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58 Swoon-Worthy Christmas Gifts for Boyfriend (that he’ll love!)

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Holiday season is among us and I don’t know about you, but gift-giving gets me so excited! Here are Christmas gifts for boyfriend you need to get for your significant other this Christmas season. So if you’re looking for unique, personal, and fun gifts for your boyfriend, I’ve got you covered!

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1. Lego Sets for Adults

Lego sets for adults are actually so fun and such a cute gift idea if your significant loves puzzles, games, and working with his hands.

If you’re in the market for Christmas gifts for boyfriend, you will love these if you’re bf is like a big kid lol!

Nowadays, there’s so many Lego sets to choose, from and I found some really cool ones to try this Christmas.

Where to Buy Lego Sets for Adults

2. Apron

Is your boyfriend into cooking and/or barbecuing? If so, a great Christmas gifts for boyfriend option is a good ole’ apron.

Where to Buy Aprons for Men

Whether you want something silly and fun or if you just want a solid, reliable apron that will make cooking a lot easier, these two aprons for men are amazing options:

3. A Staple Leather Jacket – $134.99

If you want to step up your boyfriend’s fashion game, investing in a great leather jacket is a must and would be such an awesome Christmas present.

This leather jacket is a classic and will never go out of style. What I really love about this jacket is that it’s quite simple so it won’t feel too busy and is great for every guy and every style.

It’s real lambskin leather with a polyester lining so it’s really cozy and warm.

This jacket is an amazing quality jacket at a third of the cost of most other jackets of this quality.

Your boyfriend will love this gift!

4. Multi Device Charging Station – $24.99

This charging station looks so sleek and chic and is great if your bf has lots of devices that always seem to be running low on battery.

Your boyfriend can place this charging station on his bedside table, on his desk, or literally anywhere because it’s so simple and sleek that it doesn’t look messy or ugly.

A great gift if your bf has lots of tech devices!

5. Electric Stretching Mat – $139.99

If your boyfriend suffers from pain in his back, back, shoulder, or literally anywhere else in the body, this electric stretching mat would make a great Christmas gift for him!

There’s four functions on this mat that move and contour against the body for maximum relief and it’s great if your boyfriend is super athletic and is sore after working out.

It’s basically like a much smarter, electric yoga mat and it’s just as portable and easy to compress which is great if you don’t have a lot of space in your place.

If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for boyfriend, you will love this electric stretching mat!

6. Pulp Fiction Retro Poster – $13.99

For some reason, it seems like every single guy on the planet LOVES Pulp Fiction. It’s amazing movie, but for some reason it’s every guy’s cult classic movie.

That’s why this Pulp Fiction retro poster would be such a great gift for your partner if he’s into classic movies, like Pulp Fiction.

This is a such a fun and silly and lighthearted gift, I bet your bf will love it!

7. Electric Shaker Protein Shake Bottle – $29.99

The worst part of a protein smoothie and shake is when you think you’ve shaken up the bottle enough and then get chunks of protein powder in your mouth.

If your boyfriend goes to the gym or drinks protein powder, this would be a great Christmas present for him.

This electric shaker bottle is like a bottle and a blender all in one and is so convenient and easy.

There’s a rechargeable motor that detaches from the bottle so you can charge it easily and clean without any mess.

For all those gym-going boyfriends, this is a great Christmas present AND a great investment.

8. Funky Boxers

This gift idea for your boyfriend is funny, quirky, and practical. Guys can never have too many boxers, and getting him funny boxers will be an inside joke only you two share.

Where to Buy Funky Boxers

Here are links to some of the funkiest boxers you should gift your boyfriend this holiday season:

If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for boyfriend, then you have to try funky boxers! They’re funny and personal and make for great stocking stuffers, too!

9. Motorcycle Helmets

My best friend’s boyfriend has a motorbike and for Christmas this year she’s getting him a new motorcycle helmet.

This would make an awesome and super thoughtful Christmas present if your partner rides a bike!

A lot of guys also collect motorcycle helmets, so even if your boyfriend doesn’t ride, he might love this gift.

Where to Buy Men’s Motorcycle Helmets

10. Elevated Alarm Clocks

A nice alarm clock makes your bedside table look beautiful and might even make waking up early more fun (probably not but here’s to hoping!).

