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Pakistani Jewelers You Need to Know: Jaipur and Co.

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Jewelry in desi culture – including Pakistani and Indian culture – is just as important as the jora you’re wearing. Jewelry in Pakistan – as in most other desi countries – is assumed to be more traditional and bridal in nature. And so, Pakistani jewelers are always on the emergency contact list for any desi household.

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You don’t really see many brands with new, modern designs. Jaipur and Co., however, challenge this and are currently my favorite jeweler in Pakistan. We all have our local jeweler. The jeweler our mother got her wedding jewelry from and where her mother got her wedding jewelry from, but Jaipur and Co. is the new designer on the block, about to give our local jewelers a run for their money.

The brand is the perfect mix between old and new, traditional and modern, and their well-thought out pieces are STUNNING. This sounds like an ad for the brand, but I swear it’s not, I just love their pieces. The quality is great, they are durable, and they are perfect for any occasion.

The most amazing part of their jewelry is its versatility: some pieces are so perfectly molded between modern and traditional that you could wear them on a night out with the girls or to a wedding.

Also, their pieces are at a fairly reasonable price point. Though they are not cheap, considering that many of their pieces are heavy enough to be worn on your own wedding day, the pieces are much more affordable than your local jeweler.

Keep in mind though, these aren’t real diamonds or stones. They’re simulated gemstones with cubic zircon being their most commonly used stone. They simulate the colors of rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. Soooo, with that in mind, it might seem like a lot to fish out $325 for a polki set, but their work is so unique and beautifully done, that from an unbiased perspective, it’s worth the price.

New Collection – Viyaah (Wedding Collection)

Their ‘Viyaah – The Wedding Collection’ just launched and it’s stunning! There’s a lot of beautiful tassels and polki.

Their polki is the perfect mix between modern and traditional and I associate beautiful polki with Jaipur and Co. now.

The brand says this collection is the perfect blend of love, tradition, custom, and joy, and I couldn’t agree more.

Their wedding collection is beautifully curated and is great for young brides who don’t want to be too traditional but not too modern either. It’s the perfect mix between old and new.

This collection has signature antique Filigree Sets, silk thread bangles, jhumkas, and chokers that are perfect for any wedding event. This is their newest collection, so let’s look at some their pieces!


USD $70

These Kaleeras with waterfall tassels are perfect for brides and look so beautiful in this gold and pearl embellished bracelet accessory.

They also have other Kaleeras – one that is longer and one that is completely in gold with no pearls. Check those out here and here.

USD $135

This Meenakari Kaleera is so stunning and colorful and really unique. I think we’ve all seen kaleeras and they usually all look kind of the same – all pretty, but all a little the same. This single Kaleera is really different and makes a great statement accessory to your wedding looks. It is a lot more expensive than than the Kaleeras mentioned above, but it’s totally worth it!


The most eye-catching accessories of most bridal looks are the necklaces. Jaipur and Co’s newest wedding collection, Viyaah, has stunning polki designs. A lot of these necklaces are made to order, so make sure you order in advance if you like them!

Qabool is a Jadau Polki style Meenakari design in large uncut stones, with a green undertone. Jaipur and Co also has other color undertones, but green is a traditional, classic color for weddings.

Muse is a floral motif choker with multi-cut Polki style finish droplets in reverse Meenakari. This necklace is a statement piece and great for main bridal functions like the Valima or Baraat.

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These necklaces are still statement pieces, but a bit smaller and more subtle for wedding functions. The Nikaah necklace is a Jadau Polki style petite choker with a mix of large and small gems. Paheli Choker is uncut Polki choker set in gold inlay and pave stones with rare teardrop pearls. This choker comes with matching earrings, but I think the necklace takes the cake. The Nikaah necklace is $195 and the Paheli choker is $155.

These necklaces are the ultimate wedding, bridal looks. They’re extravagant, eye-catching, and bold. Tara is a majestic uncut polki style bridal choker with emerald hue meenakari. This necklace comes with matching earrings and is the perfect Baraat look. Manzil is a magical uncut polki in a maroon meenakari and is one of the most saught after designs of the decade. These pieces are stunning bridal pieces that can be passed down from one generation to the next.

Like I mentioned earlier, a lot of these pieces are made to order, so if you’re interested, you should inquire quite a bit of time beforehand.

This set is regal and elegant and fit for a queen. It comes in a set, with matching earrings. This is an antique polki style set with engraved filigree design and intricate details. Gold pearl accents make this piece even more regal and stunning.

USD $460

This is an opulent signature uncut polki design with customizable droplets. I love this piece – it’s fun and exciting and stunning.

Keep in mind that this is a wedding collection, so prices may seem a bit pricey but when you look at it from the perspective that it’s for brides, it makes perfect sense and are much cheaper than other bridal sets.

Also, like I mentioned earlier, these aren’t diamonds and gold/silver, so the price reflects that. It’s great quality for what you’re paying.

Classic Jewelry Pieces

Let’s look at some of their classic pieces:

teardrop earrings. from pakistani jewelers jaipur and co
Tutti Fruiti ($55)

FYI, if you’re just getting into the brand and don’t know what to try, I would suggest their Polki sets, like Dove II. The color is super unique and modern, but the design is very traditional in nature. Of all their jewelry pieces, I think their Polki sets and jhumkas stand out the most.

silk thread bangles.from pakistani jewelers jaipur and co
Stunning silk thread bangles with Kundan accents
traditional, hanging jhumkas. from pakistani jewelers jaipur and co
Sahara jhumkas for a more traditional vibe

Here are some of Jaipur and Co’s other stunning jewelry pieces, which you can find on their website. Some of the pieces might have sold out, but contact them here to see if they can make more of the product since a lot of it is made to order.

Jaipur and Co x SFK

This set for the collaboration with SFK is stunning! I’ve put links for the necklace, headpiece, and nose ring if you want to have this piece for yourself.

Some of these pieces are made to order!

Jaipur & Co x SFK

This Nayab necklace is for $260 and great for any formal function!

Jaipur & Co. x Qalamkar

Of all the Pakistani jewelers you need to know, as of right now, Jaipur and Co. is at the top of the list!

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All the pictures in this post are from Jaipur & Co’s Instagram page (jaipurandco on Instagram).

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