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Lehenga Colors for Winter Weddings That Will Make You Swoon

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It’s getting colder and Winter wedding season is in full swing! Indian and Pakistani weddings are the ultimate fashion get-togethers and what you wear to these weddings is super important. That’s why these lehenga colors for Winter weddings will be your best friend this wedding season!

Whether you’re the bride or a bridesmaid or a distant relative, as long as you’re a wedding guest, you need to bring your fashion A-game lol!

Which lehenga colors are the best for winter weddings? Keep on reading for everything you need to know to answer that question!

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1. Classic Red

Number one on our list is the classic red lehenga.

This list is in no particular order but if it were, true red would top our list.

Especially if you’re a bride, this color is timeless and perfect year-round, including Winter. What’s also really great about red lehengas is that every brand has them and at every budget, so you’re sure to find something you love.

Even if you’re not the bride, red lehengas are a great option. If you’re afraid of upstaging the bride in a super embroidered, heavy red lehenga, then opt for something less voluminous and not as embroidered.

Where to Buy the Best Red Lehengas?

Like I mentioned earlier, finding the ultimate red lehenga is relatively easy because most brands have this color with plenty of variety.

Luxury Red Lehengas

If you have the budget to spend a bit more on a red lehenga, I would highly recommend it because they’re classic, never go out of style, and are great for formal events.

Here are some brands and lehengas you have to check out for luxury red lehengas!

  • Seema Gujral has some stunning lehengas AND they aren’t nearly as expensive as Sabyasachi and Anita Dongre. This Persian red embroidered lehenga is a little more than $1,000, which, YES, is A LOT, but is very reasonable compared to other Indian luxury designers like Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra, and Rohit Bal.

Here’s another magical Seema Gujral lehenga. It’s $2,453 and gives us major Manish Malhotra vibes! This ruby red lehenga with floral embroidered motifs and matching embroidered blouse is a great winter lehenga for brides.

And here’s another scarlet red lehenga from Seema Gujral because I can’t get enough of them! Like the other lehenga, it’s $2,453 and also has floral embroidered motifs and comes with two dupattas. If you’re looking for a bridal lehenga option, then this is another wonderful option. Plus, two dupattas are so beautiful on lehengas – it looks regal and so, so elegant.

Affordable Red Lehengas

Now let’s be honest, spending thousands of dollars on a lehenga is a bit crazy. That’s why these affordable red lehengas are great options for Winter weddings if you’re on a budget!

  • Net Embroidery Lehenga Choli – $199

Considering that a classic red lehenga by Rohit Bal can cost you almost $25,000 – YUP, $25,000 – this $200 lehenga is such a steal! Plus, you have the option to have it unstitched, stitched, or even customized.

  • Taffeta Satin Lehenga – $40.53

This is a great party-wear lehenga at an incredible price point! It’s bright red, youthful, and has the option to be customized.

This bright red lehenga is a lot more simple and plain but the embroidered and sequined dupatta with the tassels on the blouse make it super fun and a great party lehenga.

If you’re looking for lehenga colors for Winter weddings, you can never go wrong with a classic red lehenga.

PRO TIP: Be careful when you’re looking for clothes on more budget sites, because a lot of times they use designer photos of clothes to sell their own replica versions. It’s best to read reviews and check their return policies so that you are prepared for what you might receive and have the option to return it if you want.

lehenga colors for winter weddings

2. Brown

Browns, beiges, chocolate browns. BROWNS! BROWNS! BROWNS!

Brown is such an underrated color for lehengas and if you’re looking for lehenga colors for Winter weddings, you have to consider this color. It’s unique and different and you’re sure to stand out in this color – whether you’re a bride or a wedding guest.

What’s so great about brown lehengas for Winter weddings? There’s so many shades of brown to choose from. I think that when most people think of brown, they think of mud.

But when I’m talking about brown, I’m talking about beige, light brown, caramel, chocolate brown, and every other color that falls under the realm of brown.

If you want to stand out at a wedding, try a fun, brown lehenga and you’ll be sure to turn heads.

Where to Buy Brown Lehengas

Luxury Brown Lehengas

  • Embroidered Beige/Champagne Lehenga Set by Seema Gujral – $2,174

This is a beautiful bridal lehenga in the most stunning champagne/beige color with heavy embroidery and a fully embellished blouse with tassels. It has floral motif work and an embroidered dupatta – perfect for Winter brides.

