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Summer Swimsuits for 2022: Unique & Tropical (for any budget!)

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It’s almost summer time and you know what that means… SUMMER SWIMSUITS! Here are a mix of high and low summer swimsuits that will fit any budget and always look banging! Summer swimsuits can make or break your summer so you wanna make sure you get ones you really love. Let’s get straight into it so you can start your summer clothing prep.

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Summer Swimsuits for 2021

Designer Summer Swimsuits

1. The Attico Printed Triangle Bikini – $281.00

The Attico is one of the hottest brands of the last few years and this tropical, sexy, triangle bikini proves it! I don’t think I have ever not LOVED any of The Attico’s things, and that goes for this bikini too.

It’s a string tie bikini with a tropical print on it and it just reminds me of a sexy jungle. The price includes both the top and bottoms and this piece is the ultimate tropical beach getaway outfit.

OBSESSED is an understatement!

2. Burberry Check Print Triangle Bikini Set – $360.00

Burberry bikinis make you look so cultured and rich and FABULOUS! You can get the classic print one where the entire bikini is the Burberry print, but I think that’s a bit tacky and too in your face. This Burberry bikini is lowkey and still very luxurious.

The sides have gold capped strings so you can fit them to your hips properly and the back has self-tie closures which make them super easy to slip on and off.

This bikini is such a classic and the bright white with the classic Burberry print is perfect for summer, will make your tan POP, and will never go out of style.

3. Missoni Printed Bikini Set – $430.00

Missoni is the ULTIMATE summer brand! They’re fun, bright, and so colorful. This bikini screams tropical summer so if you’re on the hunt for the perfect summer swimsuits, this one better be on your list.

It’s ties on the sides of your hip and is twisted in the middle of the bikini top – which is really flattering for every bust shape and size.

These colors make me so happy, I bet you’ll always be smiling in this bikini!

4. Zimmermann Cut Out One Piece Swimsuit – $375.00

Zimmermann pieces are so timeless because of their classic prints, like on this cut out one piece swimsuit.

The frills are super flattering because it’ll hide your stomach, which is really great if you’re not comfortable showing your belly, and the frills on the bust will make you look fuller and curvier.

You can tell this swimsuit was made with the female body in mind because this swimsuit is so flattering on and will accentuate all your curves while also minimizing trouble areas, like the stomach.

5. Versace Medusa One Piece – $650.00

The Medusa print is iconic to Versace and this Medusa one piece swimsuit is such a great investment Summer piece. This print is a staple in the Versace brand so it won’t ever go out of style and the bright, fun colors, on the white background is the perfect color palette for the Summer.

This swimsuit is very expensive, I know, but honestly, it would last you for YEARS and won’t ever go out of style – this is one of those prints that will last a lifetime because the Medusa print is legendary to the Versace brand.

Look how stunning this swimsuit looks!

6. ETRO Paisley Printed One Piece – $570.00

How feminine and dainty is this ETRO paisley printed one piece swimsuit! The deep V is very 50’s and the paisley print is so on trend.

Halter necks have been all the rage in 2020 and will continue in full swing for the summer of 2021, so definitely get a bunch of halter neck tops and swimsuits for the season. In fact, in this post on the best summer tops for 2021, so many of them are halter necks because all the trendy brands are coming out with halter neck pieces.

This one piece is such a great balance between sexy and covered up, and would make a great summer swimsuits essential for 2021.

7. Bond Eye Seersucker One Piece – $220.00

Seersucker is one of the most flattering fabrics on any body. Seersucker just sucks everything is and makes everything look so much smoother and tucked in lol! It’s kind of like you’re running a smoothing filter in real life.

This two tone transition swimsuit is really cool and the summer colors are so bright and fun – perfect for summer.

If you want something simpler but still super flattering, this summer swimsuit is the one for you.

8. Zimmermann Wrap One Piece – $350.00

Ahhh I’m so in love with this Zimmermann print, major Bridgerton vibes in this number.

I love the variety of colors, they’re bright enough to be perfect for summer but also muted enough to be really feminine and delicate.

The wrap style side closure is really flattering and helps add more shape to the body. Just love, love, LOVE this one piece swimsuit – so beautiful and a summer classic.

9. ETRO Floral Print One Piece – $490.00

This one piece reminds me of a raspberry sorbet with lemon and I am SO here for it! Love the floral print – very Vera Bradley but make it 2021 and hot lol – and the bright yellow lining on the hem is such a fun pop of color. This swimsuit is the epitome of summer!

I can totally picture Instagram’s hottest fashion influencers in this floral number, frolicking on the beach lol!

10. Zimmermann Poppy Crochet One Piece – $310.00

Love this floral crocheted one piece by Zimmermann. The colors are so beautiful and very berry toned which would be great on a summer tan.

I think this style with the deep V on a one-piece are the ultimate sexy but muted vibe that is so, so feminine and delicate but also very powerful.

Plus, you can never go wrong with Zimmermann.

11. Ganni Flower Print One Piece – $152.00 (on sale!)

This one piece swimsuit by Ganni reminds me of a Realisation Par dress but in a swimsuit lol!

