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Zara Shahjahan Bridal 2020 Luxury Will Have You Drooling!

Honestly, no one does like it like Zara Shahjahan. Every season the brand comes out with a collection that is equally wearable as it is beautiful. Zara Shahjahan bridal never disappoints and this year is no different. 2020’s luxury bridals have just been released and let me tell you, you will love them! Here are …

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Bridesmaid Sarees: What and Where to Look for Great Sarees

Wedding season is crazy busy and wedding fashion is even crazier! If you’re a part of the wedding party, you’re probably looking for bridesmaid sarees that fit the wedding and look beautiful. But what should you look for in a bridesmaid saree? Where do you find cute sarees for weddings? Keep reading for all things …