  • Brown Lehenga Set by Nikita Mhaisalkar – $1,247
  • Silk Embroidered Lehenga by Jayanti Reddy – $4,319

Another stunning light beige lehenga with all over floral zardozi embroidery. This lehenga is sexy, fun, and very regal all at the same time!

  • Brown Lehenga Set by Seema Gujral – $2,453
  • Brown and Blue Lehenga by Seema Gujral – $2,007

Affordable Brown Lehengas

Spending upwards of $2,000 for a lehenga is A LOT. You can find beautiful lehengas in any price tag and here are some of them!

  • Brown Satin Frilled Designer Lehenga – INR 17,200
  • Pure Velvet Lehenga Choli in Brown – $146.02
  • Copper Beige Lehenga with Sequins and Mirror Work – $369
  • Soft Net Embroidery Lehenga Choli – $120.50
  • Light Brown Georgette Lehenga – INR 11,060
  • Brown Net Lehenga – INR 6,740

3. Teal

Lehenga colors for Winter weddings is always a tricky situation. You want something warm and appropriate to the seasonal colors, but you also want something fun and festive – after all, you are going to a wedding!

And teal screams FESTIVE! Bring some light into Winter by wearing a teal lehenga to your next wedding.

How is Teal Different from Other Shades of Blue?

Teal is a shade of blue. It’s a dark greenish-blue color that is still very much blue, but a bit on the darker side. Turquoise is also a shade of green-blue, but it’s lighter than teal.

So, teal is a greenish shade of blue and teal is darker than turquoise.

Where to Buy Teal Lehengas

Where to Buy Luxury Teal Lehengas

  • Sabyasachi is a great place to look for teal lehengas! They have a great and unique variety of blue-ish shade lehengas that are elegant, fun, and perfect for weddings. Here’s a teal green Sabyasachi currently on sale for $1,650.

The lehenga above is a lehenga choli but if you’re looking for something a bit different, you should definitely look at this teal jacket lehenga. This is a great option if you want something a bit more covered up.

  • Teal Linen Silk Lehenga Set by Anushree – $719
  • Embroidered Lehenga Set, Salian by Anushree – $581

Where to Buy Affordable Teal Lehengas

  • Teal Blue Embroidered Lehenga – $105
lehenga colors for winter weddings
lehenga colors for winter weddings
Sabyasachi Teal Lehenga

4. Black

lehenga colors for winter weddings

I know, I know. Black for a wedding? Sounds fishy.

But black lehengas are some of the most elegant and regal lehenga colors for Winter weddings I have ever seen.

Black lehengas are also really versatile. You can add practically any color to black and it will look good. Plus, black looks beautiful on all skin tones. Black is also a great color to make you look slimmer and taller.

Though most brides are probably be scared of black, it’s a great color for wedding guests. And if you are a bride, give black a shot! If you’re afraid it’ll be too dark and depressing for your wedding day, try pairing it with a colorful and heavily embroidered blouse and dupatta. Even black lehengas with embroidered skirts are an awesome bridal idea.

Here are some beautiful inspiration photos to see just how incredible black lehengas are!

Where to Buy Black Lehengas

Where to Buy Luxury Black Lehengas

  • I know I sound like a broken record but Sabyasachi has some of the most beautiful black lehengas I have ever seen. It’s hard to find exact pricing because they don’t list prices on their site, so check out this article for Sabyasachi prices for 2020.

This beautiful black lehenga set with a velvet shawl is the ultimate example of just how STUNNING black lehengas are! It’s heavily embroidered with peaks of pink and green. The lehenga is available on Aashni + Co and to find information on pricing, you’ll need to contact them.

  • Black Printed & Embroidered Lehenga Set by Tarun Tahiliani – $1,491
  • Printed Lehenga Set by Tarun Tahiliani – $2,487
lehenga colors for winter weddings
Tarun Tahiliani ($2,487)
  • Lehenga Set by Reeti Arneja – $844
  • Black Embroidered Lehenga Set – $774

Where to Buy Affordable Black Lehengas

Here are some great, affordable black lehengas you should check out!

5. Metallics

lehenga colors for winter weddings

Gold and silver metallic lehengas are perfect for Winter weddings because they are icy, cool, and very luxe.

