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Sabyasachi Prices? What You Need to Know

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Sabyasachi is one of the most coveted brands in Indian and Pakistani fashion. But there has been much mystery about the prices of Sabyasachi lehengas and sarees and suits. So, what are Sabyasachi prices in summer 2020? Here’s what you need to know!

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A lot of these quotes will be based on prices from 2019, though in many of the earlier 2020 pieces, even in very similar styles the prices between 2019 and 2020 were very different. Also, keep in mind that often times the same style of outfit in a different color will have a different price. The best option is contacting the brand through email or on their Instagram page. But as a rough estimate:

These stunning hand painted pure Indian hand woven silk lehengas are perfect for summer weddings. Going off of the fact that their hand painted sarees are much cheaper than their other sarees, it can be safe to assume that these hand painted lehengas will probably be cheaper than embroidered ones.

Earlier in the year it was announced that one of Sabyasachi’s mint embroidered lehengas was INR 295,000 ($3920), so going off these quotes, these lehengas are probably about INR 179,500 ($2,385).

This beautiful yellow lehenga has embroidery on it so will definitely be more expensive than the hand painted lehengas above. To give an estimate, a very similar yellow embroidered lehenga by Sabyasachi is available on The Grand Trunk for $5,337.84 – a huge price jump than our estimates on the hand painted lehengas.

Sabyasachi beige embroidered lehenga. sabyasachi prices quote

This beautiful embroidered summer 2020 lehenga is also available on The Grand Trunk for $3,986.48.

So, according to these estimates:

  • Hand painted floral lehengas – INR 179,500 ($2,385)
  • Embroidered lehengas range – $3,986$5,337.84


Sabyasachi sarees are cheaper than their lehengas. So, if you really want a Sabyasachi piece but don’t want to shell out a crazy amount for a lehenga, start off with a saree!

These floral sarees are staples in Sabyasachi’s summer 2020 collection and considering how expensive most of their items are, these sarees are much more affordable and great starter pieces from the brand. It was announced earlier in the year that these hand painted floral sarees are under 1 lakh at a cool INR 79,500 ($1,056), with the organza hand painted silk sarees being even cheaper at INR 69,500 ($924). For Sabyasachi, a notoriously expensive brand, finding a saree for under $1000 is quite amazing.

The brand also has embroidered and heavier sarees and these are considerably more expensive than the hand painted sarees, at about INR 169,500 ($2,252).

So, according to these estimates:

  • Hand painted sarees – $924 – $1,056 (average)
  • Embroidered sarees – $2,252

Florals were a cornerstone of Sabyasachi’s summer 2020 collection and though there are no clear quotes on these outfits, they’re too beautiful not to include!

sabyasachi prices

Keep in mind though that because these are floral prints and not embroidered, they will be considerably more affordable than many of the brands other pieces. If you want a starter piece from the brand that won’t break the bank, try their floral prints!

These Sabyasachi summer 2020 prices are based on estimates from announced prices by the brand – they may not be the exact prices but just an approximate. Also, many times the same outfit in a different color will have a different price so keep that in mind when shopping. Happy Sabyasachi shopping!

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