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Here’s an Easy and Cheap DIY EyeLash Serum You Will Love

My eyelashes aren’t very long and thick, so I’ve seriously been considering buying those popular (and overpriced!) eyelash growth serums for longer, fuller lashes. I know these serums would work because of the reviews, but I just can’t get myself to splurge and spend the $100 on a little tube of serum. So here’s how …

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Here’s How to ACTUALLY Get Better Skin Fast (10 easy tips!)

My skin got really bad really fast last year, and I remember buying all these fancy skincare products that beauty influencers and gurus were promoting in YouTube videos and Instagram posts. Aaaand nothing happened, except my skin got even worse. I figured out what I needed for my skin to thrive so here’s what you …

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Drunk Elephant: Why You Need to Stop Buying and Alternatives

Drunk Elephant is quickly becoming one of the most sought after skin care brands out there. But there’s a lot of questions going around about the brand. Is Drunk Elephant cruelty free? Is Drunk Elephant worth the price? Is Drunk Elephant vegan? We’ll cover all these questions, AND MORE, in this article. Let’s get right …