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Practical Gifts for Mom That She Will Always Use & Love!

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It’s official December, which means everyone is scrambling to get gifts for their loved ones and have no idea what to get. Trust me, it happens to the best of us, but if you’re looking for practical gifts for mom, you need to keep reading for gifts that your mom will actually use and love.

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Useful and Practical Gifts for Mom (Christmas and Birthday!)

1. L’Oreal Paris Hair Color Root Cover Up – $34.99

I don’t know about your mom, but my mom cares A LOT about her hair.

As our moms age and their hair gets thinner or loses it’s natural color, this magic root cover up is a miracle worker that covers any thin spots while looking super natural.

Honestly, this stuff is AMAZING and I bet your mom will love it. Mine does!

2. Treadmill Desk – $79.99

This treadmill desk is so practical and will make the time you’re doing cardio fly by!

All you do is use the secure straps it comes with to your treadmill and voila! you can put your laptop, coffee mug, and whatever else you need on top of the desk and work while you walk!

I wouldn’t suggest having the desk on while you run, but it’s great for moms that want to keep busy while they walk on the treadmill.

A super practical gift for your mom.

3. Recipe Organizer – $25.99

My mom has an old journal from the 90s that she’s written down all her recipes in, and this is going to be my gift for her this year.

Not only is this recipe organizer pretty and aesthetic, it’s super useful with cards for recipes, clear sleeves to keep them clean and secure, divider tabs, and it’s all organized into one big binder.

If your mom cooks a lot, she will LOVE this recipe organizer.

4. Revolving Spice Rack – $48.99

I’m South Asian, so our pantry cupboards are always filled with spices and seasonings that are usually spilling everywhere, topping over, or just magically disappear right when you need them.

That’s why this revolving spice rack is a game changer!

Your mom will be able to organize all her spice and seasonings on this, and it’s super convenient because it revolves and barely takes up any room.

Looking for practical gifts for mom? This one’s a great one!

5. Peter Thomas Roth 24k Gold Mask – $63.75

Peter Thomas Roth is one of the best and most effective skincare brands I have ever tried and I honestly can’t hype up their products enough.

This 24k gold mask is a pure luxury lift and firm mask that is perfect for aging skin. It helps lift, firm, and brighten skin and is perfect for our moms!

This would be such a cute way to spoil your mom if she loves skincare.

6. Temperature Control Mug – $34.99

I think it’s a universal parent thing that they make coffee or tea and then forget about it, and then complain about their drink being cold.

Your mom will never have to worry about that now because this temperature control mug keeps your drink hot as long as you need!

This is such a practical and useful gift for mom.

7. Microwavable Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders – $25.97

If your mom suffers from body aches, especially her neck and shoulders, then she will really appreciate this heating pad for neck and shoulders.

This heating pad will be the ultimate way to unwind for your mom after a long day of work.

8. French 100% Linen Bed Sheets – $149.99

This is a great gift for literally EVERYONE, including your mama.

This linen bed sheet set is 100% biodegradable and recyclable linen – so it’s great for the environment – and they’re moisture wicking so your sheets stay cool and you stay cool, too.

This is such an underrated essential, and if you give this set to your mom, I guarantee she’ll never use other sheets again.

9. Mirrored Beauty Fridge – $49.99

If your mom loves skincare and beauty, she will ADORE this mirrored beauty fridge.

What’s really cool about this fridge is that it can cool AND heat, so while you’re doing your makeup you can use the mirrored front with the LED lights and keep your coffee warm in the fridge with the heat setting.

Plus, it looks so beautiful and chic on any countertop.

Not only am I going to gift this to my mom, I’m getting myself one of these, too!

10. ‘MAMA’ Necklace – $18.99

When I was little, we got my mom a ‘mom’ necklace and she’s cherished it for years and every time she wears it, she smiles.

This ‘MAMA’ necklace is so personal, intimate, and stylish!

Simple but cute accessories like this necklace make for amazing and practical gifts for mom that will never go out style.

11. Electric Glass and Steel Hot Tea Water Kettle – $33.00

There’s three reasons I love this tea kettle:

  • It’s affordable
  • It’s practical
  • And it’s chic

What’s really great about this kettle is that the clear glass compartment with measurements on the front make it super easy to see how much water you’ve put it, AND it’s affordable!

This is a great gift if your mom loves her hot drinks.

12. Ornate Glass Tea Mug – $20.99

My mom always uses the same mug for her tea, and if you gift this to your mama, it can be her new go-to mug and she’ll think of you every time she uses it.

How ornate and beautiful is this glass tea mug? I can’t get over how delicate it is, and it’s only $20!

13. Vintage Winter Thick Wool Sock Pack – $21.99

It seems like a universal mom thing to always have cold feet, which is why these thick Winter wool socks – they come in a pack of 5 – is the perfect, most practical gift for mom.

Plus, you can wash them in the machine and they won’t shrink!

14. Canvas Weekender Bag – $46.99

This is literally the ultimate weekender bag!

This shoulder duffle bag has a shoe compartment with 6 pockets, and has enough to fit in 2-4 days of outfits.

If your mom travels a lot, this canvas travel bag will be her new best friend!

15. Baby Pink Hanging Toiletry Bag – $22.99

Keeping up with the travel theme, this baby pink hanging toiletry bag has lined compartments so they won’t stain and can be hung up on any hook.