Most guys bedside tables are so bland and boring and usually pretty gross lol, but these smart alarm clocks will make it look luxurious, organized, and clean.

Where to Buy Smart Alarm Clocks

These alarm clocks look great and are smart! One of them has a mirrored surface with a dimmer and USB ports while another has a bluetooth speaker and wireless charging while another has a marble pattern surface with voice control, a timer, and a thermometer.

Check them out!

11. Retro Vintage Coffee Makers

Coffee in the mornings is basically a must have for every functioning adult and a retro vintage coffee maker would be such a cute and useful Christmas present!

If your significant other loves their morning joe, this gift idea would be perfect for the holiday season this year.

Where to Buy Reto Vintage Coffee Makers

There’s quite a few old school, vintage coffee makers on the market but they’re all ridiculously overpriced. Here are affordable and adorable ones:

12. Shaving Kit

This is a gift that keeps on giving, lol! A shaving kit is a super practical gift to give your significant other that will make shaving and man-scaping so much more luxurious.

Where to Buy Men’s Shaving Kits

You can find all sets of kits: just creams, some with creams and tools, some with just tools. Here are links to some men’s shaving sets that will make awesome Christmas gifts for boyfriend!

This gift idea for your boyfriend is especially great if your man has only a razor and shaving cream and you want him to step his beard game up.

13. New Balance 515 V3 Sneaker – $57.04 – $171.35$

New Balance sneakers have been so, SO popular this year and would make the coolest, most stylish gift if your boyfriend is into fashion.

I feel like guys give New Balance sneakers a bad rep for not being as macho or masculine looking as Nike, for example, but these shoes are super versatile, stylish, and trendy so would make a great Xmas gift this year!

This link has them in every size, and if your boyfriend has wide feet, don’t worry because they have wide sizes for every size.

14. Leather Belt

Every man I know is always wearing the same old, worn out belt that they’ve been wearing for years and years and refuse to upgrade. This Christmas gifts for boyfriend idea is the ultimate solution to that.

A nice, good quality belt is an amazing gift that your boyfriend will wear every day and every time he puts it on, he’ll think of you.

Where to Buy Leather Belts

I love these leather belts for men!

15. Formal Loafers

Every guy needs a couple of formal loafers and these would be great Christmas gifts.

Where to Buy Men’s Loafers

Whether your man is into plain leather loafers or brown loafers or croc print loafers or even loafers with tassels, these options are great for him:

16. Beats by Dr. Dre Wireless Headphones – $171.00

With the rise of air pods and ear phones, bigger headphones aren’t as popular even though they SHOULD be.

Using headphones is a lot better for your ears because the noise is less concentrated and more diffused than air pods and ear phones so if your bf has hearing problems, then these are a great gift option.

Even if your boyfriend doesn’t have ear problems, if he uses headphones a lot, then these are a really wise investment.

If you’re on the hunt for Christmas gifts for boyfriend, this is a great choice!

17. Hanging Toiletry Bag

If your boyfriend or husband travels a lot, this gift is perfect! Men’s toiletry bags are so underrated, and most guys wouldn’t even think of getting one, even though it would make their lives so much easier.

If you’re wondering how they work, it’s basically a toiletry bag that you can hang on any hook, like in the closet or the door of a bathroom, and it drops down to reveal all your toiletries. They are really convenient and easy to use.

This is such a unique and practical gift idea for your boyfriend!

Where to Buy Men’s Hanging Toiletry Bags

18. Premium Knife Sharpening Set – $55.94

If your boyfriend is a into cooking, this would be such a great and unexpected gift for him!

This premium knife sharpening set has 2 stones, 4 grits with non-slip rubber bases and a bamboo stone holder for greater grip and less accidents.

Sharpening your knives is really important for cooking and safety, so this a great investment regardless but especially so if your bf loves to cook and spends a lot of time in the kitchen.

19. Portable, Smokeless Concrete Fireplace – $74.99

This is such a fun gift just because it’s so cool and unique. This portable, smokeless, odorless concrete fireplace is the perfect way to make any setting more romantic, intimate, and cozy.

Plus, since it’s smokeless, you can basically put it anywhere and there won’t be any mess or worry about anything catching on fire.

