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22 Swoon-Worthy Christmas Gifts for Boyfriend (that he’ll love!)

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Holiday season is among us and I don’t know about you, but gift-giving gets me so excited! Here are Christmas gifts for boyfriend you need to get for your significant other this Christmas season. So if you’re looking for unique, personal, and fun gifts for your boyfriend, I’ve got you covered!

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1. Funky Boxers

This gift idea for your boyfriend is funny, quirky, and practical. Guys can never have too many boxers, and getting him funny boxers will be an inside joke only you two share.

Where to Buy Funky Boxers

Here are links to some of the funkiest boxers you should gift your boyfriend this holiday season:

If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for boyfriend, then you have to try funky boxers! They’re funny and personal and make for great stocking stuffers, too!

2. Shaving Kit

This is a gift that keeps on giving, lol! A shaving kit is a super practical gift to give your significant other that will make shaving and man-scaping so much more luxurious.

Where to Buy Men’s Shaving Kits

You can find all sets of kits: just creams, some with creams and tools, some with just tools. Here are links to some men’s shaving sets that will make awesome Christmas gifts for boyfriend!

This gift idea for your boyfriend is especially great if your man has only a razor and shaving cream and you want him to step his beard game up.

3. Leather Belt

Every man I know is always wearing the same old, worn out belt that they’ve been wearing for years and years and refuse to upgrade. This Christmas gifts for boyfriend idea is the ultimate solution to that.

A nice, good quality belt is an amazing gift that your boyfriend will wear every day and every time he puts it on, he’ll think of you.

Where to Buy Leather Belts

I love these leather belts for men!

4. Hanging Toiletry Bag

If your boyfriend or husband travels a lot, this gift is perfect! Men’s toiletry bags are so underrated, and most guys wouldn’t even think of getting one, even though it would make their lives so much easier.

If you’re wondering how they work, it’s basically a toiletry bag that you can hang on any hook, like in the closet or the door of a bathroom, and it drops down to reveal all your toiletries. They are really convenient and easy to use.

This is such a unique and practical gift idea for your boyfriend!

Where to Buy Men’s Hanging Toiletry Bags

5. Watch Box

Now THIS is a boujee gift. If your boyfriend or husband has many watches or accessories like rings and necklaces, then this watch box gift idea is great for you.

This is a really formal, luxury gift and if you’re man has many watches, he will definitely appreciate it!

Where to Buy Watch Boxes

Check these watch boxes out!

6. Luxury Perfumes

Who doesn’t want their significant other to smell yummy? Buying your partner a luxury perfume is an awesome Christmas gift idea for all boyfriends, but especially if they usually don’t spoil themselves with scents.

If you’re boyfriend has mentioned a perfume smell he likes, then go for that, but otherwise go for perfumes with undertones you know he would like.

Where to Buy Luxury Perfumes for Men

If you have no idea what scent to get your boyfriend, then these perfumes are good options. These are some of the most popular (and yummy smelling) perfumes and colognes for men:

7. Brew Bottle

Looking for Christmas gift for boyfriend? Look no further! This gift is a must!

This brew bottle can make a pourover, a cold brew, and tea! The bottle is double-walled insulated glass with a flip-top, AND it’s leakproof!

This is the ultimate Christmas gift. Plus, it looks so beautiful. Green tea has never looked so good lol!

Check it out here for $39.99

8. Monthly Sock Subscription

A monthly sock subscription is fun, quirky, and super useful because it seems like every guy loses his socks!

Where to Get a Monthly Sock Subscription for Men

Here are a few super fun and quirky monthly sock subscriptions you should look at for a sweet and humorous Christmas gift for your boyfriend:

Check out these sock boxes and see which one your boyfriend would love best! They’re all super funny and quirky.

9. Portable Speakers

If you and your partner love music, then you need this! If you buy this for your boyfriend, then it’s a gift for you too!

