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Minimalist Wardrobe Essentials: How to Dress Like a Minimalist

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Minimalist fashion has been on the rise and all over social media we’re seeing influencers and fahsionistas wearing simple, chic, minimalist outfits that are timeless and go with every accessory. If you want to know how to dress like a minimalist, then you will love these minimalist wardrobe essentials that will make every outfit classic and stylish.

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What is Minimalist Style Clothing?

The easiest and best way to describe minimalist style and how to dress like a minimalist is to keep it simple and buy staples that can be mixed and matched to create dozens of different outfits with the same core staples. Shifting to a minimalist clothing style is a lot like creating a capsule wardrobe – you’re getting rid of all the “extras” and “fluff” in your closet and narrowing it down to core pieces that will go with everything.

This means looking for clean lines, neutral colors, and timeless styles that are so classic they’re almost trendy.

Just because minimalist style tends to stick to neutral colors does not mean that you can’t wear any color if you want to dress like a minimalist. All it means is that: 1) make sure the colors you’re wearing are ones you can wear over and over again with multiple different outfits and 2) pair bright pops of color with more neutral bases so the look is more versatile and wearable.

The two words to best describe minimalist fashion are simple and basics.

Where to Buy Minimalist Style?

Because minimalist style focuses on simplicity and basics, most clothing stores will have great minimalist wardrobe essentials.

BUT, one of my all-time favorite places to minimalist fashion is NA-KD. The entire philosophy if the brand is elevated basics so you find amazing, high quality minimalist fashion are relatively affordable prices.

I love especially love the brand’s outerwear and knitwear – there’s very few brands that live up to the quality with such affordable prices.

You can also check out these brands for minimalist wardrobe essentials:

  • NA-KD
  • COS
  • Nanushka
  • Acne Studios
  • H&M
  • Zara
  • Arket

15 Minimalist Wardrobe Essentials

1. Trench Coat

Trench coats are such an easy and simple way to make your outfit look effortlessly chic and put together and it’s become a minimalist wardrobe essential for a lot of women.

Adding a trench on top of your look adds texture, depth, and makes your outfit look busy enough to be interesting but simple enough to still be minimal.

There’s a reason Parisian women swear by trench coats!

I’ve linked some great trench coats in a couple of different neutral tones and textures that you need to have in your closet if you want to dress more minimally.

2. Blazer

Outerwear like trench coats and blazers are timeless and tie a whole outfit together without taking away from the look underneath.

If you want to know how to dress like a minimalist then you need to get a good neutral colored blazer because they’re warm and practical but very simple and understated.

When trying to achieve a minimalist wardrobe you want to strip your closet of all the ‘extras’ that clutter your wardrobe and your style. Sticking to basics like a good structured blazer is a great way to downsize your wardrobe while still being stylish, on trend, and most importantly, warm and cozy in the colder months.

Here are some options you need to check out!

3. White Button Up

A white button up is a wardrobe essential even if you aren’t following a minimalist look, but especially if you are.

These shirts are simple, have clean lines that aren’t too busy, and will literally never, EVER go out of style.

If you’re trying to create minimalist style outfits then you need to have a good quality white button up shirt in your wardrobe.

Wear it with jeans, a mini skirt, or as a beach cover up, this is a minimalist staple!

4. Blue Jeans

It’s great to have lots of different washes of jeans in your closet but if you have to pick just one, then have a trusty pair of blue jeans that you can mix and match with any outfit and look.

Blue jeans are perfect if you’re trying to get that minimalist style because they can easily be dressed up or down.

For a timeless look, stick to jeans with a straight leg – they’re flattering on all body types and will always stay in trend.

NA-KD has surprisingly great jeans for awesome prices, so if you want awesome jeans without paying $200, check them out.

I’ve found four pairs of great blue jeans in different washes that I think you will love.

5. Neutral Pants That Can be Dressed Up or Down

Wondering what to wear to achieve minimalist style that looks chic and put together but also super effortless and model off-duty? Then make sure you have neutral dress pants!

