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How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair: My Holy Grail Anti-Frizz Tips & Products for 2022

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how to get rid of frizzy hair fast and at home

Having struggled with frizzy, static, and humidity prone hair all my life, I’ve tried and tested dozens of frizz free hair hacks. From years of figuring out which products actually work, which DIY at home tips are worth the time, and which advice is complete garbage, I’ve created this in-depth guide on how to get rid of frizzy hair fast, at home, and permanently.

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What Causes Frizzy Hair

Your hair becomes frizzy when strands of hair start running in different directions, disrupting smooth hair to get dry, coarse, and frizzy.

The main causes of frizzy hair are:

  • Humidity
  • Showering with very hot water
  • Using harsh tools on your hair
  • Washing your hair too much
  • Split ends
  • Drying your hair with a rough towel
  • You have very curly hair
  • You have dry hair

Keep reading on how to get rid of frizzy hair and have shiny, smooth, and silky hair that is hydrated and won’t get frizzy again!

How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair Fast

Glycerin Shampoos

Glycerin is such an underrated ingredient if you’re into how to get rid of frizzy hair.

If used properly, glycerin is one of the most hydrating and moisture packing ingredients that will prevent frizz and make your hair incredibly soft and shiny.

Not only is glycerin great if you want to be frizz free, it’s also commonly used for curly and thick hair that is hard to manage.

If you use raw glycerin on your hair, it will weigh your down and make it feel very greasy, which is why you should be using products that are specifically formulated with it.

One of my favorite ways to use glycerin is in shampoo form – you get all the amazing benefits of glycerin without it weighing down your hair and making it oily.

Best Shampoos for Frizzy Hair

If you want a moisturizing glycerin shampoo that helps with frizz and static hair, check these out:

Use an Ionic Dryer

Letting your hair dry naturally is a great way to get rid of frizz naturally, but that’s not an option for a lot of people.

If you use a hair dryer to dry your hair after washing it, make sure you’re using the right type of dryer.

Ionic hair dryers are great for frizz because they emit ionic charges that help your hair cuticles close more easily and make your hair feel hydrated, soft, and silky.

If you want to know how to get rid of frizzy hair, you need to be using an ionic hairdryer!

Best Hairdryers for Frizzy Hair

Here are two incredible ionic dryers you should switch over to if you want to get rid of frizz for good:

Try a Dry Conditioner

What is Dry Conditioner?

Dry conditioner is essentially leave-in conditioner except instead of being in the traditional conditioner consistently, it’s dry and resembles dry shampoo in it’s spray.

The purpose of dry conditioner is to pack your hair with moisture (like a leave-in conditioner) while still being travel friendly and great for on the go.

Just spray your hair with a couple of sprays of dry conditioner and your frizz will instantly be more manageable, look shinier, and feel a lot softer.

The main purpose of a dry conditioner is to moisturize the hair and reduce frizz and static.

Best Dry Conditioners for Frizzy Hair

These are two of the most popular dry conditioners on the market right now and great if you’re looking for frizzy hair products:

Hair Serums

If there’s one tip you need to be using to get rid of frizz instantly, it’s to use a good hair serum.

Hair serums are known for adding shine, reducing frizz and static, and making your hair feel silky smooth for hours.

You need to invest in a good hair serum if you want an effective and fast frizzy hair treatment!

Best Hair Serums for Frizzy Hair

These hair serums are known to be some of the best products for frizzy hair – you will absolutely love these anti-frizz serums!

Hair Masks

If you have a lot of frizz, then you should be doing a deep conditioning hair mask weekly (more if you have dry hair).

Hair masks soak your hair with moisture and leave it silky soft and free of any frizz and static. They’re also great for preventing hair breakage and building stronger, more durable locks.

Best Hair Masks for Frizzy Hair

Invest in a good deep conditioning hair mask and you will get rid of frizzy hair fast and permanently!

These are my two all-time favorite hair masks – they make my hair less frizzy and manageable (especially in humid environments), add shine, and make my hair feel silky smooth, all without weighing my hair down:

Hairspray (but only a little!)

I used to have extremely frizzy hair, so much so that after a point stopped bothering styling it because humidity would make my hair puff up and ruin every hairstyle.

BUT, my hair started combatting frizz and humidity really well once I started using hairspray.

When most people apply hairspray, they apply it all over and use quite a bit to make their hairstyles last all day, but if you want to prevent frizz, only use a little bit of hairspray on targeted areas where you get get the most frizz (this is usually the tops of your head and the ends of your hair).

What I do is: spray a little hairspray on the tips of my finger and gently smooth down the tops of my hair for frizz and flyaways. For the ends of my hair I apply the spray straight from the bottle to coat all my ends to seal the cuticle and prevent it from frizzing throughout the day.

This tip saved my very frizzy, static hair and will save yours, too!

Best Hairsprays

I like to use extra hold hairspray because that way I know my hair won’t budge.

These hairsprays never disappoint:

Invest in Hydrating Products

The biggest reason you get frizz is because your hair is lacking moisture and it’s desperately giving your hair hints that it needs hydration ASAP.

That’s why investing in great hydration, anti-humidity, and anti-frizz products is so important for your hair.

