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How to Wear a Lehenga: Best Lehenga Colors for 2020

How to wear a lehenga? What are the best lehenga colors for 2020? Read this article to rock a lehenga in the hottest colors of the season!

1.Champagne: Nothing screams luxe like champagne and these lehengas prove it! Champagne is such a versatile color, in that it can be worn at night or during the day. This summer, especially, champagne is super popular for day weddings because the richness of the color sparkles under the sun! Sabyasachi pulled out all the stops this year and has a beautiful variety of champagne lehengas, like the one below.

Another way of spicing up champagne is by adding glass work on the skirt or blouse of the lehenga set – this makes the outfit even more glitzy under the sun.

Timeless Ivory & Gold Sabyasachi Lehenga. Beautiful champage, deep V blouse lehenga by Sabyasachi

Shyamal & Bhumika 2015

Rishi and Vibhuti
The red contrast with the champagne gold is perfect for any occasion

2.Pastels: Pastels are youthful and inviting, and are perfect for day and/or outdoor weddings! The most popular pastel colors are baby pink, baby blue, mint, and lilac and designers are coming out with collections filled with lehengas in these shades. They’re timeless, because when have pastel shades not been adorable? Wear pastels for a youthful and fun look! Pastel lehengas are the ultimate bridesmaids outfit!

Pastels are also a great way to be more fun and adventurous in your outfit without it being too loud. The beautiful lilac lehenga below is an excellent example of this. It is bright and vibrant without being too in your face or overwhelming.

pastel lilac lehenga.

3.Red: A classic, timeless color that is ALWAYS trendy! Nothing says elegance like a red lehenga. Red lehengas are legendary in the Indian and Pakistani fashion world, because of how classic they are. If you’re unsure of what color lehenga to get, red is a safe and ever popular option. Just be careful that you don’t outshine the bride in red, though! If you want to wear red to a wedding, try a deep red or maroon, so that you don’t clash with the bride.

Sabyasachi classic red lehenga


Both of these lehengas are from Sabyasachi; its safe to say that no one does a red lehenga like him!

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