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How to Turn Your Skincare Bottles Into Epic Home Decor

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Wondering how to reuse old skincare bottles? I’ve got you covered! A lot of brands, like The Ordinary, use adorable little glass bottles to package their products in. But what should you do once you finish the product? Here’s how you can turn your skincare bottles into adorable home decor like vases and wall hangings!

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Which Skincare Bottles to Reuse?

turning skincare bottles into vases

I’m talking about skincare bottles in this article, but you can use any bottles you like. Skincare bottles are usually just the prettiest so they make for great home decor.

When deciding which bottles you should reuse as home decor, I would suggest glass bottles. Aesthetically, glass bottles look the most luxurious and have hard, smooth surfaces that make for great vases and wall hangings. Plastic bottles on the other hand require constant cleaning and can change color from use. So, what was once a clear plastic bottle could soon turn into a hazy, gray colored bottle. Plus, plastic bottles can be easily scratched.

How to Turn Skincare Bottles Into Vases

how to turn skincare bottles into vases

Step 1: Finish and Remove Labels

The first thing you need to make sure of is that your skincare bottles are empty! Sounds obvious, but it’s important. Once you’ve finished the bottle you have to remove the skincare labels.

The easiest way to do this is to just remove the stickers with your hands but they can leave stubborn and ugly label residue.

So, my favorite way to remove the labels is to put the bottles into boiling water for a few seconds. Then, with tongs (be careful, the water’s hot!!), remove the bottle and you’ll be able to easily remove the stickers without any residue to clean up.

Step 2: Fill the bottle with pebbles and beads

I love adding beads and pebbles to the base of the ‘vase’ because 1) they look super cute and 2) it helps keep your flowers in place.

Pebbles look really earthy and beautiful AND they’re super affordable.

Here are a few links to pebbles for vases:

  • Polished White Pebbles – $10.95
  • Polished Black Pebbles – $10.95

I also really like beads and stones for vases, especially if your bottle is bigger! They help ensure that the flowers you place in them don’t move around. Of course, if you like them to move freely, then skip the beads.

Here are some great stones and beads to put in your vase:

  • Glossy Polished Pearl Beads – $7.99
  • Fall Decor Plastic Beads (perfect for Autumn!) – $12.99

Just put your beads and pebbles into the base of the bottle and you can put in as many or as little as you want.

PRO TIP: I would suggest making sure that you put enough stones to keep your flowers stable. Personally, I like to cover a little less than half of the bottle with pebbles. That way, the flower is fixed in place but you still the beautiful beads and some of the stem of the flower.

Step 3: Add your flowers!

This is the final and most fun step! All you have to do is find the flowers you want to use and put them into the pebbles in the bottle!

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PRO TIP: try to use flowers with a tall enough stem so that you’ll see the leaves and flowers and they won’t be jammed into the bottle.

How to Turn Skincare Bottles into Wall Hangings

This is such a fun and cute way to reuse several old skincare bottles. You can also use this if you’re on a tight budget but want to decorate your place and have it be colorful and fun.

Step 1: Collect at least 3 skincare bottles

This wall hanging requires at least 3 skincare bottles so that you can evenly distribute them on the string and hang them up.

Obviously the number of bottles you will use depends on how large the area you want to cover is.

If you want to hang this over a window, two or three is fine. If you want it for a wall in a room, you’ll probably need many more. But three is a safe number to try for the first time and you can readjust if the space requires more.

Step 2: Remove labels and paint the bottles

Now, make sure to remove the labels following the method mentioned above of putting the bottle into boiling water for a few seconds.

Once the labels and stickers have been removed, then you can move on to painting. This is so fun because it’s so personal and completely up to you.

You can paint each bottle a different color with different designs and experiment and go crazy with it!

Step 3: Hang them up!

This is the most technical part of the whole DIY project.

First, you have to decide how to want to hang the bottles up. If you don’t want to use any tools whatsoever, then you can use thick string to tie around each bottle and then hang them as one.

BUT, if you don’t mind using tools, you can buy hooks from the home improvement store and then put your bottles into the hooks. This way of hanging the bottles almost makes them look like light fixtures!

Using the hooks is a lot more technical and requires tools, so I would stick to the string method if you’re unfamiliar with them.

Wall Hanging Tip

If you’re using the string to hang up your bottles, DON’T fill them up with pebbles and stones like in the case of turning the bottles into vases. This is because it will weigh the bottles down and make it more likely that your wall hanging won’t be able to handle the weight and collapse.

And that’s how easy it is to turn your old skincare bottles into fun and quirky home decor pieces. What are some other ways you’ve reused your old skincare bottles? Comment them down below!

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