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how to properly wash your hair
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You’ve Been Washing Your Hair All Wrong: How to Properly Wash Your Hair in 2022

Everyone always talks about the best hairstyles, the best hair products, the best hair care routines, but no one ever talks about the basics of hair care like how to properly wash your hair. How you wash your hair has such a big effect on how your hair looks, how well products work in your …

how to reduce heat damage on hair
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How to Prevent Heat Damage on Hair: 14 Best Proven Hair Tips You Need to Try

How do you fix heat damaged hair? Can heat damage be reversed? What products help heat damaged hair? These are just some of the most commonly asked questions on how to prevent heat damage on hair and if you want better hair ASAP, then you need keep reading for these proven best hair tips. I …

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Hair Dryer Brush: Everything You Need to Know for the Best Hair

Blow dryer brushes have taken OVER and this article will cover EVERYTHING you need to know about the hottest hair tool on the market. What is the best hair dryer brush? Are hot air brushes bad for your hair? We’ve got you covered! P.S. Shop my favorite products here! You’ll love these articles, too! The …