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Stunning Fall Home Decor Ideas: Super Festive & Unique

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Fall and Autumn is a time to transition from warm Summers to the colder, cozier upcoming months. Fall decor is super fun, festive, and creative. Here are some stunning Fall home decor ideas to try this season!

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Fall Decor Ideas You Must Try


Blankets are one the ultimate Fall home decor ideas because they’re cozy, cuddly, and perfect for cuddling on the couch with the fire on. For the Fall and Autumn, the color of the blanket matters less than the texture.

If you want the perfect Fall blanket, look for something big, chunky, and voluminous.

fall decor ideas - faux fur throw
Faux Fur Throw (579 Euros)

This faux fur throw is pricey at over 500 Euros but it’s an investment piece that will last a long time and looks expensive and cozy.

If you want cheaper blanket and throw options, check out Zara Home. Their pieces are trendy, cute, and much cheaper than other brands offering the same products. You do have to be quick with Zara Home, though, because their pieces run out fast!

fall decor ideas - blankets and throws
Zara Blanket ($69.90)

I’m linking some of my favorite blankets from Zara this season, from thin throws to fleece blankets to faux fur blankets!

  • Solid Fleece Blanket – $69.90
  • Extra Soft Blanket with Fringe – $49.90
  • Teased Wool Blanket – $149
  • Faux Fur Blanket – $149
  • Blanket with Tassels – $89.90
  • Herringbone Knit Blanket – $49.90
fall decor ideas - zara home wool blankets
Zara Teased Wool Blanket ($149)

These Zara blankets are really cozy and warm while also being cute and trendy. Some of their blankets may seem like a steep investment, but you can reuse them in other seasons.

Urban Outfitters Home also has beautiful blankets and throws, with super unique prints and patterns. Urban Outfitters blankets are perfect for students and a younger audience, while Zara is perfect for older audiences.

Here are some affordable and cute Urban Outfitters blankets:

  • Weighted Throw Blanket – $74 (on sale)
  • Calhoun and Co. Dream Garden Throw Blanket – $108
  • Valley Cruise Press Blossom Woven Throw Blanket – $125

I know you’ll LOVE this Dream Garden blanket by Calhoun and Co.! It’s unique, colorful, and so, so stunning. This floral print is perfect for Fall and Autumn because the floral colors are more muted and warm.

If you want a unique and different blanket, you NEED this one!

This blanket gives off the same vibes as the Dream Garden blanket, but with more prominent floral patterns. Because these colors are darker and more muted, they are perfect for Fall – the perfect transition print from Summer to Fall.

Throws and blankets are the perfect Fall decor accessory. They’re cozy, warm, and make your home ready for the Fall season. Just throw the blankets onto the couch, your bed, or even benches, and it will automatically feel more Autumnal.

Blankets are one of the best Fall home decor ideas you can try! They’re easy, warm, and an investment piece.

Tartan Prints

fall decor ideas - tartan wallpaper
Tartan Fall Decor Ideas (David Tsay)

This print is PERFECT for the Fall and Autumn time. It transitions beautifully into Winter as well, so you can use your tartan Fall homec decor for the Winter time, too.

Tartan prints make spaces feel really cozy and warm and you can incorporate them into any space really easily.

Some easy ways to use tartan in your home is:

  • Pillows
  • Blankets
  • Wallpaper
  • Sheets (for tables, beds)
  • Wreaths
fall decor ideas
Tartan Bench Pillows (Eric Piasecki/Otto)

These tartan bench pillows automatically make the space feel more Autumnal. Another more subtle, edgy way to use tartan for your Fall decor is with tartan prints in Fall colors like browns, deep reds, oranges, and other rustic colors.

Some traditional tartan pillow covers are linked here:

  • White Wool Plaid Pattern Pillow Covers – $17.89
  • Plaid Square Pillow Covers – $15.99
  • Scottish Tartan Plaid Pillow Covers – $13.99

More unique tartan pillow cover options:

  • Orange Plaid Pillow Covers – $15.99
  • Duck Egg Blue Plaid Pillow Covers – $35.87
  • Retro Blue Tartan Pillow Covers – $16.99
  • Multicolored Tartan Pillow Covers – $7.99
  • Plaid Pillow Covers (in many colors) – $9.99 (on sale from West Elm)
  • Green Plaid Pillow Covers – $30
  • Harvest Orange Plaid Pillow Covers – $43.95
fall decor ideas
Tartan Blankets (William Waldron)

I already covered blankets for Fall decor, but plaid blankets kills two birds with one stone.

The Tartan Blanket Co. has amazing tartan blankets in so many colors – you’ll definitely find some you love.

fall decor ideas
Tartan Table Decor (Brian Woodcock)

Finding tartan accessories is pretty easy because of how universally loved it is for the Fall and Winter time. You can find practically everything tartan on Amazon!


fall decor ideas
Fall Wreath (Country Living Staff)

Wreaths are great for the Fall time! They’re welcoming and warm and a staple for Autumn.

You can also DIY Fall wreaths, here’s a video on how to!

Wreaths can get pretty pricey, especially if you’re using fresh flowers. BUT, a great loophole is using fake flowers – they look great and last much longer.

