller and help with hair density.

The biggest downside of this serum is that it feels pretty greasy and heavy on the hair, so only use a few drops and massage it into your scalp really well.

Best Splurge

Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam

This hair regrowth treatment is the #1 dermatologist recommended product for women’s hair loss and I 100% understand why.

Not only does this product work wonders for hair fullness and length, it’s great for hydrating the scalp while exfoliating it at the same time.

This product is 1000% worth the splurge and the best overall hair growth serum for 2022!

Best for Volume

Folliflo Hair Boost Serum

Formulated specifically for thin hair that’s prone to breakage, this hair boosting serum will reduce shedding, hydrate and condition your hair, and give the appearance of very full hair.

This is one of the best hair growth serums that’s an all-rounder and won’t break the bank!

Best for Scalp

Divi Scalp Serum

Looking for one of the best hair growth serums that also targets the scalp?

This scalp serum is packed with proven hair growth ingredients like rosemary extract and caffeine and is amazing for dyed, damaged hair that needs some extra help to get rid of scalp build-up and promote hair regrowth.

Best for Dry Hair and Scalp

Olivia Care Scalp Serum

If you have a dry and itchy scalp, this is the best hair serum for you!

This tea tree and aloe serum is amazing for people suffering from dandruff and flaky scalp by giving it the necessary moisture to restore your scalp’s natural oil sebum production which will stimulate hair regrowth, smooth hair cuticles, and get rid of any product build up on your scalp.

Plus, it’s only $11!

Best for Thin Hair

Mokita Repair Serum

This hair growth serum has a patented micro-encapsulation technology that not only supports healthy hair growth but is great for strengthening the hair and hair density.

I love how lightweight this serum felt on my scalp and I immediately noticed a difference in less breakage, especially on wet hair.

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Not only is this one of the best hair growth serums I’ve tried, it’s also very affordable for the quality you’re getting.

Best Clinically Proven

L’Oreal Serioxyl Denser Hair Scalp Solution

This is one of the best products for hair repair and growth.

It has a very complicated sounding patented technology but all I know is that whatever’s in it, it works!

After using this hair serum consistently for about 6 weeks my hair felt INCREDIBLE. It felt thicker and denser at the root, I had more volume in the back of my head, and my baby hairs were getting so long – you need this product if you want better hair!

Add this to your hair routine for healthy hair growth ASAP!

Best for Alopecia

GrandeHAIR Hair Enhancing Serum

If you’re looking for dermatologist recommended hair growth products, check out this hair enhancing serum that first became famous for their GrandeLash serum.

Packed full of vitamins, peptides, and amino acids, it’s best for damaged, thin hair that needs an extra boost to look fuller and thicker while simultaneously reducing hair loss.

Best for Thickness

Boldify 3x Biotin Hair Thickening Serum

If your main concern is to get thicker looking hair, then this is one of the best hair growth serums for you.

When I first tried this serum I was VERY skeptical, but honestly, it’s a game changer. Sometimes I just put it on in the mornings for extra volume and fullness and my hair looks so much fuller and thicker ALL DAY LONG.

Since I have thin hair, most thickening products only add a bit of volume to the root and the rest of my hair stays flat but with this serum my whole head of hair looks so naturally thick and dense – I’m obsessed!

Best Vegan

Vegamour Gro Hair Serum

I think this is the best vegan hair growth serum on the market right now and here’s exactly why:

  • it soothes the scalp and roots (which is great for sensitive, dry, and itchy scalps)
  • reduces hair shedding
  • and has amazing natural ingredients like mung bean, curcumin, and red clover

My only complaint with this serum is the price tag – this hair serum is more expensive than Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam even though that one worked much better on my hair and the hair regrowth was a lot more noticeable and rapid.

Best Pre-Wash

JVN Pre-Wash Scalp & Hair Treatment Oil

I love this regrowth treatment oil BUT it’s not for the reason you think!

More than seeing a noticeable difference in how much longer my hair got, this pre-wash treatment oil left my hair so silky smooth, shiny, and healthier looking, I literally looked like I had walked out of a hair ad!

This oil is a game changer for damaged and dry hair!

Best for Shedding and Hair Fall

Pureauty Naturals Biotin Hair Growth Serum

If you have dry, damaged hair and you want a hair product that will grow your hair FAST, then this serum is a great option for you.

It has biotin – which is great for hair growth – and you will see baby hairs growing within 2 weeks.

This serum uses simple, effective ingredients and it works wonders!

Best Oil Regrowth Treatment

Luseta Biotin & Collagen Hair Growth Oil

I’m South Asian, so I’ve grown up putting hair oils on my scalp, so I loved that this biotin and collagen hair growth serum was thicker and more of an oil treatment.

Even though it’s an oil it didn’t make my hair feel heavy and weighed down, and I used it both on my scalp before washing my hair and after washing it on the ends of my hair.

Give this a go if you’re new into the hair care world and want something simple and easy!

Best Lightweight

Shapiro MD Hair Loss Daily Foam

This daily hair loss foam is so good, I can’t believe more people don’t rave about it!

It has green tea and caffeine, and does wonders if your hair is thinning and you want greater hair density.

My favorite thing about this hair serum is that it’s so lightweight, once you blend it in, it honestly feels like there’s nothing in your hair at all.

This leave in daily foamer is a hair care must for thinning hair.

Best Strengthening

Nutrafol Growth Activator Hair Serum

This hair growth activator is pricey, but worth it!

If you have problems growing your hair long, having very brittle hair that breaks easily, and want something that will grow your hair longer while also making it look fuller and more dense, then this baby is a must try!

It also has some amazing plant based ingredients like Ashwagandha plant, pea sprouts, sea buckthorn, and moringa.

This is one of the best hair growth serums and I think you’ll love it just as much as I do!

Best for Curly Hair

Keranique Follicle Boosting Serum

I naturally have wavy/curly hair but I used to straighten my hair so much that even my natural hair texture became stringy and semi-wavy.

If you’re in the same boat and are looking for the best hair growth serums for curly hair, you might like this one because it has an amino complex that nourishes and cleanses the scalp and removes buildup to allow your natural hair texture to grow in stronger and healthier.

From natural hair growth serums to fuller hair products and regrowth treatments, these are the best hair growth serums for 2022 that I highly recommend if you want to grow your hair to be as full, long, and healthy as it can be.

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