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Mehndi Designs for Brides to Try in 2021: from Simple to Grand

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Mehndi designs for brides are always such an important part of a wedding and here are some mehndi designs that are STUNNING and totally worth trying out this year. These mehndi designs go from simple to grand so there’s options for every bride depending on what she wants to do and what she’s wearing.

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Stunning Mehndi Designs for Brides

1. Delicate Flowers

This delicate flower mehndi design is perfect if you want something more simple and low-key. Most mehndi designs are very complex and heavy – especially for a bride – so something simpler and more subdued like this design is very refreshing but stunning nonetheless.

If you have a very heavy jora and don’t want your mehndi design to overshadow your bridal looks, this floral design is perfect for you!

2. Floral Swirls

mehndi designs for brides
@samendi on Instagram

This heavy floral mehdni design is the ultimate bridal design that will go well with any look and color.

The florals are very traditionally but the different designs on each of the fingers is unique and uncommon. I also really love the swirly details on the tops of the palm – so feminine and beautiful.

This mehndi design is more bridal than the first one, but still so unique and beautiful.

@samendi on Instagram

3. Hand Bouquet Design

mehndi designs for brides
@samendi on Instagram

This hand bouquet design by @samendi on Instagram is so, so unique and beautiful!

I have never seen a mehndi design like this before, and I absolutely LOVE it. For one, it’s so different and very ‘unbridal’ but in the best way possible.

This mehndi design would look beautiful for a more toned down and simple event like your Nikkah. I am definitely going to get this design the next time I get my mehndi done.

4. Florals on Florals

@samendi on Instagram

How cute is this floral design! It’s a little like the first one but with a mixture of different flower shapes that add so much depth and character to the design. I love this simple but elegant design.

If you want mehndi inspiration for your special day, definitely check out @samendi on Instagram – she has some of the most unique mehndi designs I have ever seen.

5. Traditional Palm Design with a Twist

mehndi designs for brides
@samendi on Instagram

I love how simple but unique this mehndi design is. It’s great for brides or for any formal event where you’re wearing mehndi.

Understated mehndi designs like this one are becoming more and more popular for bridal events because brides want their bridal outfit to be the start of the show, so they opt for more simple and minimal mehndi designs.

If you’re looking for mehndi designs for brides this year, definitely consider this simple but beautiful look.

6. Half Sleeve Mehndi Design

@samendi on Instagram

How INCREDIBLE is this bridal mehndi design? I LOVE this look!

It’s formal, heavy, without being too in your face and overshadowing your bridal outfits.

Arm mehndi is so beautiful for brides, and this design would look perfect on the delicate forearms of every bride.

LOVE this design.

7. Full Palm Design

mehndi designs for brides
@samendi on Instagram

This mehndi design for brides is very nostalgic of Mughal designs and would look so regal and elegant on any bride.

I especially love the mehndi detailing on the wrist – it looks like she is wearing a beautiful bracelet that just melts into the mehndi.

This design is a must for any bridal event!

8. Floral Vine Sleeve

@hennabytanzeela on Instagram

Obsessed with this bridal mehndi design. In fact, obsessed if an understatement because I am so in love with this design.

It’s delicate but powerful and simple but so feminine. I love that it goes up the arm and looks like beautiful branches on the brides arms.

9. Elegant Foot Mehndi

mehndi designs for brides
@mehndibysaahra on Instagram

If you really want to spice up your bridal mehndi designs, I would highly recommend foot mehndi. It’s fun, flirty, and when done properly looks so classy.

I love this foot mehndi design that goes up beyond the ankle. The two chain design on the ankle looks like she is wearing anklets and looks so beautiful.

10. Simple Palm Mehndi

mehndi designs for brides
@samendi on Instagram

I love this simple but elegant mehndi design – especially with the white nail polish.

Simple designs like these are my favorite because they are so elegant and understated but sexy and feminine at the same time.

This design would look stunning on smaller bridal looks before the main events.

11. Intricate Floral Hand Design

@hennabytanzeela on Instagram

The ultimate Baraat bridal mehndi look! The floral design is so complex and intricate, it looks like it could be a design on a lehenga.

I love the traditional flowers on the palm with the more unique and different designs on the fingers.

This type of design with its traditional dark shapes is classic, but the small things like the cross stitch detailing makes it the perfect balance between modern and traditional.