Metallic lehengas are perfect for brides but you can totally wear them if you’re a bridesmaid or wedding guest, too! If you’re not the bride, just wear metallics that are a bit more toned down – instead of wearing both a lehenga and blouse that is metallic, just choose either the top or bottom. Or you could wear a lehenga where the metallic detailing is on the bottom of the skirt – it looks funky and great for parties while also not stealing the spotlight from the bride.

Where to Buy Metallic Lehengas

Where to Buy Luxury Metallic Lehengas

Finding luxury metallic lehengas in whatever color you want – gold, silver, rose-gold, multicolor, you name it! – is pretty easy nowadays because most luxury Indian and Pakistani designers are making them.

Here are a few I think you’ll love!

  • Abhinav Mishra has awesome metallic lehengas! What’s even cooler about their lehenga sets is that instead of using sequins and crystals to achieve the metallic look, they use mirror work. Their work is traditional and modern at the same time.

Ivory and Yellow Lehenga Set – INR 100,800

Mint Green Lehenga Set – INR 90,000

Gota and Mirror Work Set (as seen on Kareena Kapoor) – INR 168,000

Chanderi Embroidered Lehenga Set – $2,810

  • Seema Gujral Floral Cutwork Lehenga Set – $1,171
  • Neeta Lulla Embroidered Lehenga Set – $5,073
  • Itrh Woven Lehenga Set – $1,561
  • Seema Gujral Embroidered Lehenga Set – $1,366

This Seema Gugral lehenga is the ultimate bridal lehenga for Winter weddings. It’s frosty, icy, and oh so luxorious! Seeing this stunning lehenga, it makes perfect sense why metallics are the ultimate lehenga colors for Winter weddings.

lehenga colors for winter weddings

Where to Buy Affordable Metallic Lehengas

Most of the luxury lehengas have special work on them or extra embroidery with jewels and sequins and crystals to give them an extra shine.

But if you’re looking for more affordable metallic lehengas, I would recommend buying a silver or gold lehenga where the fabric is already shiny and metallic. That way, you can save money with less embroidery while still rocking a metallic lehenga!

But of course, if you can find a lehenga that has embroidery, that’s great! At the end of the day, wear the lehenga you feel most beautiful in – whether it has no embroidery or heavy emrboidery.

Check out these affordable metallic lehengas:

  • Floral Embellished Silver Silk Lehenga – INR 4,999
  • Lehenga Choli Stone Work Net in Silver – INR 5,638
  • Embroidered Net Lehenga in Golden – $150
  • Embroidered Art Silk Lehenga in Old Gold – $258.40

6. Dark Purple

lehenga colors for winter weddings
Anita Dongre ($6,308)

Purple seems like a summery color and certain shades of it, like lilac and light purple, are. But when looking for lehenga colors for Winter weddings, try eggplant or a deep, rich purple.

Dark purple is perfect for Winter weddings, whether you’re the bride or a guest. It’s elegant, regal, and fun!

Where to Buy Purple Lehengas

Where to Buy Luxury Purple Lehengas

  • Mishru Deep Purple Embroidered Bridal Lehenga – $2,831
  • Tarun Tahiliani Purple Floral Printed Lehenga – $842
  • Jiya by Veer Designs Purple Lehenga – $1,256
  • Jade by Monica and Karishma – $7,056
  • Jayanti Reddy Dark Purple Lehenga – $3,860
  • Anita Dongre Vivid Violet Embroidered Lehenga – $6,308
lehenga colors for winter weddings

Where to Buy Affordable Purple Lehengas

7. Orange

lehenga colors for winter weddings

You HAVE to try orange at a wedding. If you’re a guest, it’s easy – orange is fun and a great party color. For brides, orange is a more daring color but when done right, it looks beautiful and so fun.

Where to Buy Orange Lehengas

lehenga colors for winter weddings
Anita Dongre Lehenga
  • Tarun Tahiliani Chanderi Lehenga Set – $2,909
  • Seema Gujral Embroidered Lehenga Set – $2,453
  • Seema Gujral Orange Lehenga – $1,505
  • Esha Koul Printed Lehenga Set – $418

Where to Buy Affordable Orange Lehengas

  • Orange & Red Lehenga – INR 2,250
  • Bridal Lehenga Choli in Orange – $267
  • Orange Silk Bridal Heavy Embroidered Lehenga – INR 12,480

There are many affordable orange lehengas available online as well as in your local boutique. I’ve linked some options for you, too!

