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How to: Euphoria Makeup Looks (Fun, Glittery, and Powerful)

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Euphoria inspired makeup looks are all the rage lately, and with the second season about to start filming, this post is coming at you at the perfect time. Keep reading to see some stunning Euphoria makeup looks and the products to achieve them.

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The makeup looks on Euphoriaa, done by Doniella Davy (donni.davy on Instagram) and Kirsten Sage (kirinrider on Instagram), have totally revolutionized the makeup game and what’s trending with their exaggerated eye looks, with lots and LOTS of glitter, sequins, and bright colors.

Euphoria Makeup Looks

I don’t have product breakdowns for every single look, so for those ones I’m going to link products you can use to achieve the same look. All the product breakdowns are directly from the Euphoria makeup artists Instagram pages, so definitely check out their profiles for more makeup looks from the upcoming season!

Oh, and all the pictures are also directly from the Instagram pages of the makeup artists (donni.davy and kirinrider on Instagram).

Euphoria Makeup on Hooded Eyes and Monolids

Euphoria makeup looks on hooded eyes and monolids
Euphoria Makeup on Hooded Eyes and Monolids

I have really hooded eyes, making most eye looks completely useless to me. Do you ever watch these beautiful makeup gurus on YouTube doing fancy eye looks and don’t know if you’d be able to do them because of how hooded your eyes are? Well, Euphoria makeup looks are perfect for you!

I initially thought that about the Euphoria makeup looks too, because the focus is the eyes. BUT, head makeup artist Doniella Davy said that having monolids and/or hooded eyes isn’t a problem at all if you want to recreate the Euphoria makeup looks because the main actors, like Hunter Schafer, Zendaya, and Alexa Demie all have hooded eyes, too!

Doniella said that her focus is lash-line definition with colorful washes or shapes painted over the lids. She likes putting these washes of color beyond the crease up onto the brow bone, which is perfect for hooded eyes.

So if you have hooded eyes or monolids, try using colors alllll over the eye, while defining your lash line.

One of my favorite – and one of the most iconic looks on the show – were Alexa Demie’s purple and red eye look. She had a purple lid, with red rimming her eyes. Even though she has hooded eyes, the look made her eyes pop and she looked amazing!

Here are some other Euphoria makeup looks on hooded eyes:

euphoria makeup looks on hooded eyes and monolids
Makeup for Hooded Eyes

These eye looks on Hunter Schafer for the show are STUNNING. Using multiple colors is great for hooded eyes because they add dimension and lets be honest, they’re just so much fun.

In these looks, Doniella brings the eyeshadows all the way onto the brow bone and rims the lash line – a signature look on Euphoria.

euphoria makeup looks on hooded eyes and monolids
Euphoria Makeup on Hooded Eyes

I love how the show also uses lots of shapes, in addition to all the fun colors. Like here, using the gold metallic shapes on the red eyes makes the eye look so much cooler and more interesting. And best of all, they’re so easy!

All you’re doing is picking colors you like, throwing it all over the lid and then playing with shapes and glitters and jewels.

euphoria makeup looks on hooded eyes and monolids
Euphoria Makeup on Hooded Eyes

Maddy’s (Alex Demie) cheer leading eye look in the top photo is ICONIC and has been recreated the most out of all the Euphoria makeup looks.

The sequined look in the bottom is also a great example of how to play with hooded eyes.

Hooded eyes are sexy and mysterious and beautiful, play with colors and textures and jewels and rock that eye look!

Maddy’s Cheerleader Look

euphoria makeup look maddy cheerleader makeup
Cheerleader Euphoria Makeup Look

THE Cheerleader makeup created sound waves in the beauty world. This look is so iconic and stunning, there’s no way we could do a Euphoria makeup looks article and not include it.

The brows for Maddy’s look were super simple: airy and minimal. Doniella used Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Pencil ($23), to very lightly define the brows. I’d recommend short, quick flicks to achieve that airy look.

For the face, Maddy has on the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation ($64). She’s wearing a MAC lip liner and lipstick by Tarte, but you can use any nude lipliner and lipstick to get the same vibe.

The main point with the lips is that they’re very toned down and neutral, so that the eyes can be the main focus. Here are some that I think will achieve the same nude color that are also super affordable:

For lipstick, I love Loreal and this satin lipstick in Golden Splendor is such a pretty nude shade. Plus, it’s only $5.68!

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Maddy has on two highlighters: Glossier Niteshine ($20) and Hourglass. Hourglass has a bunch of amazing highlighters and the makeup artist didn’t list the specific one she used, so I’m going to link the Ambient Lighting Infinity Powder ($48), because from what I can tell I think she used that.