12. Palm and One Finger Design

mehndi designs for brides
@samendi on Instagram

If you want something more traditional but not as heavy, I would highly recommend this mehndi design for brides.

I love how the palm fades into only one finger because its so pretty and soft, and would look great on a smaller bride who doesn’t want to feel like she is drowning in bridal clothes and jewelry and mehndi.

13. Architectural Mehndi Designs

@hennabytanzeela on Instagram

This mehndi bridal design would look amazing for your Baraat night!

The design is also very architectural with the slopes and checkered pattern, making it look very Mughal and regal.

If you are a very traditional bride and want a heavy, classic bridal mehndi design, then this design would be a great fit for you.

14. Fairytale Mehndi Design

mehndi designs for brides
@munibahs_henna_ on Instagram

This bridal mehndi design reminds me of something a doll would wear in a fairytale. It’s delicate, soft, intricate, and so stunning.

I love how the fingers are not very cluttered but that the palm is the highlight of the show, but is still very delicate and understated.

This design is so beautiful, and I am definitely going to use it for inspo for my own mehndi designs in the future.

15. Heavy Finger Mehndi


I really like how different this mehndi design is. Most traditional designs have really heavy palm designs and the fingers are less heavy and filled, but it’s the reverse in this mehndi design.

In this look, the fingers are heavily designed with different designs on each finger and the palm is empty and plain. This look would look beautiful with many bangles on and rings if you want to highlight the fingers.

16. Patterned Classic Hand Design

mehndi designs for brides
@mehndibymaariyahx on Instagram

How BEAUTIFUL is this heavily henna’ed hand design? It’s by @mehndibymaariyahx on Instagram and if you want inspiration for mehndi designs that are more traditional but with a twist, I would totally suggest you check her page out because her designs are incredible.

The design on the arm and wrists is so beautiful and intricate, this look is a must for your big day.

17. Scenery Mehndi Design

mehndi designs for brides

This type of bridal mehndi design is becoming very, very popular because of how personal and intimate it is.

Getting your love story on your arms is so cute and personal and will make your wedding and your mehndi all that more special.

What is really great about this bridal design is that it’s completely up to you what you get on your arms. Most brides get a scene of the bride and groom with a couple of special moments, like your engagement or your engagement ring. It’s totally up to you what you want for this design and that’s what makes it so special.

18. Traditional Scenery Design


This is a similar scenery mehndi design as the one above. There’s lots of patterns, florals, and swirls. The biggest thing about this design is that it’s symmetrical so when you have your arms out it looks like a mirror is in between your arms.

19. Floral Hand Vine Design

This design by @mehndibyhali on Instagram is a flower dream! It’s fun, fresh, and the perfect balance between simple and heavy.

20. Abstract Mehndi Design

mehndi designs for brides
@samendi on Instagram

Cool and modern, this mehndi design is great if you want to do a heavy design but something not traditional at all. The design is so intricate that it looks almost like stitching – so beautiful.

21. Peacock Palm Design

@nighat_kazim on Instagram

I LOVE this peacock mehndi design! It is so youthful and fun, it would look absolutely adorable on any bridal event.

Also, this design is so unique and different – I have never seen this done before and would be a great and unique addition to your bridal look.

22. Heavy Foot Mehndi Design

mehndi designs for brides

Check out this heavy, classic foot mehdni design to amp up your bridal look. This look would look so stunning with anklets and toe rings and some bright red nail polish – the ultimate foot glam for your wedding lol!

23. Floral Chained Mehndi Design


This chainlink mehndi design looks like you have jewelry on!

The floral swirls are very feminine and perfect for wedding looks, and the chain adds a fun twist you don’t usually see in mehndi designs.

23. Classic Arm Sleeve Design

mehndi designs for brides

This is a very classic mehndi design that you can never go wrong with if you want something traditional and timeless for your wedding.

24. Symmetric Arm Sleeve Design


This arm sleeve is another classic that you can never go wrong with. I love the traditional swirls and leave design, with the gap between the fingers and the palm.

This mehndi look would look absolutely phenomenal with a light colored wedding jora and not a lot of bangles so you can wear the mehndi sleeve as one long bangle.

25. Intricate Palm Design

mehndi designs for brides

This design reminds me of a intricate vintage mirror. The mehndi design is so detailed and complex, it would make the perfect bridal mehndi design.

I also really like the detailing on the wrist, it’s very unique and would make your design stand out on your big day.