This is the perfect gift for your significant other if she goes on a lot of camping trips or if he’s just a softy and likes to make every moment with you romantic – nothing screams romance like a personal fireplace just for you two!

20. Smart Jump Rope – $19.99

Jump roping is one of the best cardio exercises that you can do, and this smart jump rope is perfect for it!

It syncs with your phone and gives you real time statistics and analysis reports on how many skips you’ve done, the calories you’ve burned, and much more. It also has an adjustable steel wire rope and a LCD display to to view your skipping data.

Your boyfriend will love this gift!

21. Watch Box

Now THIS is a boujee gift. If your boyfriend or husband has many watches or accessories like rings and necklaces, then this watch box gift idea is great for you.

This is a really formal, luxury gift and if you’re man has many watches, he will definitely appreciate it!

Where to Buy Watch Boxes

Check these watch boxes out!

22. Lacoste Beanie – $40.15

Beanies are such a cute and practical Christmas gifts for boyfriend!

Plus, guys love beanies so you know you can’t go wrong with this gift idea.

My favorite brand for beanies is Lacoste.

Lacoste has amazing quality beanies that are thick and will keep your bf super warm. They are a little pricey, so it’s a great Christmas idea to splurge on your partner with.

Check out this Lacoste beanie:

23. Creepshow Vintage Horror Movie Poster – $10.49

If your bf is a movie buff who loves horror movies, he will adore this vintage horror movie poster!

This poster is quite big (24×36) so it would look really awesome framed and hung in your home and would be such a great reminder of that awesome Xmas gift you got for your boyfriend lol!

24. Star Wars Revenge of the Sith Movie Poster – $9.00

If your boyfriend isn’t as into horror movies (like in the poster above), but he loves Star Wars (another movie series that boys seem to love lol!) then this vintage Star Wars movie poster is perfect!

This is a super rare and hard to find poster, so trust me, if your bf loves Star Wars, he’ll really appreciate this Christmas present.

25. Tennis Bag

If your boyfriend plays tennis, getting him a tennis bag would be perfect as a Christmas present this year!

Trust me when I say this, guys that play tennis are really into their tennis bags – it’s like buying a Birkin for them lol!

Where to Buy Tennis Bags

26. Luxury Perfumes

Who doesn’t want their significant other to smell yummy? Buying your partner a luxury perfume is an awesome Christmas gift idea for all boyfriends, but especially if they usually don’t spoil themselves with scents.

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If you’re boyfriend has mentioned a perfume smell he likes, then go for that, but otherwise go for perfumes with undertones you know he would like.

Where to Buy Luxury Perfumes for Men

If you have no idea what scent to get your boyfriend, then these perfumes are good options. These are some of the most popular (and yummy smelling) perfumes and colognes for men:

27. Brew Bottle – $34.00

Looking for Christmas gift for boyfriend? Look no further! This gift is a must!

This brew bottle can make a pourover, a cold brew, and tea! The bottle is double-walled insulated glass so it’s heatproof glass, AND it’s leakproof!

This is the ultimate Christmas gift. Plus, it looks so beautiful. Green tea has never looked so good lol!

Check it out here

28. Vintage Playboy Magazines

Getting your man a vintage Playboy magazine is cheeky, romantic, and fun!

Plus, these magazines are rare and collectible pieces now, so they’ll probably be worth a lot of money in a couple of decades.

He will LOVE these!

Where to Buy Vintage Playboy Magazines

29. Monthly Sock Subscription

A monthly sock subscription is fun, quirky, and super useful because it seems like every guy loses his socks!

Where to Get a Monthly Sock Subscription for Men

Here are a few super fun and quirky monthly sock subscriptions you should look at for a sweet and humorous Christmas gift for your boyfriend:

Check out these sock boxes and see which one your boyfriend would love best! They’re all super funny and quirky.

30. Designer Underwear

If your boyfriend isn’t really into fun and silly boxers, then spoiling him with a couple of more designer, luxury underwear is a great option.

Luxury Underwear for Men

Here a few really great underwear options from Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss – some of the most popular brands for designer men’s underwear.

31. Advance Tech Foot Massager Machine – $79.99

To be honest, I think everyone could use a foot massager but this would be the ultimate gift if your significant other works out a lot, is on his feet a lot, or has a pretty demanding job.

