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20 Beautiful and Simple Gold Anklets to Upgrade Any Outfit

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One of my favorite ways to accessorize jewelry is not on my face but on my body! And one of the most understated but sexy ways to do is by wearing simple gold anklets that elevate any look. These simple gold anklets are one of my favorite accessories, especially in the Summer time.

Imagine wearing your favorite bikini on the beach paired with these anklets catching the sun – so stunning!

If you want some amazing gold anklets that won’t break the bank, then you need to check these out.

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Anklet FAQs

Before we get into the anklets, there’s some questions people always have that I thought we should clear up.

  1. What is the cost of gold anklets? This question is too vague to give a proper answer. The prices range from as low as below $10 to over $100, depending on the material and designs used. For example, a good 18k gold anklet can be as affordable as $20 or it can be over $100 if the entire anklet is gold and it’s not just gold plated. If there’s cubic zirconia instead of rhinestones in a tennis anklet, then of course the price will be higher.
  2. Are anklets in style for 2021? Anklets never went out of style! I think people always forget about them because you don’t wear them on your face, but anklets have been popular for years, especially during the Spring and Summer when your feet are out more. I will say, though, that since the Y2K trend blew up a few years ago, they have become even more popular, but they’re definitely in style for 2021 and 2022 and aren’t going anywhere!
  3. How do I know my anklet size? Most of the anklets I’ve listed in this article let you choose the length you want so they’re super customizable and will fit exactly how you would like but most anklets have longer chains with hooks in them so you can adjust it on your own. The easiest comparison is a necklace: most necklaces have a pretty long chain and you can adjust it in the back depending on how low or high you want it to sit.
  4. Are anklets elegant? ABSOLUTELY. Anklets are a great way to elevate your outfit in a subtle and beautiful way. My favorite thing about anklets is that they’re elegant but also sexy because they’re so unexpected and simple but add so much to your look.

My Favorite Simple Gold Anklets

1. 18K Gold Filled Chain Anklets – $15.40

Each of the chains is 18K gold AND waterproof!

Plus, they’re customizable because you get to pick the style of chain and the size.

Such a great deal!

2. 24K Gold Plated Butterfly Rhinestone Initial Anklet – $25.00

This 24k gold anklet is so feminine and girly with a rhinestone initial charm and a little butterfly charm – AND you can pick the color of the butterfly, too (my favorite color for the charm is peach!).

3. 18K Gold Filled Leaf Design Chain Anklet – $9.90

I can’t believe this 18K gold filled anklet is under $10!

If you’re in the market for simple gold anklets that still have a wow factor, then you will LOVE this one.

4. 14k & 18k Gold Name Anklet – $170.10

This made to order gold anklet comes in 14K and 18K.

It’s handmade and gives you the option between two different fonts for your name.

This gold anklet with name is personalized and such a great investment piece that will last you so many years.

5. 14K Gold Filled Personalized Heart Anklet – $14.99

Simple gold anklets like this one make me swoon!

How dainty, delicate, and beautiful is this 14K gold filled heart anklet that you can get your initials on.

OBSESSED with this anklet!

6. Gold and Turquoise Beaded Anklet – $12.93

This beaded anklet has the most subtle and delicate pop of color and I am so here for it!

This anklet would be perfect for the Summer time – imagine how great it would look with a tan.

7. 18K White Gold Plated Cubic Zirconia Tennis Anklet – $14.99

This 18k white gold tennis anklet is simple but elegant and sparkles so beautifully in the sun.

A tennis anklet is a must-have for any anklet collection.

8. Gold Filled Discs Chain Anklet – $27.30

This dainty chain anklet has little discs that glitter and glimmer in the light and add so much to a plain, boring outfit.

So cute!

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9. 14K Gold Plated Double Layered Initial Anklets – $13.99

This is a two for one deal! You get two 14k gold plated chain link anklets and one of them also has an initial charm, for less than $14.

This is such a great deal, I added it to my cart so fast lol!

10. 18K Gold Plated Thick Anklet – $9.89

You can choose from three different 18k gold chain types, or order a pack of all three for only $28!

These are great simple gold anklets every girl needs to have in her jewelry box.

11. 10K Cuban Link Anklet – $154.99

This 10k Cuban link anklet is luxurious and so elegant!

This anklet would dress up any outfit and look so chic.

12. 18K Gold Plated Leaflet Anklet – $17.99

This leaflet design 18k gold anklet is so dainty and cute – I love it!

13. 18K Gold Plated Flat Snake Anklet – $10.99

This 18k gold plated flat snake anklet is an essential!

This style of anklet goes great with any look and can be dressed up or down, and it’s only $10!

14. 24K Gold Plated Evil Eye Anklet – $12.93

This evil eye 24k gold plated anklet is a great way to spice up your usual simple gold anklet without it being too flashy and in your face.

This anklet would be great for the Summer – white pops on tan skin!

15. 18K Gold Plated Multi Color Crystal Anklet – $12.99

This multi colored crystal anklet is so girly and fun!

Imagine wearing this anklet with an all white outfit – so chic!

16. 18K Gold Vintage Heart Anklet – $17.95

Simple, stylish, and so timeless – you can’t go wrong with this 18k gold vintage heart anklet.

17. 18K Gold Filled Figaro Anklet – $26.99

I love Figaro anklets because they’re so stylish but classic at the same.

I also love that the chain link design isn’t all links because it’s more simple and understated – you’ll be obsessed!

18. 14K Gold Satellite Anklet – $24.00

This 14k gold anklet is the most dainty and delicate one I have ever seen and I’m in love with it!

This is going to be my new everyday anklet.

19. 18K Gold Mariner Anklet – $16.99

This dainty Cuban link anklet is a great everyday anklet that will literally NEVER go out of style.

20. Twisted Simple Gold Anklet – $21.60

Another simple gold anklet you will never regret buying (and it’s super affordable, too!).

I hope you love these simple gold anklets just as much as I do!

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  1. […] 20 Beautiful and Simple Gold Anklets to Upgrade Any Outfit […]

  2. […] 20 Beautiful and Simple Gold Anklets to Upgrade Any Outfit […]

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