Your mom can access all her essentials quickly and conveniently with this toiletry bag.

Packing for trips will be so much easier with this!

16. Leather Journal with Pen – $20.99

This rustic leather journal is such a great and practical gift for your mom if she writes a lot and seems to always be jotting things down.

It also comes with a luxury pen!

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17. Charcuterie Board Set – $45.99

Moms love to host and this is the ultimate hosting gift!

This charcuterie board comes with a large platter board made from bamboo with slide out drawers that have stainless steel knives and serving tools included.

It also comes with a round tray for extra entertaining space.

This is an epic gift for your mom!

18. Pure Mulberry Silk Pajama Set – $159.00

Spoil your mom with this pure mulberry silk pajama set – it comes in a bunch of different colors, too!

Silk pjs are such a sweet little treat to snuggle up in, and your mom will love them.

19. Hair Dryer Brush – $72.99

A lot of moms don’t know how to use straighteners and hair curlers but do love their blow-dryer – this hair dryer brush is for them!

This hair dryer set includes 4 brush heads that dry, give volume, straighten, and curl with one base tool which makes using it so easy and simple.

Your mom will love how easy it is to use!

20. Floral Kitchen Aprons (3 Piece) – $22.99

If your mom loves to cook, she will love these floral aprons with pockets.

They’re are great for gardening, too!

21. IPL Hair Removal At-Home Machine – $39.99

IPL hair removal is basically like laser, and is one of the most permanent forms of hair removal.

Your mom will need to use this once a month and will be hairless for good!

Plus, this machine is less than $40, which is such a steal for IPL and laser hair removal machines!

22. Cozy and Cute Fuzzy Slippers – $23.99

If your mom loves her house slippers like mine does, then she will really love these cute and fuzzy slippers that are so soft and look so much more expensive and luxurious than they are.

I really like these slippers because they’re open from the front so they let your feet breath and it doesn’t feel sweaty and gross.

Love these!

23. Matching Silk Pillowcase and Eye Mask Set – $39.99

Spoil your mama with this matching silk pillowcase and eye mask set – she’ll sleep like a baby!

24. Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine – $346.35

If your mom likes cocktails, she will love this premium cocktail and margarita machine that makes the ultimate drinks for you with just the press of a button.

Literally all you need to do is put the pods in, press a button, and voila! your mom will have a great cocktail in seconds.

You can even select how strong you want the drinks to be, how cool is that?!

Your mom will love this!

25. 100% Cashmere Shawl – $129.00

If your mom is always cold (like mine!) then this 100% cashmere shawl is such a luxurious treat that looks stylish and chic but is so warm and cozy.

My mom always has hers wrapped around her shoulders and loves it.

You mom will LOVE this warm and cozy gift!

26. Magnetic Knife Block Holder – $39.99

How cool is this magnetic knife block holder?

This is a great way to store your knives without ruining the blade edge and it looks so good sitting in the kitchen.

It holds more than just knives – any small metal tool would stick easily!

27. Spa Gift Basket – $43.89

Practical gifts for mom don’t have to be boring.

This spa gift basket is such a great way for your mom to unwind, de-stress, and treat herself to some relaxation.

Your mom will really appreciate this.

28. Orthopedic Support Pillow – $44.99

Orthopedic support pillows are some of the most practical gifts for mom because they get rid of pain, help you sleep properly, and protect your skin!

If your mom gets stiff necks from her pillow or sleeps on her side or stomach, this is a great gift for her.

29. Wooden Jewelry Box – $119.99

If your mom has a a lot of jewelry, you need to get her this vintage looking jewelry box that helps organize and properly store accessories.

My moms jewelry is always getting tangled and it takes her hours to untangle everything, so a jewelry box like this will make your moms jewelry so much more organized and easier to get to.

A super practical gift for your mother!

30. The Essential New York Times Cookbook: The Recipes of Record – $32.16

If your mom loves to cook, she will LOVE this New York Times cookbook that has over a thousand recipes of some of the most diverse dishes that I have ever seen, that somehow all come together for warm and zesty dishes your mom will love to make and eat.

This is such a simple but sophisticated cookbook, it’s great for all types of home cooks.

31. Face Mask Gift Set (12 Pack!) – $11.25

This face mask set is a super affordable and simple way to let your mom know you appreciate her and all the work she does for you.

Tell her to unwind, relax, and spoil herself with face masks that range from refreshing peppermint and moisturizing avocado to rejuvenating tea tree and soothing aloe.

32. Queen Size Weighted Blanket – $39.99

If your mom has a hard time falling asleep or getting into a deep state of sleep, then this weighted blanket might be exactly what you need.

Weighted blankets are great for making sleep easier and more deep – I recommend them to literally everyone!

33. Triple Brazilian Butter Hair Set – $48.00

Sol de Janeiro is one of the most popular brands and with good reason!

Not only are their products really good, but they smell INCREDIBLE.

This hair care set comes with a shampoo, conditioner, and hair repair treatment that will hydrate and moisturize your hair.

The scent is a mixture of sandal, jasmine, vanilla, and almond and it smells so yummy, your mom will be obsessed!

I hope these 33 practical gifts for mom will make gift giving easier and a lot less stressful.

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