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Easy Spanish Recipe: Patatas Bravas from Scratch

When I visited Madrid a few years ago, I fell in love with their tapas and one of my favorites was patatas bravas – a delicious potato and sauce dish. It’s hearty and filling and super yummy, so how do you make it? It’s actually really easy and this recipe will show you how. Let’s …

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Quick and Easy Ways to Elevate Instant Ramen

Instant ramen and cup noodles are the staples of any student diet. As a student myself, juggling school along with all our other responsibilities can be tough and let’s be honest, you’re SICK of the same old cup noodles. Here’s quick and easy ways to elevate instant ramen – the ultimate student hack! Enhancing your …

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Salad Recipes that are Easy and Delicious!

Everybody should know a couple of easy and fun salad ideas to spruce up any meal. Salads get a bad rep for being boring but they can be super fun and easy. Here’s a couple of yummy salad recipes you have to try! Chickpea Salad This is a favorite in my household, mainly because it’s …