Your bf will love you for having this de-stresser machine waiting for him after a long day at work.

Plus, it has soothing heat, deep kneading therapy, air compression, and improves blood circulation!

32. Outdoor Sporting Backpack

Hiking, outdoor backpacks are great gifts because they’re so versatile and multipurpose.

Your bf could use this backpack for the gym, for hiking, for camping, for other outdoor sports like kayaking, swimming, and so much more. They would also make great travel gear!

Long story short, if you want to get your boyfriend a durable, reliable backpack then you need these!

Where to Buy Outdoor Sporting Backpacks

33. Portable Speakers

If you and your partner love music, then you need this! If you buy this for your boyfriend, then it’s a gift for you too!

Portable speakers are perfect for trips and romantic getaways and will make any moment more memorable.

Where to Buy Portable Speakers

These portable speakers will make the ultimate Christmas gift for your boyfriend:

34. Linen Outfit

Linen is such a great fabric for clothes and looks SO good on guys!

This fabric is perfect for the spring and summer and will be your boyfriend’s go-to outfit on your next sunny holiday.

If you want your bf to look more stylish and trendy, a linen outfit is exactly what you want to gift him this Christmas!

Where to Buy Linen Outfits for Men

35. Vinyl Record Player

If your significant other is into music records, and that old school vibe, he will love this gift idea! Vinyl record players make any moment more intimate and personal.

Where to Buy Vinyl Record Players

36. Weighted Blanket

This is the ULTIMATE Christmas gifts for boyfriend idea! Weighted blankets are practical and last a lifetime.

This is a super thoughtful gift, especially if your boyfriend or husband has a hard time falling asleep. Trust me, a weighted blanket is such a game-changer for your sleep routine. Prepare yourself for the deepest and most comfortable sleep of your life. With these blankets you fall asleep much quicker, too, if you have a hard time falling asleep.

Where to Buy Weighted Blankets

37. Robes

Most men don’t indulge in self-care and here’s how you can gift your boyfriend self-care: a lush robe! Robes are a great Christmas gifts for boyfriend idea.

They’re warm, cozy, and so indulgent. Plus, you can find awesome robes for great prices so you won’t break the bank with this Christmas gift.

Where to Buy Men’s Robes

38. Nike Hoodie

What guy do you know that isn’t obsessed with Nike hoodies and sweatshirts? Yup, I thought so.

Nike sportswear is a good gift idea because they’re practical, never go out of style, and will totally be appreciated by your boyfriend.

Where to Buy Nike Men’s Hoodies

39. ‘Manly’ Coffee Table Books

Not only are these great coffee table books to display in your living room, but if your boyfriend is into books, he’ll really appreciate these books!

Where to Buy Men’s Coffee Table Books

40. Overnight Bag

If you and your boyfriend go on a lot of trips or he travels a ton for work, then he will love getting a stylish duffel bag for overnight trips.

Where to Buy Overnight Bags for Men

These overnight bags are stylish, chic, and really spacious! Your boyfriend will love these:

41. Beard Oil

If you love your boyfriends beard or can’t get him to shave it off, beard oil is a great gift (more for you than him lol!).

This Christmas gifts for boyfriend idea is also really affordable and would make an awesome stocking stuffer, too!

Where to Buy Men’s Beard Oil

42. Home Projector

Make watching any movie romantic! Home projectors are a fun and unique gift idea for your boyfriend (and you!).

Watching movies and shows on a projector feels like you have a theatre in your home and it makes watching a boring movie a lot more exciting.

Where to Buy Home Projectors

43. Flask

I don’t know a single guy that hasn’t talked about much he wants a flask but never seemed to get around to getting one.

Here’s your opportunity to gift your bf the flask he’s always wanted!

The ultimate Christmas gifts for boyfriend this year.

Best Luxury Flasks

44. Temperature Control Coffee Mug – $34.99

This would be a great Christmas present for not only for your boyfriend but for you, too!

I don’t know about you, but there is something I really hate about cold or lukewarm drinks that are meant to be hot. And then you microwave it for it to be hot again but it’s just not the same.

