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Bridesmaid Sarees: What and Where to Look for Great Sarees

Wedding season is crazy busy and wedding fashion is even crazier! If you’re a part of the wedding party, you’re probably looking for bridesmaid sarees that fit the wedding and look beautiful. But what should you look for in a bridesmaid saree? Where do you find cute sarees for weddings? Keep reading for all things …

Desi Fashion, Home

Sabyasachi Prices? What You Need to Know

Sabyasachi is one of the most coveted brands in Indian and Pakistani fashion. But there has been much mystery about the prices of Sabyasachi lehengas and sarees and suits. So, what are Sabyasachi prices in summer 2020? Here’s what you need to know! PS. if you’re into Eastern fashion, you’ll love these articles! Shyamal & …