26. Asymmetrical Hand Design


Asymmetical bridal mehndi designs are so cool!

Asymmetrical looks are also a great way to do a lot of designs on your big day instead of only doing one design and then mirroring it on your other hand.

27. Tidal Wave Design

Mehndi designs for brides can get boring sometimes because often times its the same look recycled on the same bride over and over again.

But this look is so unique and different, it reminds me of a tidal wave, except much more beautiful and feminine.

If you want to do something different with your mehndi for your wedding, try this abstract mehndi look by @habeedashenna on Instagram.

28. Leaf Petal Design

mehndi designs for brides
@hennabymayaa on Instagram

The leaf detailing on the finger tips is so sweet and subtle, especially when combined with the swirls on the palm.

This bridal mehndi design is very cohesive and looks aesthetically very beautifully.

Major bridal mehndi design inspiration!

29. Tattoo Mehndi Design

@samendi on Instagram

I really like mehndi design because it looks like a tattoo. This design is very cool and modern with stunning large flowers and leaf detailing on the fingers.

30. Rose Mehndi Design

mehndi designs for brides

This rose floral mehndi design with gold dust is so angelic and whimsical!

I love the simplicity of it while still making a statement. It’s also traditional but still unique – a great bridal option.

31. Sun Palm Design


We have all seen the traditional sun palm mehndi design and this design is an elevated version of that. The detailing on the fingers is so intricate and beautiful and matched the detailing on the palm.

This is one of the most beautiful mehndi designs I have ever seen, just because of how simple but elegant and detailed it is. If you want something classic but sexy, this is definitely the design to do.

32. Simple, Thin Mehndi Design

mehndi designs for brides

Like one of the earlier mehndi designs, this one reminds me of a tattoo and would be a great option if you want to have an arm sleeve mehndi design on your wedding, but don’t want it to be very heavy and full.

33. Finger Mehndi Design


This finger mehndi design is simple, elegant, and great for any bridal look!

34. Abstract Design

mehndi designs for brides

Abstract mehndi designs are really great for bridal looks because there is so much variety and the options are endless. This look has so many different designs and elements all blended into one and it works really well and looks really beautiful altogether.

35. Finger Floral Design


This floral bridal mehndi design is so unique and fun. I love how the fingers are quite plain but then you have a very intricate and detailed flower on the palm.

If you want to do something different for your wedding, a subtle and cute way to incorporate some spice into your wedding is to do a unique mehndi design, like this one!

36. Finger Design

mehndi designs for brides

This simple floral design is great for brides that want something heavy but not all over your hands and arms!

37. Checkered Design


Patterns and geometry look great in mehndi designs because of how unconventional they are. Most mehndi designs have florals and swirls, so more structured designs like this one are very unique and different.

38. Floral Sleeve

mehndi designs for brides

A traditional classic! This mehndi design will never go out of style and will look increidble on every bride, regardless of your jora and jewelry.

This is a fool-proof design!

39. Forearm Design


How fun is this floral forearm mehndi design! I like the swirl design and the big flower at the base – it’s classic but designed in such a way that it feels new and fresh.

40. Traditional but Fresh

mehndi designs for brides

I love this design! It’s traditional and ethnic but fun and fresh, too.

This design would look incredible with mehendi events and your mehendi bridal jora.

41. Geometric Full Sleeve


This geometric mehndi bridal design is so stunning and detailed but also understated at the same time.

If you’re looking for mehndi designs for brides, this is an awesome option.

42. Anklet Foot Design

mehndi designs for brides

This anklet mehndi design is so stunning! The simple ankle design perfectly balances the heavier design at the base of the foot.

This is a bridal must have for mehndi designs for brides.

43. Detailed Palm Design

mehndi designs for brides

Tell me this doesn’t look like a work of art! This detailed palm mehndi design is perfect for brides that want to do something heavy and traditional. A true classice.

44. Finger Art Design

It’s hard to do such detailed and small mehndi designs on your whole hand or even your whole arm, but even just one or two parts of your hand where you do very intricate work like this one make your entire design look so beautiful and well thought out.

45. Heavy Palm Design

mehndi designs for brides

This is another great heavy bridal mehndi design that mixes tradition with modernity and would compelte any bridal look.

I hope these 45 mehndi designs for brides give you mehndi inspiration! Check out these articles on Zara Shahjahan’s Luxury Bridal Collection and where to buy Shyamal & Bhumika.

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