Portable speakers are perfect for trips and romantic getaways and will make any moment more memorable.

Where to Buy Portable Speakers

These portable speakers will make the ultimate Christmas gift for your boyfriend:

10. Vinyl Record Player

If your significant other is into music records, and that old school vibe, he will love this gift idea! Vinyl record players make any moment more intimate and personal.

Where to Buy Vinyl Record Players

11. Weighted Blanket

This is the ULTIMATE Christmas gifts for boyfriend idea! Weighted blankets are practical and last a lifetime.

This is a super thoughtful gift, especially if your boyfriend or husband has a hard time falling asleep. Trust me, a weighted blanket is such a game-changer for your sleep routine. Prepare yourself for the deepest and most comfortable sleep of your life. With these blankets you fall asleep much quicker, too, if you have a hard time falling asleep.

Where to Buy Weighted Blankets

12. Robes

Most men don’t indulge in self-care and here’s how you can gift your boyfriend self-care: a lush robe! Robes are a great Christmas gifts for boyfriend idea.

They’re warm, cozy, and so indulgent. Plus, you can find awesome robes for great prices so you won’t break the bank with this Christmas gift.

Where to Buy Men’s Robes

13. Nike Hoodie

What guy do you know that isn’t obsessed with Nike hoodies and sweatshirts? Yup, I thought so.

Nike sportswear is a good gift idea because they’re practical, never go out of style, and will totally be appreciated by your boyfriend.

Where to Buy Nike Men’s Hoodies

14. Beard Oil

If you love your boyfriends beard or can’t get him to shave it off, beard oil is a great gift (more for you than him lol!).

This Christmas gifts for boyfriend idea is also really affordable and would make an awesome stocking stuffer, too!

Where to Buy Men’s Beard Oil

15. Home Projector

Make watching any movie romantic! Home projectors are a fun and unique gift idea for your boyfriend (and you!).

Watching movies and shows on a projector feels like you have a theatre in your home and it makes watching a boring movie a lot more exciting.

Where to Buy Home Projectors

16. Tool Set

The ultimate man’s man gift. A tool set is perfect for your boyfriend if he likes working with his hands (or if you have things around the house that need to be fixed!).

Where to Buy Tool Sets

17. Massage Gun

If your boyfriend is an athlete or big into fitness or if he started working out during quarantine, then this is a great gift for him! Massage guns really help with soreness and are LOVED by athletes.

This Christmas gift will make your boyfriends life so much more painless!

Where to Buy Massage Guns

18. Instant Film Camera

I love film cameras! You have one chance to capture a magical moment and that’s it! It’s spontaneous, fun, and so memorable and personal.

Gift your boyfriend an instant film camera to capture your most wonderful and personal moments. It’s unfiltered, raw, and makes moments even more special.

Where to Buy Instant Film Cameras

19. Men’s Skincare Sets

Most men usually don’t use skincare, and this Christmas gifts for boyfriend idea is a great way to get your bf into skincare.

Plus, skincare might be a great way for you to bond as couple and do fun spa days at home.

Where to Buy Men’s Skincare

20. Star Wars Night Light – $27.99

Every guy I know is a total geek when it comes to Star Wars and if your boyfriend loves the Star Wars franchise, he will LOVE this night light.

This night light is a 3D illusion light with time functions with 7 different light settings. This gift is so fun and I bet your boyfriend will love it!

21. Luxury Lighters

Fancy lighters are such a VIBE and will make a great Christmas gift for your boyfriend, especially if he smokes.

Where to Buy Luxury Lighters

22. Knife Sets

If your man likes to cook, this is a great gift idea. The knife you use completely changes the cooking process, and investing in a nice knife set isn’t a priority for a lot of people.

Gifting a knife set will help them in the kitchen and make cooking a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Where to Buy Knife Sets

I hope these 22 Christmas gifts for boyfriend ideas help make holiday shopping for your significant other easier and more fun this Winter!

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