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Pakistani Jewelers You Need to Know: Jaipur and Co.

Jewelry in desi culture – including Pakistani and Indian culture – is just as important as the jora you’re wearing. Jewelry in Pakistan – as in most other desi countries – is assumed to be more traditional and bridal in nature. And so, Pakistani jewelers are always on the emergency contact list for any desi household.

You don’t really see many brands with new, modern designs. Jaipur and Co., however, challenge this and are currently my favorite jeweler in Pakistan. We all have our local jeweler. The jeweler our mother got her wedding jewelry from and where her mother got her wedding jewelry from, but Jaipur and Co. is the new designer on the block, about to give our local jewelers a run for their money.

The brand is the perfect mix between old and new, traditional and modern, and their well-thought out pieces are STUNNING. This sounds like an ad for the brand, but I swear it’s not, I just love their pieces. The quality is great, they are durable, and they are perfect for any occasion.

The most amazing part of their jewelry is its versatility: some pieces are so perfectly molded between modern and traditional that you could wear them on a night out with the girls or to a wedding.

Also, their pieces are at a fairly reasonable price point. Though they are not cheap, considering that many of their pieces are heavy enough to be worn on your own wedding day, the pieces are much more affordable than your local jeweler. Keep in mind though, these aren’t real diamonds or stones. They’re simulated gemstones with cubic zircon being their most commonly used stone. They simulate the colors of rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. Soooo, with that in mind, it might seem like a lot to fish out $325 for a polki set, but their work is so unique and beautifully done, that from an unbiased perspective, it’s worth the price.

If you don’t believe me, check out their jewelry:

teardrop earrings
Tutti Fruiti ($55)

FYI, if you’re just getting into the brand and don’t know what to try, I would suggest their Polki sets, like Dove II. The color is super unique and modern, but the design is very traditional in nature. Of all their jewelry pieces, I think their Polki sets and jhumkas stand out the most.

silk thread bangles
Stunning silk thread bangles with Kundan accents
traditional, hanging jhumkas
Sahara jhumkas for a more traditional vibe

Of all the Pakistani jewelers you need to know, as of right now, Jaipur and Co. is at the top of the list!

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