Hydrating products will give your hair the moisture it needs, make it feel softer, and look shinier and silky smooth.

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Best Products for Frizzy Hair

I have very frizzy, humidity prone hair and these are my favorite products for making my hair less frizzy and more manageable:

Detangle Carefully

This tip is so, so important for all my curly hair girls!

If you never brush your hair out because your curls become frizzy and like a big ball of fuzz, then make sure you’re detangling your hair with a wide tooth comb.

This is important because using a wide tooth comb will brush out your hair without breaking your curl pattern and making your hair frizzy and messy.

Start combing from the bottom of your hair all the way to the root and while holding onto your hair so it doesn’t break and frizz up.

Take your time detangling your hair, if you’re messy and brush through your hair too fast, it can cause extra frizz from the friction.

Ditch the Terrycloth Towels

One of the reasons your hair might be getting so frizzy is because there’s built-up friction in your hair, that gives the appearance of frizzy, static, and unmanageable hair.

The first place to look to try and get rid of frizz is your showering and the most common culprit is using a terrycloth towel and rubbing your hair in it to dry it.

Everyone does it, but that doesn’t mean you should because it might be a big reason why your hair is frizzy and has static.

Instead, switch over to a microfiber towel that doesn’t create as much friction and dries your hair even faster than a regular terrycloth towel.

Not only are microfiber towels great for reducing frizz in hair, they’re also great for thin hair that is prone to breakage, they promote moisture retention so your hair is more hydrated, and they reduce hair drying time.

Metal Combs

It’s important to brush your hair every night to remove product build-up and allow your hair follicles to breathe and not get clogged.

To avoid getting frizz when you brush your hair, use a metal comb to get rid of frizz and static hair.

Metal combs are very durable and smooth, allowing your hair to pass through them without friction so that there is less tension and pull on your hair, which means your hair doesn’t get frizzy and static.

Silk Pillowcases

One of the best at home frizzy treatments is a simple switching of pillowcases from cotton to silk.

There are so many benefits of using a silk pillowcase, including:

  • Protects hair from frizz
  • Your hairstyles last longer
  • Less drying for hair
  • Less tangles
  • Prevents breakage
  • Keeps hair hydrated

If you want to know how to get rid of frizzy hair at home naturally, you need to make this simple switch to silk pillowcases.

Gel & Mascara Wands

If you have very frizzy, static hair and nothing seems to keep your hair in place, try using an extra hold hair gel and a clean disposable mascara wand!

All you need to do is coat the wand in hair gel (make sure to scrape the sides to remove excess product that can make your look greasy and dirty) and then run it through the parts of your that get most frizzy.

This is a great frizzy hair hack that will keep your hairstyle intact and look very sleek.

Careful How Much You Wash Your Hair

Why is my hair so frizzy after I wash it? If your hair is frizzy after washing it, it means your washing your hair too much and stripping it of its natural oils, which makes your hair dry, frizzy, and prone to breakage.

Try to wash your hair 2-3 times a week so that your hair can get the necessary oils it needs and retain moisture.

Get Regular Trims

One of the reasons you might have frizz is because you have a lot of split ends and as your hair grows longer, it’s essentially just more and more, longer and longer split ends that can make your hair look static, frizzy, and difficult to manage.

While you could drown your hair in hydrating products, the best treatment for split ends is to just cut them off and start fresh.

The easiest way to get rid of frizz if you have a lot of split ends and don’t want to chop off feet off your hair is to get frequent and regular trims that keep your hair healthy and split-end free.

Not having split ends will instantly make your hair less frizzy and static.

Use a Diffuser on Curly Hair

Here’s another must-try tip for curly hair!

If you have frizzy, curly hair, then make sure you’re using a diffuser when you dry your hair to retain your curl pattern which will make your hair look less frizzy.

This simple step in your hair care routine will make a world of a difference!

Cold Rinse After Every Shower

Every time you wash your hair, end your shower with a cold rinse where you soak all your hair in cold water for at least 2 minutes.

This is amazing for locking in moisture, preventing frizz, and having shinier hair.

The easiest way to prevent frizz is by ensuring your hair is hydrated and getting enough moisture and this easy frizz hair hack is a quick way of getting softer, more hydrated hair ASAP.

Style Hair When Wet

A good way to tell if your hair will be frizzy after you dry style it is to see if it’s frizzy when it’s wet.

If you’re hair is frizzy when it’s wet, then it will definitely be frizzy when it’s dry.

That’s why it’s best to style your hair when it’s wet so that you can avoid it getting frizzy once it’s dry.

Apply your hair products when your hair is soaking wet, then let the hair hair dry 75% (100% if you don’t need to use heat), and then use an ionic dryer to dry your hair, style your hair, and then seal the hairstyle with an anti-frizz hair serum. This is the hair care routine I use to prevent frizz all day long and even in humid conditions.

Stop Touching Your Hair

Constantly touching, scrunching, and tugging at your hair can cause frizz and breakage.

When you’re touching your hair a lot, you’re essentially stealing your hairs natural oils which can make it dry and stringy, causing frizz.

Try to avoid touching your hair for less frizz and stronger hair ASAP.

I hope these frizzy hair tips help you on your hair journey for better hair fast!

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