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hair tools for volume
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The Best Hair Tools for Volume in 2022 That No One Talks About for Big, Bouncy Hair!

I have pretty fine hair, a lot of it, but it’s still thin and tends to get flat and limp very easily. That’s why I’m always looking for ways to make my hair look and feel thicker, denser, and more voluminous. People always talk about finding the best volumizing products, but not a lot of …

viral hair products
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The Top 10 Viral Hair Products on TikTok That Are SO Worth the Hype

I love trying new hair products that make my hair look and feel amazing, and sometimes the easiest way to find them is by checking out what viral hair products are trending on social media’s hottest new app, TikTok. I’m always seeing new, hot, and trending products on hairtok, and I’ve weeded out which ones …

how to fix damaged bleached hair
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Here’s Exactly How to Fix Damaged Bleached Hair At Home in 2022 for Healthier Hair ASAP

The damage that bleach does to hair is intense and can be pretty scary. That’s why learning to take care of your hair after chemically treating is very important to getting it healthier, hydrated, and closer to how your hair was before bleaching. So if you want to know how to fix damaged bleached hair, …

how to stop hair breakage
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How to Stop Hair Breakage in 2022: Causes, Treatments, & Best Products

If you’re dealing with hair breakage and loss because of dry, brittle, over-processed, and heat damaged hair, then you need to keep reading because I’ll give the best proven tips on how to stop hair breakage that are easy to do at home and won’t break the bank. You need to try these hair treatments …

how to properly wash your hair
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You’ve Been Washing Your Hair All Wrong: How to Properly Wash Your Hair in 2022

Everyone always talks about the best hairstyles, the best hair products, the best hair care routines, but no one ever talks about the basics of hair care like how to properly wash your hair. How you wash your hair has such a big effect on how your hair looks, how well products work in your …

best conditioners for curly hair
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The 19 Absolute Best Conditioners for Curly Hair in 2022 for Anti-Frizz and Hydration

My natural hair is curly but after years of straightening and frying it with heat, it started to look wavy with patches of straight hair. That’s when I decided I wanted to embrace my natural hair texture and start using curly hair products that would define my waves, reduce frizz, and make curly hair hair …

how to get rid of frizzy hair
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How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair: My Holy Grail Anti-Frizz Tips & Products for 2022

Having struggled with frizzy, static, and humidity prone hair all my life, I’ve tried and tested dozens of frizz free hair hacks. From years of figuring out which products actually work, which DIY at home tips are worth the time, and which advice is complete garbage, I’ve created this in-depth guide on how to get …