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Summer Style Trends You Need to Try

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Summer is upon us and I’m sure your instagram feed is filled with influencers in what seems to be cut-and-copy outfits. This summer there’s certain trends that you’ll see everywhere and they’re popularity is only increasing. So hop on and find out the summer style trends you have to try!

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Summer Style Trends to Watch


Scarves – more specifically silk scarves – are EVERYWHERE this summer! There’s two main ways you’ll see the trendiest girls on insta wearing this trend: as tops or as hair bands.

Scarves as tops have been so popular this summer, and this popularity won’t be dying down anytime soon.

It’s easy and cute and looks sexy with an exposed back while still being cute and youthful. They also look super effortless – like you just rolled out of bed and couldn’t be bothered to put on an actual shirt so you just grabbed the nearest scarf.

Here’s a super cute way to style scarves as tops:

Scarves as headbands are also all the rage this summer and it’s great for the days your hair is super greasy and you don’t want people seeing your roots.

Pro tip: if you wear a scarf as a headband, try and find a super colorful or statement one and make that the focal point of your outfit. It’s chic and looks super effortless!

Where to Buy Scarves

Tennis Skirts

Tennis skirts are so popular this summer, it’s actually a bit crazy. Walk down any street, scroll down your explore feed, go onto any online store and I bet you’ll see at least two tennis skirts.

This trend is fun and youthful and nothing says summer like a crisp, white tennis skirt. Here’s the one from oliviapezzente’s instagram that first made tennis skirts go viral:

nike tennis skirt. summer style trends

Plus, tennis skirts are super versatile: wear them with a crop top. Or with a loose button down. Or with a polo. Or with a bikini top at the beach. The options are endless!

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Oh and btw, the tennis skirt in the above picture is sold out EVERYWHERE, but look at other sporting brands like Puma and Slazenger for skirts that look nearly identical for much cheaper!

Where to Buy Tennis Skirts

Here are some adorable tennis skirts you should check out:

Printed Midi Skirts

Midi skirts were really popular last summer. This year they’re popular again but with a twist. Right now, printed midi skirts are all the rage – giving a retro, vintage vibe to any outfit.

One of my favorite brands, Musier Paris, has the most beautiful midi skirt with string detailing that highlights the waist.

Mark my words: the Dakota skirt will soon be a staple in every fashionista’s wardrobe!

printed midi skirt. summer style trends
The Dakota Skirt (110 Euros)

Where to Buy Printed Midi Skirts

Cropped Cardigans

Serving major Clueless vibes, cropped cardigans and knitwear is really trendy this summer. It’s easy and fun and easily accessible, making it especially popular among teens and the younger generation.

This trend is also great if you want to wear a crop top but make it more interesting. Cropped cardi’s are a great way to step into fashion and trendy pieces without going too out of your comfort zone.

Plus, you can find them at basically any high street store now, so grab yours in every color!

Where to Buy Cropped Cardigans

If you want to stay on top of all the trends, follow this quick guide. Happy shopping, girls!

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