If you want beautiful, sturdy Autumn wreaths, you should definitely check out Kirklands. They have a large variety of Fall wreaths, like this Wildflower Mix Wreath ($24.99) and Natural Velvet Mix Wreath ($44.99)

Wreaths are stunning and make such a statement when you’re entering a home, especially if it’s on the front door and the first thing you see is the wreath on the door. BUT, wreaths are pretty seasonal and don’t get much use other than just hanging on doors, so I would not recommend spending a lot of money on them.

That is exactly why I would suggest buying wreaths with fake flowers (because they’re MUCH cheaper than real flower wreaths), or if you are buying real flower wreaths, buy simple, affordable ones.

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We’ve covered blankets, tartan decor, and wreaths thus far, and of those three categories, only blankets and tartan decor is worth investing in. You will use them over and over and you can use them year-round. They generally last much longer than wreaths and they’re more practical, too.

Wreaths are only decorative and once the Fall season is over you’ll swap them for your Winter wreath, so if you’re on a budget, be mindful of this!

Here are some Fall wreath ideas for inspiration this season!


Nothing screams Fall like candles! Let’s be honest, we all anxiously wait for it get cooler so we can run to Bath and Body Works and stock up on our Autumn candles.

Candles are a great for your Fall decor, because they’re fun, romantic, and super cozy.

Here are some really great Fall scented candles that need to be a part of your Fall home decor ideas ASAP:

  • Anthropologie Capri Blue Fir & Firewood Candle – $32
  • Urban Outfitters P.F. Candle Co. Amber + Moss (comes in many scents; this scent has notes of musk, amber, lavender, sage, and orange; last a very long time) – $28
  • Urban Outfitters Parker Collection Candle in Salted Sage – $16 (notes of sparkling lemon, Himalayan salt, sage leaves, driftwood, and coconut husk; beautiful packaging; beautiful scent but not very strong)
  • Basic Bitch Acceptance Pumpkin Spice Everything Candle – $25
  • Bath and Body Works Flannel Candle – $16.50 (on sale; notes of fresh Bergamot, heirloom mahogany, soft musk with essential oils (essential oils can be irritating so be careful!!))
  • Bath and Body Works Caramel Pumpkin Swirl Candle – $14.50 (on sale; notes of luscious caramel, ground cinnamon, rich brown sugar, and creamy vanilla with essential oils (again, essential oils can be irritating if you have sensitive skin, so be careful!!))
fall decor ideas
Parker Collection Salted Sage Candle

Urban Outfitters has AMAZING candles that look really beautiful, too, so you can reuse the jars later as vases or other accessories. Not only does Urban Outfitters have great candles, but also great candle accessories.

Fall scents you should definitely try are pumpkin scents, spices, woods, and muskier scents.

Festive Centerpieces

fall decor ideas
Kirklands Centerpiece

Centerpieces are great for Holiday dinners! For Fall, you can have centerpieces for Halloween and Thanksgiving to make any event more festive.

Fall centerpieces are also really great as a Fall decor idea that will liven up any dining table.

Centerpieces can also be really personalized, which makes them more intimate and cozy. Some great elements to include in your Fall/Autumn centerpieces are:

  • Leaves
  • Painted pumpkins
  • Pine cones
  • Darker colored flowers
  • Different textures like satin and velvet
  • Small candles
  • Fall/seasonal fruits

Here’s a few centerpieces to get inspiration from!

Halloween Decor

Halloween is the most fun holiday of not only Fall, but probably the entire year.

And Halloween decor as a part of your Fall decorations is festive, fun, and pretty easy!

There’s Halloween decorations available everywhere, for all price ranges, and they allow you to get really creative, too! There’s a lot of variety and range for Halloween decorations, so it’s easy to hop on this Fall decor idea.

The best places in your home to use Halloween decor are:

  • Fireplace mantle
  • Living rooms

Fireplace Mantle – Halloween Decor

Fireplace mantles are great for Halloween decor, because there’s plenty of space on the mantles to put decorations up, and the fireplace is the perfect atmosphere for Halloween vibes.

The mantle scarf on the left is available on Amazon for $32.99 and the one on the right is a spiderweb mantle scarf for only $9.99!

Another great way to decorate your mantle is with candles with large candle holders. Large candle holders are also really great if you don’t have many decorations and want something big to fill up the space.

Check out two large candle holder options here and here.

Halloween banners look really great over mantles, like this one from Amazon.

Use these pics for all your Halloween decor this season!

Living Room – Halloween Decor

There’s a million and one ways you can decorate your living room. Halloween decor is perfect for tables, couches, hallways, and everything in between.

Here are links to some spooooky Halloween decorations to check out:

  • Halloween string lights – $13.99
  • Plaid Fake Pumpkins – $20.99
  • 3D Bat Print Wall Decals – $11.99
  • “BOO” Halloween Sign Wall Hanging – $9.99
  • Halloween Lampshade Covers – $13.99
  • 3D Skeletons with Movable Joints – $11.99

Indoor Halloween decor has so many options, like these!

fall decor ideas

I hope these Fall home decor ideas gave you the ultimate Autumn inspiration for this holiday season. Check out these articles too!

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