8. Maroon/Dark Red

You can never, ever go wrong with dark red on your wedding day. In terms of lehenga colors for Winter weddings, it’s timeless, elegant, and season-appropriate.

I think wearing maroon for Winter weddings, whether you’re the bride or a guest, is always a safe and pretty option.

What’s also really great about maroon lehengas is the VARIETY. Because it is such a classic Winter wedding color, most designers and stores have plenty of options of maroon lehengas to fit any budget or style.

How to Wear a Maroon Lehenga as a Bride

As you can see from the photos above, too, most brides wear maroon or dark red lehengas in a very distinct way.

Here’s the classic way to rock your dark red lehenga:

  • Velvet: this is such a popular way to wear maroon lehengas. It’s also really great for the Winter time because it will keep you warm. The dark red color also looks a lot more rich and luxurious against velvet.
  • Gold: gold and maroon is a match made in heaven. It looks regal and royal and is great if you’re more into the traditional vibe. If you want to switch it up but still be classic, having silver embroidery and work on your lehenga is an awesome idea.

Where to Buy Maroon Lehengas

lehenga colors for winter weddings

Where to Buy Luxury Maroon Lehengas

There’s no specific designer I would recommend for luxury maroon lehengas because every brand has some stunning ones.

I have linked a few especially beautiful maroon lehengas you should check out!

  • Charu and Vasundhara Hand Embroidered Lehenga Set – $905
  • Amit Aggarwal Silk Chanderi Lehenga Set – $1,171
  • Anita Dongre Vilina Lehenga – $5,077
  • Seema Gujral Maroon Mirror Embroidered Lehenga Set – $1,373

Where to Buy Affordable Maroon Lehengas

9. Mint Green

Most people think pastel and light colors like mint green are only meant for Spring and Summer weddings but this is so not true. Mint green is one of the most wonderful lehenga colors for Winter weddings because it’s fresh, bright, and icy (like Winter!).

Mint green is a beautiful option if you want to feel bright and sunny while still being seasonal and Winter appropriate! It’s also a really frosty color, which reminds me of snow and what screams WINTER more than snow?

lehenga colors for winter weddings

Where to Buy Mint Green Lehengas

Where to Buy Luxury Mint Green Lehengas

  • Ashtha Narang Embellished Mint Green Lehenga – $948
  • Paulmi and Harsh Floral Print Jacket Lehenga – $654
  • Reynu Taandon Chanderi Lehenga Set – $3,902
  • Reynu Taandon Embroidered Lehenga Set – $4,167

Where to Buy Affordable Mint Green Lehengas

10. Hot Pink/Fuchshia

Flirty, fun, and perfect for Winter weddings. Fuchsia is such a beautiful color for any season, but especially Winter because it’s unexpected and different.

These photos show how a bride can rock fuchsia on her wedding day! This floral embroidered lehenga is so fun and colorful, and will be remembered for ages!

If you’re a wedding guest, it will be easier to get away with a fuchsia lehenga. Plus, fuchsia is such a party color, it’s perfect for mehndi events!

lehenga colors for winter weddings
Sabyasachi Lehenga

Where to Buy Fuchsia Lehengas

Where to Buy Luxury Fuchsia Lehengas

  • Sabyasachi Fizah Lehenga – $5,505
  • Anushree Reddy Fuchsia Pink Raw Silk Lehenga – INR 259,000
  • Punit Balana Floral Print Lehenga – $627
  • Printed Lehenga Set – $1,010
  • Abhinav Mishra Fuchsia Embroidered Lehenga – $4,484
  • Tamaraa by Tahani Fuchsia Handcrafted & Embroidered Lehenga Set – $2,031

Where to Buy Affordable Fuchsia Lehenga

  • Fuchsia Bridal Lehenga – $242
  • Embroidered Bridal Lehenga – $192.75
  • Pink Chikankari Embroidered Lehenga – $129
  • Fuchsia Bridal Embroidered Lehenga – $193.50
  • Bharma Couture Solid Lehenga Choli – INR 1,839
  • Embroidered Lehenga Set – INR 4,750
  • Chhabra 555 Pink and Golden Printed Lehenga Choli – INR 3,570

I hope this article helped you find the lehenga colors for Winter weddings that will make you dazzle and feel amazing!

Let me know what your favorite lehenga colors for Winter weddings are!

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