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Minimalist Bedroom Ideas That Will Never Get Boring

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If your busy and constantly on the go, then you probably want a peaceful and simple place to come home to every night. That is exactly why minimalist bedroom decor has become super popular the last few years and these minimalist bedroom ideas are perfect if you want simple, cozy living that will never go out of style and never get boring.

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Aesthetic Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

minimalist bedroom ideas

1. Modern Boho Minimalist Bedroom

If you want a minimalist bedroom that’s still modern, cozy, and a bit boho, then you will love these mauve, wood, and rattan minimalist bedroom idea.

Check out the options below to recreate this simple and sexy bedroom aesthetic.

minimalist bedroom ideas

2. Minimalist Bedroom Idea for Small Rooms

Small wooden bedside tables are a chic and modern home decor piece that’s great if you’re looking for minimalist bedroom ideas for small rooms.

Add a rug and lamp and you’ve got a minimal and masculine vibe to die for!

minimalist bedroom ideas

3. Minimalist Bedroom Idea with Plants

One of the best ways to make a minimalist bedroom feel warm and cozy is by adding lots of plants – hang them, pot them, use them as paper weights, the options are endless.

modern minimalist bedroom

4. Black & Modern Minimalist Bedroom

I’m obsessed with black and modern minimalist bedroom idea that has natural wood tones, neutrals, and black framed art work for a pop!

Recreate this bedroom with these epic pieces:

minimalist bedroom ideas

5. Small, White Minimalist Bedroom

If you have a very small space, you can easily make it look twice as big by sticking to a neutral color (white is a great option) and adding a big mirror.

modern, simple bedroom

6. Modern Bedroom with Greenery

This is the ultimate minimalist bedroom aesthetic: it’s simple and modern but colorful and warm and super inviting.

The key to achieving a space like is sticking to core, neutral pieces like the ottoman and chair and then adding splashes of color with artwork and the wooden rattan desk.

minimalist bedroom ideas

7. Modern, Whimsical Minimalist Bedroom for Girls

Pompous grass is a bedroom must-have – look how dreamy and romantic it makes the room look!

Throw on a couple of coral statement pillows and it adds the perfect amount of spice to a minimalist bedroom.

mid-century modern minimalist bedroom

8. Romantic, Mid-Century Modern Minimalist Bedroom

How can I make my bedroom minimalist? One of the easiest ways to streamline your space is by sticking to neutrals and adding depth with textures.

The main colors in this bedroom are golds and whites, but there’s so many different textures that make it fun and exciting: velvet throw cushions, marble side tables, crinkle linen bedding.

minimalist bedroom ideas

9. Black Minimalist Bedroom Idea

Black and white is one of the most iconic color combinations EVER and this black minimalist bedroom idea proves it!

My favorite part of this bedroom is the black framed mirror and artwork – it makes the whole space feel so cohesive and smooth.

neutral, small minimal bedroom for couples

10. Neutral Minimalist Bedroom

This is a neutral bedroom dream!

Recreate this bedroom with these epic and timeless pieces:

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minimalist bedroom ideas

11. Retro & Romantic Bedroom Inspiration

Wall art is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to jazz up your bedroom without having to buy a whole new set of furniture.

I love collecting wall art and posters that I swap out every season and change depending on my mood.

Get this minimalist bedroom vibe with the home decor pieces below!

boho small minimalist room

12. Beige and Beautiful

A great way to help you get started on your minimalist bedroom decor is by simply changing your bedding!

Swap out any loud, cluttered, patterned bedding with a neutral set, like the beige crinkled linen bedding in the photo.

Recreate this bedroom on a budget below!

minimalist bedroom ideas

13. Small Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

Beautiful planters are such an underrated piece of home decor – look how it completely ties together this minimalist bedroom!

white, modern bedroom inspiration

14. White, Modern Bedroom Inspiration

I’m obsessed with this white, modern minimalist bedroom idea!

Add the round gold mirror and voila! not only does your bedroom look a lot bigger, it’s so stunning!

simple, modern minimalist food

15. Modern Simplicity

My new favorite minimalist home decor hack: adding a faux fur rug on any chair and it looks chic, stylish, and minimalist without being boring.

Try it out in your bedroom!

boho modern bedroom

16. Chic Boho Minimalist Bedroom

Just because you have a distinct home aesthetic doesn’t mean it can’t be minimal!

This bedroom is clearly boho and colorful, but it’s still minimalist and simple.

Just scale back on all the fluff on you don’t need!

minimalist bedroom ideas

17. Beach Cottage in the City

Doesn’t this bedroom feel like a beach cottage?

If you want to get this boho, beachy vibe, then stick to rattan and wicker home decor pieces like the chair and round rug.

white, classy, simple minimal bedroom

18. Keep it Simple, Keep it Classy

A great minimalist bedroom idea is to stick to neutral but statement pieces, like this side table!

minimal side table
minimalist bedroom ideas

19. Natural Wood Minimalist Bedroom Idea

If you want a minimalist bedroom, then try using natural wood!

It’s an old Japanese home decor hack that makes a space look and feel clean, simple, and so chic.

Recreate this aesthetic with these pieces:

I hope these minimalist bedroom ideas inspire you and make your journey to minimalism a lot easier and more affordable!

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