The pops of yellow floral print are very summery and great for a tropical getaway, and the black background is a classic that won’t ever go out of style. Plus, black looks so hot with a tan so this swimsuit will be extra flattering during the summer time.

The ties at the shoulder are so dainty and fun, so adorable!

12. Burberry Check Print Bikini – $380.00

Truly a classic. The classic Burberry check print is ICONIC so if you want an easily recognizable bikini that is guaranteed to turn heads, then you need this check printed Burberry bikini.

The string ties are gold capped which is luxe and super sexy, and the halter neck style bikini top is not only a classic but extra popular this season since halters are really trendy again.

You can’t ever go wrong with a classic Burberry check bikini.

13. Burberry Check Print One Piece – $460.00

If you are more into one pieces or would just feel more comfortable in them, here’s the Burberry check printed swimsuit but instead of a bikini like above, it’s an adorable one piece.

This swimsuit looks so luxurious and classic and really, really elegant.

I also really like that this style would never go out of style because it’s the classic Burberry print. You could wear this year or 10 years from now and it would be just as fashionable and trendy.

14. Zimmermann Printed Bikini – $147.00 (on sale!)

This Zimmermann printed bikini is currently on sale for less than $150 – which is a steal for Zimmermann! I love the floral print and all the colors – it’s so fun and bright.

If you want to get a designer swimsuit for the summer without breaking the bank, then you need this one piece number!

15. Zimmermann Fiesta Printed Bikini – $129.00 (on sale!)

How fun is this Zimmermann fiesta printed bikini! AND it’s on sale for $129 – the ultimate summer bikini.

The paisley print is really bright and would look so stunning contrasting against your summer tan. I love the ties on the side because not only are they practical and functional, but they’re really sexy and fun.

16. Versace One Piece – $495.00

If there ever was a swimsuit that screamed SUMMER, it would be this Versace one with star fishes all over it and lots of funky colors.

Versace has done a revamp of their brand recently and I’m pretty sure Dua Lipa has worn this, or something super similar to this, and it reminded me so much of summer and the beach.

Love, love, LOVE this Versace one piece.

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17. Zimmermann Floral Print Bikini – $147.00 (on sale!)

Major Barbie on the Beach vibes with this bikini set from Zimmermann. The material is absolutely stunning so it’ll look just as silky in person and looks absolutely insane under the sun.

AND it’s currently on sale for $147, so if you like this set, get your hands on it quick because Zimmermann pieces don’t usually go on sale for such low prices.

18. Jacquemus One Piece Swimsuit – $245.00

Jacquemus has proven to be one of the hottest new brands and it’s the epitome of a summer brand. From their runway shows in open wheat fields to their colorful, lounging in Italy vibe clothes, Jacquemus reminds me so much of Summer so if you want a fun designer swimsuit for the summer time, then you NEED this swimsuit.

The string tie detailing is really fun and sexy and the hot pink color is really bright – perfect Summer color – and super girly.

This simple summer swimsuit is exactly what you need this summer!

19. Oseree Swimwear Bandana Two Piece Bikini Set – $270.00

This bikini might be the coolest one I have seen this season.

This bandana tie two piece bikini is so sexy and fun but still super cool and lowkey. I can literally picture all my favorite Instagram influencers and fashion bloggers rocking this bikini while they’re on holiday in St. Barts lol!

I am so happy I found this bikini because I am going to be ordering this for my summer in Spain this season.

To say I’m OBSESSED with this bikini is an understatement.

They also have it in this epic purple color that is super fun and summery, too. Check that one out here!

20. Reina Cheetah Print Bikini Set – $206.00

Cheetah print is the sexy summer swimsuit we all know and love. This Reina two piece cheetah print bikini is so sexy and fun, and I love how the print changes in gradient of the color because that creates shadows and slims you down a lot – especially in the summer when you have a tan!

This cheetah print bikini is a staple in every girl’s summer closet so if you don’t have yours yet, here’s an awesome option!

21. Versace Jungle Print One Piece – $275.00

I don’t think anything says TROPICAL like this Versace jungle print one piece bathing suit. If this print looks familiar it’s probably because you remember it as the iconic print of the dress that Jennifer Lopez wore in the early 2000s.

This bathing suit is lowkey because of the traditional one piece style but such a showstopper with the print.

And it’s currently on sale for $275 which is such a bargain for Versace, especially for this print which is so recognizable and iconic.

22. Oseree Swimwear Disco Bikini – $245.00

This bikini is like a disco ball in a swimsuit and it’s perfect for summer!

If you’re looking for summer swimsuits, you will love this microkini! The string ties are sexy and practial and the disco sequined material is so unique and different, you’ll definitely stand out in this number.

Can you imagine how STUNNING this bikini would look under the sparkling sun? Love this bikini – so unique and perfect for this season to make you forget all about 2020 lol!

23. Reina Olga Miami Printed Bikini – $200.00

This rainbow colored bikini with string ties that wrap around the waist is sexy, flirty, feminine, and looks a lot like a hot popsicle lol.