The eyes steal the show, so let’s be real, y’all came for the details on the eye look (me too!). Doniella used Colour Pop Cosmetics eye shadows and Urban Decay 24/7 Waterline Liner ($22). She didn’t give the name of the eyeshadows and Colour Pop has thousands of eye shadows, so it’s hard to narrow down. I would suggest a deep green shade and a lighter, lime color for the inner corner.

The gems on her eye’s and in her hair are from Amazon, and the lashes are House of Lashes. For lashes, try the Au Naturale Lashes ($9) by House of Lashes, they’re super natural and won’t take away from the heavy eye makeup.

This 2,000 piece face gem kit is only $8.29 and will create all the Euphoria looks! I really liked this set because of the different size gems so you can really play around with shapes and sizes.

Ice Peacock Look

euphoria makeup look ice peacock look

This look is stunning but it’s less makeup and more JEWELS! When the eyes are open, the lashes are so long that you don’t see much of the eyeshadow, except for when she closes her eyes.

Let’s do a quick product breakdown:

When it comes to lips, the specific shades weren’t listed but it’s a pretty basic baby pink lip. Any pinky nude would work great. For the eyes, though the exact Maybelline shade isn’t given, use a green/turquoise shade as a base and the shade Edgy Emerald ($8.99) is perfect for this. On top, pack on an eyeshadow of a similar tone and you’re good to go.

Also apply some big false eyelashes to complete the eyes. The star of the show are the face gems, which you can find on Amazon. This 6,000 piece multicolored set is perfect for face makeup.

Now, just place the colorful gems around your eyes and then put the clear ones all over the face.

For the remaining looks, there weren’t any product breakdowns given but I’ve found products that will achieve the same look!

Eye Spikes

euphoria makeup look eye spikes

This look was created using FaceLace. They have so many eye stencils to choose from, the options are endless!

Pink Cowgirl

euphoria makeup look cowgirl glitter
euphoria makeup looks cowgirl glitter eye look

This look is super fun and edgy. Doniella said she wanted a lot all at once: flame eyeliner, pink glitter, and Twiggy lower lashes. For the lips, she used red lipliner and a clear gloss. This look is so fun, let’s do a quick product breakdown:

  • Lemonhead.LA Mulholland Spacepaste – $22
  • Chanel Cream Liner Pot – $33
  • Armani Luminous Silk Foundation – $64
  • MAC lipliner and gloss

The makeup artists don’t specify which liner and gloss they used from MAC, so I’m going to list some dupes that are much cheaper than MAC.

Here’s some red lipliners which would look great if you want to recreate Maddy’s look:

For the gloss, any clear gloss works, but here’s a few affordable ones:

Blue Eyeliner Look

For this look, the same Mulholland Spacepaste ($22) was used from Lemonhead.LA with blue liner as the main feature. Here’s some blue liners you can use for the same look:

Face Jems

euphoria makeup looks face gems
Rhinestone Looks

The most important parts of a lot of the Euphoria makeup looks are the rhinestones and face gems. The eyeshadow looks on their own are usually pretty simple and easy, but the look is completely elevated once you add the face jewels and rhinestones.

Here are more links to face gems and rhinestones (there’s already some linked for individual eye looks above):

  • Amazon – $6.89
  • Amazon – $7.99
  • Squish Beauty Flower Acne Patches (super cute so you can use them for face decor, too!) – $14
  • Dolls Kill Pearl Gems – $10
  • Dolls Kill Tear Drops Gems – $10
  • Cholas x Chulas Candy Face Hearts – $8
  • Cholas x Chulas Chain Metal Bullets – $10

Euphoria Makeup Looks to Get You Inspired

We’ve gone over some of the iconic looks of the show, but for the most part, it’s all up to your imagination. The best part of Euphoria’s makeup looks is that it’s open to interpretation on the colors you use, how you place the face gems, and the overall vibe of the look.

Euphoria Makeup Tips

If there’s any key things to remember when doing Euphoria makeup it’s these:

  • Keep the face simple and dewy
  • Make the eyes pop: use BRIGHT colors, RHINESTONES, and GLITTER
  • Keep lips soft with a nude lip liner and clear gloss
  • If you want to make the lips bold, use a strong lip liner with a contrasting gloss (like the bold red liner and clear gloss in Maddy’s cowgirl girl)
euphoria makeup looks inspiration
Euphoria Makeup Inspiration
euphoria makeup looks

I hope these Euphoria makeup looks made you feel inspired and gave you a a little insight into which products to use for some of the most iconic makeup moments on the show.

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