This temperature control coffee mug fixes that problem! This mug uses a combination of ceramics, glass, and cast iron to make sure your drink stays hot to up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s super sleek and minimal, too.

Christmas gifts for boyfriend? Found the perfect one!

45. Protective, Military Grade Air Pod Case – $12.99

This is a great Christmas gift for your significant other because practical and will be super useful during his day-to-day life.

This military grade protective air pod case would also be a great stocking stuffer because of how small it is!

It’s fully wrapped and has anti-slip slips so it won’t fall out of your pocket or wherever your boyfriend puts it. It also has a LED light that shines when it’s charging.

This is a really great and sturdy air pod case that will protect your air pods and make it less likely for your bf to lose it.

46. Tool Set

The ultimate man’s man gift. A tool set is perfect for your boyfriend if he likes working with his hands (or if you have things around the house that need to be fixed!).

Where to Buy Tool Sets

47. Leather Gloves

The perfect accessory to keep warm and cozy during these colder months!

Leather gloves are an awesome Christmas gift if your boyfriend is into fashion and dressing well – these gloves are stylish and practical.

Where to Buy Leather Gloves for Men

48. Massage Gun

If your boyfriend is an athlete or big into fitness or if he started working out during quarantine, then this is a great gift for him! Massage guns really help with soreness and are LOVED by athletes.

This Christmas gift will make your boyfriends life so much more painless!

Where to Buy Massage Guns

49. Luxury Ashtrays

If your boyfriend smokes, these luxury ashtrays are a great way to make your table more luxurious while still being super practical.

Best Luxury Ashtrays

50. Cigar Humidor Box – $79.99

If your boyfriend smokes cigars, he will really, really love this Christmas present.

This is a humidor box that stores anywhere from 35 to 60 cigars, comes with a cigar humidifier, humidity storage pack, cigar cutter, and leather carrying case.

It also has a built-in digital hygrometer that measures internal humidity.

This is the perfect gift for cigar lovers!

51. Instant Film Camera

I love film cameras! You have one chance to capture a magical moment and that’s it! It’s spontaneous, fun, and so memorable and personal.

Gift your boyfriend an instant film camera to capture your most wonderful and personal moments. It’s unfiltered, raw, and makes moments even more special.

Where to Buy Instant Film Cameras

52. Sunglasses

Every guy I know has been using the same sunglasses for years, and this would be a great gift if you think your bf needs a new pair but know he wouldn’t get it for himself until he loses or breaks his current pair.

This is a great gift option for any guy!

Best Men’s Sunglasses

53. Men’s Skincare Sets

Most men usually don’t use skincare, and this Christmas gifts for boyfriend idea is a great way to get your bf into skincare.

Plus, skincare might be a great way for you to bond as couple and do fun spa days at home.

Where to Buy Men’s Skincare

54. Leather Phone Card Holder – $13.95

christmas gifts for boyfriend

This leather phone card that sticks onto the back of your phone (Iphone or Android) is really convenient and would be a really thoughtful stocking stuffer.

For guys, especially, this is a great gift because they usually just carry their wallet and phone and with this phone card you can carry both with one!

55. Leather Wallet

Even though the leather phone care above is super convenient and great if your bf only carries a couple of cards on him, it’s not very practical if your boyfriend carries cards, cash, and change.

So, a great Christmas gift for your boyfriend this year might be a nice leather wallet – it’s practical and thoughtful.

Best Leather Wallets for Men

Here are two incredible genuine leather wallets that are stylish and affordable!

56. Luxury Lighters

Fancy lighters are such a VIBE and will make a great Christmas gift for your boyfriend, especially if he smokes.

Where to Buy Luxury Lighters

57. Knife Sets

If your man likes to cook, this is a great gift idea. The knife you use completely changes the cooking process, and investing in a nice knife set isn’t a priority for a lot of people.

Gifting a knife set will help them in the kitchen and make cooking a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Where to Buy Knife Sets

58. Waterproof Duty Boots – $99.94

How hot and cool do these boots look?

I love how practical these boots are: they’re 100% leather with a rubber sole for better grip and they’re fully waterproof; while also being really stylish and rugged looking.

I bet your bf will love them!

I hope these 58 Christmas gifts for boyfriend ideas help make holiday shopping for your significant other easier and more fun this Winter!

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