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Leather Blazers: You Need This Fall Clothing Item for 2020

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Let’s be honest: we love Fall for the cozy Autumn fashion. And every year, without fail, there’s one Fall trend that everyone loves way more than any other and this year’s favorite 2020 Fall trend is LEATHER BLAZERS!

From Instagram to Tik Tok to Pinterest, you’ll see leather blazers everywhere this year! In fact, I even wrote a Fall coats and jackets article and mentioned it there, too.

Here’s everything you need to know about this years favorite Fall item.

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What is a Leather Blazer?

black leather blazers

A blazer is a type of jacket that looks a lot like a suit jacket, but just more casual. So leather blazers are kind of like leather suit jackets but just a lot more casual and informal. The lapels are less structured and there usually isn’t padding in the leather blazers that are trendy right now. A lot of blazers have buttons down the front, though nowadays it’s very common for them not to have any buttons and be flowy and open.

If you want to wear a leather blazer in the most popular way for 2020, don’t button your blazer, but have it open instead. It looks really cool and very model off-duty.

Why are Leather Blazers So Popular in 2020?

Leather blazers are majorly trending in 2020 but why? What makes leather blazers so much more special than all other jackets and coats and blazers this year?

For one, leather is on the rise this Fall so anything leather is already going to be trending. But the main reason that leather blazers are the ‘IT’ item this year this is because Y2K (early 2000’s) style is back and these blazers fit the Y2K aesthetic PERFECTLY.

Plus, leather jackets are starting to get old and boring and this take on your usual leather jacket is different, fun, and trendy while still being a classic.

All the big Instagram fashion influencers and celebrities have been rocking these leather blazers and they are now one of the hottest pieces you need in your Fall wardrobe. Celebrities like the Kardashians and Jenners love leather blazers. Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin have also been seen rocking them.

So, if you’re looking for the hottest, coolest jacket to get this Fall, you NEED a leather blazer.

What Color Leather Blazer Should You Buy?


The standard color for a leather blazer is black – it’s versatile, stylish, and will never go out of style. Black leather blazers are also the easiest to find so you can usually find a lot of affordable options for them.

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black leather blazer outfit

Black leather blazers are also so chic. I have never seen a black leather blazer styled badly because they always, ALWAYS look great. Plus, they’re so versatile.

You can wear a black leather blazer with a skirt and knee high boots, or with jeans, or even with sweatpants. My favorite way to style a black leather blazer is with a skirt and boots or school-girl chunky loafers.

black leather blazer outfit


leather blazers

BROWN BROWN BROWN. Brown is the hottest color of the season, and so are brown leather blazers! These caramel, delicious blazers are so rich and stunning, my mouths watering as I type this!

Caramel and brown leather blazers are the perfect Fall accessory because they’re warm, cozy, and oh so stylish.

Plus, a brown blazer is the color wave to go with if you want to be extra trendy and stylish in 2020.

Brown vs. Black

If you’re trying to decide between a brown and black leather blazer, here’s what you need to consider.

Do you want something classic and timeless or something trendy? Is this your first leather blazer?

If you want something classic, then black is the color for you! But if you want something trendy and really popular in 2020, then you should opt for brown! Brown is this years ‘IT’ color and a brown leather blazer will definitely step up your Instagram fashion game lol!

BUT, if you’re looking to buy your first leather blazer, then I would recommend a black one because they’re so much more versatile and go with absolutely everything. With black being such a timeless color, if you like your black leather blazer and see yourself wearing it all the time, then you can get a brown one. Because even though brown leather blazers are super trendy right now, they will continue to be super popular for the next few years, too.

Where to Buy the Best Leather Blazers?

black leather blazers

Because leather blazers are so popular this Fall, there’s so many options to choose from! What’s even better is, you can find them at great prices. I’m going to list some high end and some affordable options, depending on your budget and how much you want to invest in a leather blazer.

Best Black Leather Blazers

Best High End Black Leather Blazer

  • BALMAIN Leather Blazer – $3,264
  • VERSACE Black Leather Blazer – $2,907
  • GUCCI Leather Blazer – $4,800
  • ALTUZARRA Egan Leather Blazer – $1,764

Best Affordable Black Leather Blazer

  • ZARA Faux Leather Oversized Blazer – $69.90
  • ZARA Faux Leather Blazer with Shoulder Pads – $119
  • MISSGUIDED Black Borg Lined Belted Faux Leather Blazer – $38.25
  • AMAZON Black Leather Blazer – $160 – $200
leather blazer

Best Brown Leather Blazers

brown leather blazer outfit

Best High End Brown/Caramel Leather Blazer

  • MARNI Leather Jacket Blazer – $2,675
  • MUGLER Leather Blazer – $3,590
  • BRUNELLO CUCINELLI Fitted Leather Blazer – $7,245
  • ZEYNEP ARCAY Leather Blazer – $1,820
  • ALEXANDRE VAUTHIER Double-Breasted Leather Blazer – $2,827

Best Affordable Brown/Caramel Leather Blazer

Whether it’s a brown and caramel leather blazer or a black one, you need a leather blazer for this Fall season! They’re trendy, cool, and cozy.

I hope this made finding your perfect leather blazer easier.

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