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Scalp Care: Everything You Need to Know for Beautiful Hair in 2022

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scalp care

We all know how important it is to take care of your hair if you want healthy, long, and strong locks. But what a lot of people forget is scalp care and how important it is to take care of your scalp. I’ve been obsessed with hair care for years and it took me a lot longer to learn the importance of scalp care than I would like to admit. Keep reading for an in-depth guide that covers everything you need to know to get the healthiest scalp and prevent hair loss.

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Why Scalp Care is Important

The skin on your scalp is a lot like the skin on the rest of your body, except that it has more layers of tissue, more oil glands that produce sebum, and more hair follicles. Your scalp also protects your skull from trauma and infection and serves not just an aesthetic purpose of beautiful, healthier hair, but also a practical one.

Taking care of your scalp is so, so important, especially if you want to grow your hair faster, healthier, and thicker. Your hair grows out of the follicles on your scalp, so if you want beautiful hair, the first and most important place you should start at, is your scalp.

Your scalp should not be irritated, itchy, and tender, and should have no product build up – this can clog your hair follicles and prevent new, healthier hair from growing in.

You might be dealing with hair loss, dandruff, and an itchy scalp but if you change your hair care routine with a focus on scalp cleansing and care, you will be able to get a healthy scalp that promotes hair growth.

The functioning of your scalp might be affected by more serious issues like psoriasis and eczema and that’s why consulting a dermatologist is important if you think you might suffer from any of these.

Scalp Care 101

Regardless of the issues your scalp might be suffering from, make sure to keep your scalp healthy, remove any dirt, debris, and product build-up, and use gentle but effective products.

Dry Scalp Treatment

If you suffer from a dry scalp, it’s because your hair isn’t getting enough moisture and producing enough oil, cause your scalp to itch and flake off.

If you have dry skin, you most likely also suffer from a dry scalp and causes of this might be genetics, over-washing of hair, and dry air.

The best solution to a dry scalp is using hydrating products that will nourish and moisturize your hair and scalp.

Try to also wash your hair less, because this will allow your scalp to have more time to produce the necessary sebum and oil that promotes a healthy scalp. Also, if you shower with very hot water, turn the temperature down so your scalp isn’t as irritated and this will help it lock in moisture and prevent a dry scalp.

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If you’re looking for anti-dandruff products, then dry scalp products might work for you, too, because they combat the same root issue: itchy scalp.

The Best Hair Products for a Dry Scalp

When looking for hair products for a dry scalp, look for hydrating and gentle products like these popular favorites:

P.S. scalp toners are great for dry scalps because they provide moisture while still being gentle and soothing for irritated scalps.

These are also great anti-dandruff products!

Oily Scalp Treatment

Treating an oily scalp is more complicated than treating dry scalps because different types of oily scalps will need different products.

As a rule of thumb, be careful of how often you’re washing your hair. Though it’s very important to not over-wash your hair because this can dry out your scalp, it’s also very important to wash your hair enough because if you wait too long between washes, this can also clog pores that can’t grow new hair because they’re blocked by layers of oil and sebum. Waiting too long between hair washes can also cause hair loss.

For naturally oilier scalp and hair, washing your hair twice or thrice a week is okay as long as your hydrating it enough to prevent dryness and flakiness. Not washing your hair enough can also cause product buildup that makes it near impossible for healthy hair follicles to grow in.

The Best Hair Products for Oily Scalp

For oily scalps, you should be using two different types of shampoo: a clarifying shampoo and a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo. Clarifying shampoos are great for removing buildup but if used excessively, it can strip your hair of necessary oils and lead to a flaky, irritated, and dry scalp. That’s why you should be using clarifying shampoos at the most once a week for very oily hair, otherwise stick to every two weeks. The rest of the time, use the gentler shampoo for maintenance.

Oily scalps are also very prone to buildup of product, so using a scalp scrub and exfoliator is a great way to manually remove any buildup and help promote healthy hair growth.

Using a scalp scrub is a must in every hair routine, regardless of how oily or dry your scalp might be because you most likely have product buildup from hair products like hair sprays, serums, and dry shampoo. I’ve listed below an affordable and effective scalp scrub that will cleanse your scalp and make it squeaky clean!

I have a very oily scalp and these are some of my favorite scalp care products:

The Best Scalp Care Products in 2022

Now that we have gone over why scalp care is so important and how to treat different types of scalps, here are some of my favorite and some very popular hair products specifically formulated for your scalp:

Taking care of your scalp is so important and essential for healthier hair growth and preventing itchy scalp, hair loss, and product build up. Pay extra attention to your scalp for the best hair possible!

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