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Trendy & Modern Bedside Lamps You Will Love in 2022

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If you’re looking for home decor ideas, then you will absolutely love these modern bedside lamps that work for any home style. From midcentury modern to small lamps to black lamps to trendy, funky lamps, these modern bedside lamps are perfect for 2022!

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1. Black Modern Bedside Lamp

This is one of the best table lamps for a bedroom because it’s simple, goes with any home aesthetic, and gives off SO much light without taking up a lot of space!

2. Midcentury Modern Bedside Lamp

Paper lamps are so chic and I’m obsessed with this baby version!

If you’re looking for funky lamps that will never go out of style, you will love this bedside table lamp.

3. Trendy Modern Table Lamp

This modern bedside lamp idea is a classic!

The metal body gives it an edgy industrial feel while the clear glass base makes it super modern and chic.

4. Small Modern Bedside Lamp

Modern bedside lamps like this one are functional and cute!

This small bedside lamp is perfect if you don’t want your bedside table to be very crowded and feel cluttered.

5. Metal and Marble Modern Bedside Lamp

Looking for white modern bedside lamps? This gold metal and marble lamp is everything you need for a chic and modern bedroom!

6. Industrial Modern Desk Lamp

This is one of the best table lamps if you want a streamlined and minimal table space because this modern desk lamp takes up no space at all!

If you’re looking for bedside lamps for reading, this is a great option!

7. Small Modern Table Lamp

How fun is this modern bedside lamp? It’s a disco party and turn down light all in one!

8. Modern Marble Mushroom Bedside Lamp

This trendy bedside lamp is retro and modern all at once thanks to this stylish marble print!

Mushroom lamps are all the rage – you need this one if you want a funky and cool lamp for 2022.

9. Pistachio Green Trendy Mushroom Lamp

Here’s another modern mushroom lamp but in the most stunning pistachio green color – I can’t get enough of it!

10. Matte Modern Bedside Lamp

This matte dark gray modern bedside lamp is so stylish!

This lamp is a great option if you want a taller light on your bedside table that won’t get in the way of all your bedtime knick knacks.

11. Sustainable Modern Bedside Lamp

How cool is this sustainable modern bedside lamp?

I love the pleated design and pastel color wave!

12. Touch Control Bedside Table Lamp

This small modern bedside lamp is a minimalist bedroom dream!

Plus, it’s super affordable – it’s less than $35!

I hope these modern bedside lamps give you some epic home decor ideas!

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