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How to Style Tennis Skirts for Fall in the Most Trendy Ways

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how to style tennis skirts
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Tennis skirts are the IT trend of this year. Everywhere you look – on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and whatever other social media you use – there are tennis skirts. Every Instagram fashion bloggers favorite new piece is going viral and there are tons of ways to style it. Keep reading to find out how to style tennis skirts in the trendiest, most fashionable ways for the Fall.

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Different Ways to Style a Tennis Skirt

1. Oversized Pullovers

Honestly, anything oversized looks AMAZING with tennis skirts. This is because the short, mini skirt is balanced by a bigger, more ‘conservative’ top, making your outfit look sexy, cute, and cozy all at the same time.

Oversized pullovers are a super trendy and popular way to style tennis skirts. You can wear oversized pullover sweaters, hoodies, or any other top really.

This is also perfect for the Fall and Autumn time because they’re warm and cozy.

Where to Buy Oversized Pullovers?

So where do you find cute, affordable pullovers? My favorite places to look are Amazon, H&M, Bershka, and Urban Outfitters.

You can find really affordable, plain oversized pullovers at H&M and Amazon, though if you want more embellished ones, these places aren’t where you should look. Bershka has a great range of pullovers that are trendy and cute at a good price range. Urban Outfitters has AMAZING pullovers! They are pricier than the other stores I have mentioned, but they are a lot less plain.

Here’s links to some oversized pullovers that would look awesome with tennis skirts!

  • Urban Outfitters (UO) Lyra Pullover Sweater – $69
  • UO Lillu V-Neck Pullover Top – $49
  • UO Oversized Crew Neck – $69
  • UO Oversized V-Neck Top – $35
  • UO Recycled Oversized Print Sweater – $39
  • UO Mixed Striped Sweater – $80
  • UO Cropped Sweater – $119
  • H&M Oversized Sweatshirt – $17.99
  • H&M Long Hoodie – $24.99
  • H&M Sweatshirt – $9.99
  • H&M Thick Sweatshirt – $24.99
  • H&M Cotton-blend Sweatshirt – $9.99
  • H&M Devil Horn Hoodie – $17.99
  • Amazon Crew Pullover Sweater – $28
  • Amazon Drawstring Knit Jumper – $22.99 – $26.99
  • Bershka Snoopy Hoodie – $29.99
  • Bershka Printed Oversized Sweatshirt – $25.99
  • Bershka Oversized Hooded Sweater – $19.99
  • Amazon Oversized Pullover Sweater – $38.84
  • Collusion Oversized Sleeveless Jumper – $8 (on sale)
  • H&M Rib-Knit Sweater Vest – $34.99
  • H&M Fine-knit Sweater – $34.99
  • H&M Hoodie – $19.99
  • H&M Oversized Hoodie – $19.99

I know these are A LOT of links, but I wanted to give you options! These links cover hoodies, sweaters, sweatshirts, and plain ‘ole pullovers. You’ll definitely find something you love in that list.

Tennis Skirt & Pullover Inspiration Photos

Here are some adorable inspiration photos for the next time you want to style tennis skirts with oversized pullovers!

2. Collared Shirts & Sweaters

how to style tennis skirts
@emmaleger on Instagram

How to style tennis skirts? The most popular way to style these pleated mini skirts is with collared shirts and sweaters.

This style gives us major school girl vibes, in the best way possible! It’s fun, flirty, and fit for any day occasion.

Collared shirts and sweaters are really great for transitioning into the Fall, too, because when it’s cold in the mornings you have the sweater to keep you warm, and once it gets hot in the afternoon, you can take off the sweater and rock just the collared shirt and skirt for a cool, casual vibe.

Where to Find Collared Shirts & Sweaters

This way of styling tennis skirts is really easy, too, because virtually every store has button-down shirts and sweaters. Some trendy, cool stores you definitely want to check out for this style are Zara and Mango.

Zara has some of the best pieces every season at a reasonable price point and the same goes for Mango. Mango is a bit more boho and neutral-toned whereas Zara is more modern, cool-toned, and trendy. Other stores like H&M and Topshop are also great places to look.

But, honestly, any store is fine because any store will have collared shirts and sweaters. Now, it’s just up to your personal style and vibe.

Also, you don’t just need to wear sweaters in the usual sense. The pullovers I linked and talked about above are great with collared shirts, too! I also posted a few inspo pics with collared shirts and pullovers below, just to show you how cute they look.

Check out these links for this trendy style:

  • Zara Poplin Shirt – $49.90
  • Mango Pocket Shirt – $39.99 (on sale!)
  • Mango Oversize Flowy Shirt – $59.99
  • Topshop White Plain Poplin Shirt – $40
  • H&M Cotton Shirt – $17.99
  • Zara Oversized Knit Sweater – $49.90
  • Mango Knit Embroidered Sweater – $59.99
  • Topshop Mixed Sleeve Knitted Sweater – $58
  • H&M Knit Sweater – $19.99

Any of the pullovers, hoodies, and sweaters I listed under ‘where to buy pullovers’ would work perfectly well for this style! But for the list above I have linked collared shirts and sweaters to pair with your tennis skirts.