These trousers are simple, basic, but really elegant and you can customize the type of fit you want by going up or down sizes.

I love these type of suit trousers and always buy two: one in my true size and one a size bigger for a more slouchy, relaxed fit for more casual outfits.

Stick to neutral colors like beige, grey, and black and add a pinstripe if you want something more eye-catching.

6. Silk Shirts

Silk and satin shirts are minimalist wardrobe essentials because they’re the perfect way to dress up any outfit while still being elegant and understated.

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Plus, you can pair them a thousand different ways!

7. T-Shirts

Basic t-shirts and tanks are essentials for every girl, but especially if you’re trying to get effortless minimal style because you can literally wear them with everything.

Investing in good quality basic knits and tees will make planning outfits so easy because whenever you can’t decide what to wear, just throw on a baby tee with blue jeans and you look like effortlessly stylish.

8. Classic Mini and Midi Dresses

Make sure you have a mini and midi/maxi dress in your minimalist wardrobe that you can wear for any formal outfit: if you’re going out with friends reach for the mini and for more conservative and formal events go for the midi.

To make sure these dresses go with any accessory and event theme, stick to neutrals like cream and black.

Try silk and satin finish dresses because they look very expensive and will always be trendy.

Check these dresses out!

9. Linen

Linen is a Summer fabric staple because it’s light, breathable, and looks so chic and simple.

To build your minimalist wardrobe, make sure you have some linen basics that you can reach for in warmer months.

Here are a few to get you started:

10. Neutral Sweaters

One of the core pieces of minimal fashion is neutral sweaters.

If you’ve ever seen minimalist outfit ideas and minimalist style outfits, you have probably seen a lot of neutral knit wear that girls are wearing on their shoulders and tucked into trousers.

Neutral sweaters are a must-have for a minimalist wardrobe, here are some to get you started:

11. Fall to Spring Knits

Lighter knitwear is great for minimal fashion because you can wear it almost year round, so you can trim your closet to just knitwear pieces and it would still look amazing.

Try to get knits that are thin enough to be worn in Spring, but can be layered with other sweaters and outerwear for the cooler months.

Check out these adorable Fall to Spring knits:

12. Flats & Sandals

We all have our favorite heels and ankle boots, but a minimalist wardrobe essential that a lot of people forget about is flats and sandals!

These are great for everyday wear and if you get the right style and color, will never go out of style.

I’ve found four simple and timeless flat shoe options you need to add to your minimalist wardrobe:

13. Cute & Practical Sneakers

Another staple to have if you want to start a minimalist style is a good pair of sneakers.

No matter how many boots, heels, and sandals I have, I almost always end up reaching for my sneakers because they’re practical, comfortable, and great for wearing all day long.

I have both of these sneakers and let me tell you, they go with absolutely EVERYTHING.

I recently bought these silver metallic New Balance sneakers and was worried they’d be too bright to wear everyday, but it’s the opposite!

Since minimalist style is all about simple basics, these bright sneakers add a pop to the outfit without drowning it in color since silver is still a pretty neutral color.

The platform Converse are a must have in every girl’s closet, especially if you’re short like me.

I have walked miles and miles in these and my feet feel perfectly fine and the black and white color will always go with everything.

14. Leather Belt

Wondering how to get minimal style?

Then you need to be very careful about the accessories you wear because too many can look cluttered and messy, so sticking to neutral and simple accessories like a good leather belt is a great way to look chic and put together.

15. Trendy but Timeless Bag

The right bag makes or break any outfit.

For a minimalist style, neutral bags will always be a safe bet, but another great way to add color to your minimalist wardrobe while still keeping it wearable is to try bright colors that can be worn with lots of things, like red.

I’ve found six awesome bags in different styles and colors that would all work well in building a minimalist wardrobe.

I hope these minimalist wardrobe essentials make shopping for your new closet easier and more fun! Remember that minimalist style is all about basics and keeping it simple with clean lines and neutral colors. Buy pieces that you can pair a dozen different ways to ensure your wardrobe is versatile and wearable.

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