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The Most Stylish Dog Beds That Look Like Furniture

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I love my bed, and my favorite part of a long day is knowing I’ll get to cuddle into bed and doze off. If you have a pet, you know that their needs are just as important as yours. That’s why choosing the right dog bed for your pet is such a big decision. These are the most stylish dog beds that will make your dog feel like royalty and keep them cozy all year round.

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Top 15 Best Dog Beds

Clear Acrylic Elevated Pet Bed

If you’re looking for minimalist dog beds, then you will LOVE this clear acrylic elevated pet bed.

This dog bed screams LUXURY and each bed is hand crafted and lasored.

This is literally one of the most stylish dog beds I have ever seen and I’m obsessed!

Blue Toile Round Dog Bed

This blue toile round dog bed is super simple but so luxurious with the print used.

Simple dog beds like these can be transformed into such awesome dog beds that blend in with your furniture and home decor just by changing the fabric on them.

This blue print reminds me of Downton Abbey lol.

Modern Dog House

Luxury dog beds have never been this stylish and elegant before!

Utterly OBSESSED with this modern dog bed that doubles as furniture and will blend into your home decor aesthetic so beautifully.

This dog bed is definitely an investment piece, but I have never seen a pet bed so unique and so human-like.

Sunrise Rattan Pet Bed

A lot of people are into wicker dog beds, but this is like a wicker dog bed on steroids lol!

This rattan pet bed is so beautiful and so well made that it literally looks like furniture you would have in your home.

If your home aesthetic is rustic or mid-century modern, or even if you just love earthy vibes, you and your dog will love this pet bed!

Washable Personalized Dog Bed

Love how simple but regal this personalized dog bed is!

There’s so many colors to choose from, but my personal favorites are yellow and blue.

Your dog will feel like royalty on this cozy and cushioned pet bed.

Igloo Pet Cave

Tell me this igloo pet cave is not the cutest pet bed you have ever seen!

Not only would your dog look adorable in this, it’s surprisingly chic and is perfect if you’re looking for modern and minimal dog beds.

Plus, these pet caves are such conversation starters for whenever someone comes over.

Real Sheepskin Dog Bed

Furry hats have been so trendy, and this real sheepskin dog bed is the pet bed equivalent of those hats and I’m so here for it!

This dog bed idea is so chic and perfect if you’re on the hunt for the most stylish dog beds on the market.

Woven Basket Dog Bed

This woven, wicker dog bed is SO stylish and would look incredible with any home decor aesthetic and design.

Dogs beds like these are not only luxurious and amazing quality for your dog, but they’re so beautiful and look like furniture.

LOVE this woven wicker dog bed!

Fur & Linen Pet Teepee

How adorable is this fur and linen pet teepee!

Not only is this the cutest dog bed ever, but it’s so fun that it doubles as a toy for your dog to play with.

Now THIS is the definition of glamping for dogs lol!

Pet Furniture Dog Bed

When I first saw this dog bed, I literally thought it was a really pretty floor cushion because of how beautiful it was.

If you want stylish dog beds that look like furniture, there’s no better option than this baby.

What’s really great about this pet bed is that you can pick the color and the size, so it’s perfect for small and large dogs.

Handwoven Dog Basket

This handwoven dog basket is one of the best quality dog beds you will ever find, and I love that you can pick the size so it’s perfect for any sized dog.

AND, when your dog isn’t in it, it can double as cute furniture. I would totally store all my couch blankets and throws in it!

Plush Nest Cocoon Bed

How snuggly and cuddly is this plush nest cocoon bed?

I know it looks small, but you can pick the diameter size you want – perfect for big and small dogs!

Your dog would look so adorable in this cocoon bed.

Deluxe Sleeping Bag for Dogs

I have never seen a sleeping bag for dogs before but I think I’m in LOVE.

Not only is this the cutest thing ever, it’s so functional and warm.

You can easily carry these dog beds around, and it’s perfect to keep in your car to keep your pet warm and cozy.

This sleeping bag for dogs is so underrated!

Personalized Velvet Pet Bed

This personalized velvet pet bed looks so luxurious and elegant, and is perfect is your dog is high maintenance lol!

My favorite color option is light teal (the one in the photo!)

Premium Velvet Dog Bed

This premium velvet dog bed is nicer than my bed!

If you’re looking for elevated dog beds and luxury dog beds that will make your dog feel like the king/queen they are, then this is the dog bed for you.

Using an anti-claw fabric, the fabric used is hypoallergenic and has a removable pillow case.

These 15 pet beds are the most stylish dog beds that will make your dog feel like royalty and keep them warm and cozy. Check out these articles on my favorite Winter blankets and cute wall prints for your bedroom.

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