Shirt Collar Hack

Sometimes wearing shirts under sweaters, especially tighter ones, can be a pain. But have no fear! There is a solution. COLLAR INSERTS! These fake collar detachables are super easy to put on and then all you have to do is put your sweater or pullover on top and it looks like you’re wearing a collared shirt under your sweater!

Here are some fake detachable collars on Amazon:

Collared Shirt, Sweater, & Tennis Skirt Inspiration Photos

Here’s some cute collared shirts and sweaters combination for your tennis skirt outfits!

3. Cropped, Button Up Cardigans

how to style tennis skirts
source unknown

Cute, cuddly, and cozy! Cropped, button up cardigans were super trendy this year, and couple with tennis skirts, this style is really popular this year.

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Cropped, button up cardigans are also a really great way to transition into Fall because the cardigans are thicker and cozier.

Where to Buy Cropped, Button Up Cardigans

Most high-street stores will have these cardigans because of how trendy and popular they are this year.

Let’s check them out!

  • Bershka Bustier Top with Straps – $12.99
  • Bershka Fuzzy Jacket with Button – $17.99
  • Bershka Rhinestone Cardigan – $17.99
  • Zara Ribbed Jacket with Buttons – $19.90
  • Zara Cropped Knit Cardigan – $39.90
  • Zara Ruffled Knit Cardigan – $69.90
  • Zara Cut Out Knit Sweater – $39.90
  • Zara Faux Fur Trim Knit Cardigan – $49.90
  • Urban Outfitters Chenille Cardigan – $54
  • Urban Outfitters Amelia Brushed Cropped Cardigan – $89
  • Urban Outfitters Ombre Knit Cardigan – $69

My favorite cardigans are from Zara and Urban Outfitters. Zara has really cool and unique cardigans like this cut out cardigan. I LOVE Urban’s colors and textures, like this ombre knit cardigan, and this brushed cardi.

Cardigan & Tennis Skirt Inspiration Photos

4. Argyle Sweater Vest

These sweater vests are a girly and modern twist on golfer fashion lol. Argyle sweater vests look adorable with tennis skirts and the combo has been all over Instagram and Pinterest.

Where to Buy Argyle Sweater Vests

A lot of stores are now making this style of sweater vest because they’ve seen how popular they are this year, but a sure fire way to find these vests is through thrift shopping and buying second hand in the MENS DEPARTMENT.

If you can’t find argyle sweaters in the women’s section of any store, check out the men’s side and you’ll be able to find them and they’ll give an effortless, oversized look.

The best place to get argyle sweaters are second hand stores. Check out Depop and Poshmark for them. Etsy is also an awesome place to get Y2K clothing!

Here are a few links to argyle sweaters you can rock with tennis skirts:

Argyle Sweater & Tennis Skirts Inspiration Photos

how to style tennis skirts
@uhgodness on Instagram

5. Colored Tights and Knee High Socks

how to style tennis skirts
source unknown

Tights are a Fall staple and one of the cutest and easiest ways to transition an outfit from Summer to Autumn. Everyone has their black, sheer polka-dot tights that they pull out every Fall, but have you tried colored tights?

Colored tights keep your legs warm but are still fun, colorful, and nostalgic of Summer. If you find ones with patterns and prints, even better! They’re funky, cool, and super unique. Colorful fishnet stockings are really fun, too!

To wear with tennis skirts, I would recommend sheer pastel tights or knee high socks.

Knee high socks are warm, sexy, and so much fun for the Fall.

Where to Buy Colored Tights & Knee High Socks

how to style tennis skirts
source unknown

6. Bucket Hats

how to style tennis skirts
@cassdimicco on Instagram

Hats are the ultimate Autumn accessory (or the perfect accessory for a bad hair day!). Bucket hats look super chic and cool, and paired with tennis skirts, it’s adorable.

Where to Buy Bucket Hats

Investing in a designer bucket hat can make your outfits pop and look a lot more luxurious. If you’re interested in looking for luxury hats, check out these ones!

  • Gucci Bucket Hat – $335
  • Gucci White Lame Bucket Hat – $545
  • Prada Logo Bucket Hat – $350

For more affordable options, these bucket hats are great:

7. Furry Tote Bags

how to style tennis skirts
Cloud Hunter Tote ($89)

Fuzzy, cuddly, Autumnal! Furry tote bags are the ultimate Fall accessory for 2020 and will look adorable with ALL your outfits, including ones with tennis skirts.

Where to Buy Furry Tote Bags

how to style tennis skirts
Go Jane Tote Bag ($18.95)

I hope this list on how to style tennis skirts for Fall gives you all your Autumn fashion inspo!

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