The colors are perfect for summer and the wrap around ties are really flattering on your waist because it will make your waist look teeny tiny and super snatched.

Summer swimsuits wouldn’t be complete without this baby on the list!

24. Zimmermann Plunging Buckle One Piece – $350.00

Tropical and summery, this swimsuit from Zimmermann has my heart. If you want something that will pop and make a statement, this one piece swimsuit with buckle detailing on the waist and a plunging neckline is the one for you.

The colors are so bright they almost look animated and the fit is incredible, especially with the belt to suck everything in and look super snatched.

25. Oseree Swimwear Blossom Two Piece Bikini – $260.00

The material of this bikini is amazing because it looks very reflective and shiny and FABULOUS! I am obsessed with Oseree swimwear because their bikinis are so sexy but cool and understated and they have the ultimate ‘cool girl’ bikinis for the summer time.

If you’re looking for summer swimsuits, definitely check out Oseree because they have some incredible bathing suits.

Affordable Summer Swimsuits

The summer swimsuits I mentioned above are incredible and so beautiful, but they are on the pricier side. So if you want affordable summer swimsuit options that won’t break the bank, then I have got you covered because here are some affordable swimsuits that won’t break the bank but are super cute and perfect for this summer.

1. Patterned Bandeau Bikini – $12.00

This fluid, trippy pattern has been really popular this year so this bikini is perfect for the summer. If you’re looking for super cheap bikinis and swimsuits, I would recommend Shein because they are SO cheap and also super trendy and the quality is pretty good considering how cheap they are.

2. Paisley Print Thong Bikini – $12.00

Major Etro vibes in this pasiley printed thong bikini! Love the colors and how bright and pastel they – perfect for spring and summer!

The chest detailing on the bikini top is really flattering for all sizes and would make your chest look BOMB, regardless of how big or small your bust size may be.

This bikini is super inexpensive but looks so expensive and luxe!

3. Colorful Polka Dot Bikini with Kimono – $16.00

This swimsuit set looks so expensive and luxurious, I can’t believe it’s less than $20! The matching kimono is such a vibe and would look incredible during the summer winds.

If you’re looking for affordable summer swimsuits, this one is a definite MUST.

4. Ditsy Floral Tie Side Bikini – $12.00

How adorable is this bikini! Another awesome Shein find that is perfect if you’re looking for tropical and summery swimsuits that will definitely make summer 2021 memorable.

5. Blue Bikini Set – $15.00

This bikini set has wrap around strings so you can adjust how loose or tight you want it and it comes with a matching beach skirt that completes the look and makes it look a lot more expensive than just $15!

Shein has a lot of these matching sets for bikinis and one pieces so if you want your look to look a lot more expensive than it is, look for sets on Shein!

6. Tropical and Leopard High Cut Bikini – $10.00

I can’t believe that this bikini is only $10! This high cut bikini bottom style is really flattering on all butt sizes and shapes lol and will make you look supe toned, even if you haven’t hit the gym in a year like me haha.

This tropical and leopard print is really summery and would look awesome on a beach getaway and the green base color would really pop against a tan.

7. Paisley Bikini Set with Matching Cover Up – $15.00

My favorite part about this matching bikini set is the cover up on top because it’s so cute and dianty and completely ties the whole look together. Except the cover up isn’t a skirt or kimono like earlier but rather another top that you can wear on top of your bikini. Honestly, you could even wear this top as a blouse with some jeans, it’s that cute!

8. Abstract Fluid Halter Bikini – $10.00

Mint chocolate chip swirl! That’s what this bikini reminds me of and I love it! I saw this bikini on Tiktok and the quality was so much better than I thought – I was honestly kind of shocked. If you want a funky and cool summer bikini, this is an awesome choice!

9. Colorblock Bikini Set – $14.00

This matching bikini and sarong remind me of the The Attico swimsuit I mentioned for the designer bikinis to check out! Not gonna lie, that one looks a lot more expensive (and IS a lot more expensive) but this is a great dupe for a fraction of the price. I love the strings around the waist because it makes the waist look smaller and adds an extra pop that is super fun.

I have been saying this for all the bikinis and sets, but I honestly can’t believe that this matching bikini set is only $14! It looks so much more expensive and would be perfect for this summer!

10. Blue Graphic Bikini Set – $16.00

The skirt on this bikini set is so nice and the quality soo much better than I was expecting. The string tie detailing is really sexy and fun and if you have a holiday planned for the summer, I would highly recommend this bikini set.

Fun, colorful, affordable, what more could you ask for in a bikini set lol.

11. Colorblock Bikini – $12.00

Honestly, if no one told me otherwise, I would have assumed this was a designer swimsuit.

The color palette is so beautiful – the colors are bright and beautiful but still muted and soft which makes the bikini set look a lot more expensive and elegant. Since the bottoms are already high waisted, the string ties on the side emphasize the hips and will make you look super curvy and thick, even if you have no curves.

I love this set and I think you will too!

I hope this list of the summer swimsuits I have on my radar give you some summer swimsuit inspiration of your own! Check out these posts on how I grew my hair 5 inches in just 2 months and How to get Bella Hadid’s style on a budget!

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