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Affordable Retro Kitchen Appliances You Will Love in 2022

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Retro kitchen appliances are making such a comeback and here are some of the most affordable and adorable ones available right now!

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Cute and Retro Kitchen Appliances

Retro Toasters

1. Mint Green Retro Stainless Steel Toaster

How adorable is this mint green color?

This Tiffany blue retro stainless steel toaster is compact but fits four slices of bread and has the cutest silver dials.

It also comes in pink and white!

2. Retro Red Hot Dog and Bun Toaster

If you’re looking for authentic retro kitchen appliances, then you will love this hot dog and bun toaster that comes in the cutest glossy red color.

3. Retro Steel White Toaster

The vintage design of this toaster contrasts perfectly with it’s bright white color – the perfect balance between modern and classic.

Plus, this toaster is so good that it’s even perfect for toasting bagels and waffles, even!

4. Teal Retro Toaster

I’ve never seen retro kitchen appliances in such cool and stylish colors before!

This teal toaster would look incredible in any kitchen.

5. Kate Spade Yellow Vintage Toaster

Who knew Kate Spade made kitchen appliances?

This bright yellow vintage looking toaster is a great basic kitchen appliance and it’s super practical – the slots are big enough to slide a bagel in, too.

6. Baby Pink Vintage Toaster

This pebbled baby pink toaster is so adorable – it will make toasting bread so aesthetic lol!

7. Retro Toaster in Aqua

If this aqua retro toaster doesn’t remind you of an old school diner, I don’t know what will.

The slots are super wide and you can fit bread, English muffins, and bagels into them.

They even have a four slot option to choose from!

8. Glossy Black Retro Toaster

I am obsessed with this glossy black retro toaster!

It’s sleek, stylish, and will make your kitchen look so beautifully curated.

9. Glossy Red Vintage Toaster

With seven bread shade settings and extra wide slots, this glossy red retro toaster is cute AND practical!

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10. Cream Vintage Toaster

If you feel like a white toaster is too bright, then you will LOVE this cream colored vintage looking toaster with a chrome finish.

Retro Microwave Ovens

11. Aqua Vintage Looking Microwave Oven

There’s something about retro kitchen appliances in aqua that make me feel so nostalgic and homey and this microwave oven is no exception.

12. Red Retro Microwave

Red kitchen appliances make a statement but are so classic and timeless!

13. Surf Green Retro Microwave Oven

This microwave oven is great if you have kids because it has a child lock.

Retro Tea Kettles

14. Green Classic Tea Kettle

Green and brown is an epic color combination and this goose neck handle tea kettle proves it!

15. Swan Blue Retro Dome Kettle

I don’t think I’ve ever loved a color more!

This swan blue and silver retro dome kettle is so beautiful and looks so luxurious!

16. Beige Retro Water Boiler

How adorable is this old school kettle?

It comes in beige and black!

17. Aqua Electric Water Kettle

Electric water kettles are super practical but take away the charm of old retro kitchen appliances, but this aqua vintage looking electric kettle is so fun!

18. Retro Electric Kettle

Black and white goes with EVERYTHING so it doesn’t matter what your home decor aesthetic is because this retro electric kettle will look stunning in any kitchen.

19. Vintage Looking Cream Kettle

This cream kettle is so feminine and cute!

I love the rusted gold metal with the beige base tone – it’s soft and will make your kitchen so much warmer and more welcoming.

Retro Coffee Makers

20. Retro Red Coffee Maker

The black kettle with red coffee maker is such a sleek combination!

It also has a LED display, automatic shut off, and includes reusable filters.

21. Turquoise Blue Retro Coffee Maker

This baby blue retro coffee maker is compact, sleek, and so adorable!

You can even pick the strength of your coffee with this retro kitchen appliance.

I hope these retro kitchen appliances make your cooking so much more fun!

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