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How to Look Cute in Winter While Still Being Warm

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It’s freezing outside and that means wearing coats and jackets that drown you and hide your cute outfits. I’m really into fashion and clothes and have found 13 how to look cute in Winter hacks that make sure that I look trendy, cute, and stylish while still being super warm and cozy.

So if you’re wondering ‘how can I look attractive in Winter?’ and ‘how can I look cute and warm?’ then you need to check out these simple and easy tips to look cute all Winter long.

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1. Layer with Thermals

I get really tired of just wearing sweaters all Winter long but I can’t wear my Spring, Summer, or even Fall clothes without being really really cold.

The ultimate way I’ve found to be able to wear my whole wardrobe during Winter is by layering with thermals.

Thermal under shirts and leggings are a great way to layer on top of each other and trap your body heat so that you stay warm and cozy, even if you might not be wearing the warmest clothes on top.

Sometimes, when it’s really cold, I’ll layer two thermal shirts under a shirt or sweater and it will keep my warm all day long. The same goes for thermal leggings.

Best Thermal Under Shirts and Leggings

I’ve linked my favorite thermal shirts and leggings to layer in:

2. Double Up Your Socks

I don’t know about you, but my feet are FREEZING year round, but especially during the Winter.

Even when I wear thick Winter boots, my feet are usually still pretty cold, so now I double up on my socks and that is the best way I’ve found to still keep wearing my cute boots and sneakers in the Winter without my toes getting frostbite lol!

If you’re wondering how to look cute in Winter, this is a very practical and simple tip that will let you wear all your favorite shoes without your feet freezing.

Best Winter Socks

3. Find Fun Knits

It’s cold outside and we’re all bundled up in sweaters, but why not make a statement and try out some fun, funky knits that will add the ultimate pop! to your outfit.

Best Winter Knits

These knits are so fun and will make Winter dressing a lot more exciting:

4. Invest in Boots with Treads and Traction

I get really annoyed when I see these big fashion magazines giving us ‘how to look cute in Winter’ guides with silly and impractical tips that will definitely not keep you warm in the colder months.

My personal experience is that when it’s cold, I put aside my cute heeled boots and pull out the big boys: thick threaded boots that have traction so that I won’t slip and slide on the snow.

Invest in good Winter boots that look as stylish as Winter boots can, and reuse them every Winter.

My biggest tip for finding Winter boots is to stay away from the high, stiletto heeled boots – can you imagine the disaster if you’re wearing those on an icy sidewalk?!

Best Winter Boots

My favorite brand for Winter boots is Timberland. I bought my first Timberland boots almost a decade ago and I still wear the same ones every Winter and they have never let me down.

I’ve linked a few that look cute and will keep your legs warm (and have good grip!):

5. Stay Stylish with Your Bag

One way to keep your outfit fun and stylish, even if you’re huddled up in coats and jackets, it to accessorize with your bag!

Having a stylish bag will make your outfit pop and help you look cute all Winter long.

Best Bags for Winter

Here are some of my favorite affordable bags this season:

6. Fur Hats

One of the most trendy Winter accessories this year is the fur hat.

I have seen these fur hats EVERYWHERE and this is the cutest and trendiest way to stay warm this year.

Best Fur Hats

7. Get Matching Winter Sets

One of the easiest ways to look classy, put together, and Winter ready is to get matching sets of scarves, gloves, and hats.

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Having such a coordinated outfit makes you look like you put so much effort into your look and will keep you very, very warm.

Best Matching Winter Sets

8. Swap Earrings with Earmuffs

Earmuffs are super practical for the Winter but this year they’ve also become very trendy.

Instead of your usual earrings, switch them out with warm and cozy earmuffs that will give you bundled up and warm.

Best Trendy Earmuffs

These earmuffs are so adorable and will keep you very warm this Winter:

9. Statement Coats and Jackets

Another way to look cute in the Winter is by having statement coats and jackets that are just as stylish as they are warm.

Best Statement Coats and Jackets

I’ve found some adorable statement coats and jackets that I think you will LOVE:

10. Layer Your Coats and Jackets

Layering your coats and jackets is so important in the WInter because the more layers you have, the warmer you will be.

Layering your outerwear also looks very chic and stylish so if you’re wondering how to look cute in Winter, you should definitely try this tip out.

Use these photos as inspo!

how to look cute in winter

If you’re just getting started with layering, my easy layering tip is to layer first a cardigan over your shirt, then a denim jacket over the cardigan, and finally a coat or thick jacket on top.

This is a fool-proof way of looking stylish and trendy while still staying warm.

Best Pieces to Layer Outerwear

Start layering with these Winter basics!

11. Give the Illusion of Wearing Sheer Tights

I have found the ultimate hack to making it look like you’re wearing sheer tights when in reality you have multiple fleece lined leggings on!

Literally all you need to do is wear a pair of nude fleece lined leggings (make sure the nude color matches your skin tone) and then put a pair of sheer tights on top. The nude legging underneath will look like your skin even though you’ll be super warm and cozy underneath.

If you live in a very cold place, you might want to wear two pair of thermal leggings before you put the tights on top.

Here are some fleece nude leggings and sheer tights to help you get the look:

12. Hop on the Trend: Balaclavas

Balaclavas have taken over the fashion scene this year and it’s the perfect time because it’s Winter and they keep you SO warm.

If you want to stay trendy and cute during the Winter, then you will definitely want to check out these face warmers.

The best place to find really good quality, hand knitted balaclavas is Etsy. They’re usually very low i stock, though, because the sellers only make a few, so if you like one make sure to order it fast.

Here are two that are currently still in stock:

13. Skinny Jeans and Leggings Under Looser Pants

I haven’t worn skinny jeans in the last few years for any reason other than as an extra layer under my looser pants during the Winter.

This Winter hack is a great way to make use of old skinny jeans you don’t wear anymore!

All I do is put on straight leg jeans or wide leg jeans that are super trendy right now over my skinny jeans and that way I have an extra layer of warmth and the skinny jeans are completely hidden underneath.

I hope these tips and tricks on how to stay cute in Winter help you stay fashionable and warm all season long.

So the next time you’re wondering ‘how do you look cute when it’s cold?’, refer back to this article!

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