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Best Oyster Shell Salt and Pepper Shakers You’ll LOVE

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I love kitchen decor because it’s beautiful and practical. I was on the hunt for some novelty and fun salt and pepper shakers and came across decoupaged oyster shell salt and pepper holders that are so unique and cool. I have never seen salt and pepper shakers like these before and I’m obsessed and think you will be, too!

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My Favorite Oyster Shell Salt and Pepper Shakers

1. Classic Gold Oyster Shells

If you’re in the market for unique salt and pepper shakers, you will love these classic gold oyster shells.

They also come with little spoons that you can use to scoop the salt and pepper out with.

And you can choose between either wooden or metal spoons.

2. Lemon & Orange Salt and Pepper Shakers

These lemon and orange decoupaged oyster shells remind me of the cutlery my grandmother used and it’s making me nostalgic in the best way possible.

Add a pop of color to your table with these salt and pepper cellars.

3. Decoupaged Oysters Salt and Pepper Shells

These novelty salt and pepper shakers are so festive and cute – don’t they remind you of something that would be on Bridgerton? lol!

4. Osyter Clam Salt and Pepper Holders

Instead of oyster shells, these clam cellars are in two different colors and come with long metal spoons.

I love how smooth the clams are – they look so chic on a table.

5. Funky Patterned Oyster Shell for Salt and Pepper

These funky, vintage looking salt and pepper shakers are so unique, I’ve never seen anything like them before.

This salt and pepper cellar is the ultimate statement decor for your kitchen.

6. Hydrangeas Oyster Shell Salt & Pepper

This hydrangea themed oyster shell salt and pepper shaker is the perfect gift – I’m thinking of gifting this one to my mom!

These would also make amazing collectible salt and pepper shakers.

7. Decoupage Oyster Salt & Pepper

What’s really cool about these decoupaged oyster shells is that they come in several patterns.

Get a different pair for every season!

8. Blue Mosaic Decoupaged Oyster Shells

This seller on Etsy has multiple blue mosaic decoupaged oyster shells up for sale, but of all the patterns, this one is my favorite.

These oyster cellars are elegant, chic, and timeless.

I hope these decoupaged oyster shell salt and pepper vessels make kitchen decor shopping more fun. These shakers are so unique and unexpected!

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