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How to: Bella Hadid Style for Less (on a budget)!

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Let’s be honest, Bella Hadid’s street style is amazing. It’s trendy and chic and she always looks stunning. But her outfits are really pricey, and I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford the pieces shes wearing. In this article, I’ll show you how to get Bella Hadid style for much, MUCH less.

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Outfit #1

Bella hadid street style
Bella Hadid’s Street Style


Bella’s green coat is by Saks Potts and retails for $1,255. That’s A LOT. Here’s some adorable dupes to Bella Hadid style on a budget!

House of Sunny Peggy Cardi – $100

This is a cardigan and not a coat, but it gives us major Saks Potts vibes and the fur looks super similar to the shearling on Bella’s coat. Plus, this cardi is only $100 (or 79 pounds), a fraction of the price of the coat that Bella is wearing.

This cardi is from the brand House of Sunny, which is a newer brand that’s blowing up on Instagram. This piece is a new release so you’ll definitely be on top of all the style trends with this cardigan.

Nasty Gal Olive Vinyl Trench Coat – $88

This vinyl trench coat from Nasty Gal is a great, affordable dupe for Bella’s Saks Potts coat. There’s no fur collar but the length of the coat is the same and so is the color. It’s on sale right now on Nasty Gal’s website, so get yours fast!

TIP: Nasty Gal is always having sales going on so if you like something, keeping checking the site because it’ll go on sale very soon! This trench coat is on a 60% sale right now. Originally it was for 189 Euros but it’s discounted to 75.60 Euros now!

House of Sunny Waiter Blazer – $150

This vegan leather jacket with a faux detachable fur collar is so similar to Bella’s coat that it’s a little scary. Granted, it’s not as long, but at 120 pounds, its a bargain hard to beat!

I know jackets and cardigans above $100 is a lot, but when you’re comparing it to Bella’s $1,255 coat, you see what a bargain these jackets are.

If these are out of your budget, try layering an over-sized green button down instead of a coat.


Twinset Crocodile Print Faux Leather Trousers – $88

These croc print leather trousers are currently on sale at Twinset for 67.50 Euros! The color is greener than Bella’s pants, but the croc print and color look beautiful on its own and is pretty comparable to her pants.

H&M Faux Leather Pants – $27

These faux leather pants from H&M are in the same color as Bella’s and have the same leather look! These pants are $27 (or 21 Pounds) but look so much more expensive.


Missguided White Racer Back Crop Top – $7

All you need to recreate Bella’s top is any basic white crop top! Here’s one from Missguided for only 6 Euros! Zara and H&M also have some great, affordable options. I’ve linked them when you click on Zara and H&M 🙂


Bella’s wearing a pair of small, black sunnies – perfect for the small sunglasses trend. Here’s a pair of sunnies on Amazon for only $12.98!

Amazon – $13

Outfit #2: Babydoll Outfit

bella hadid street style
Bella Hadid’s Street Style

This is one of Bella’s most iconic looks. She wore this babydoll dress by Daisy and knee high boots for her 21st birthday.

Let’s try and recreate this look for less!


Pacsun LA Hearts Keyhole Smocked Dress – $22

pacsun smocked dress $22
Pacsun Smocked Dress

This dress from Pacsun is a great, budget-friendly dupe to recreate Bella’s babydoll dress look. It’s currently on sale for $22.17, so if you like this, get it while it lasts!

I love this dress to recreate Bella’s look because it’s a similar style and is super affordable.

Missguided Ruched Milkmaid Dress – $22

Missguided has amazing milkmaid dresses that give major babydoll vibes – like this ruched mini dress. This dress is currently on sale for 19 Euros, reduced down from 38 Euros.

Plus, Missguided always has great sales going on on trendy and chic pieces so you can always find great celeb inspo on their site.

Bardot Babydoll Dress – $159

When it comes to variety and good quality, Nordstrom is always a good idea. This dress by Bardot is a babydoll style with lace detailing.

Doesn’t this dress remind you of Zimmermann?! I love this dress! It’s formal enough to wear at nighttime but also light enough to wear during the day.

It is on the pricier side – at $159 – but it looks much more expensive and is much cheaper than Bella’s babydoll dress from Daisy.


Bella has on knee high boots which look vintage designer, which means $$$$. Here’s some affordable white knee high boot options!

Oh, and also, keep in mind that the boots mentioned below all have pointed toes because those are the type of boots that Bella is wearing.

GoJane Sporty Stripe Knee High Boots – $39

GoJane currently has these sporty boots on sale from $78 to $39! Check them out, they’re super edgy and would look great contrasted against a babydoll dress like Bella’s.

Missguided Croc Effect Knee High Boots – $50

These boots by Missguided are a croc print dream! They’re trendy and cute and the pointed toe makes them extra edgy. These boots are super comparable to Bella’s shoes and if you wore them with one of the babydoll dresses above, the girly-ness of the dress and the edgy-ness of the boots would look amazing!

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To get the full Bella Hadid style you need to look at her bag too. In the photo, we can see her carrying a Dior saddle bag on her shoulder. Dior saddle bags retail for thousands of dollars, so check out this saddle shaped bag, for a fraction of the Dior price!

Shein Saddle Bag – $17

Shein’s bags are so trendy and cute, it’s hard to believe that this saddle bag is only $17! They’re a fraction of the price of Bella’s Dior saddle bag and look just as cute. This is the ultimate Bella Hadid style hack – a $17 dupe of a $3,000 bag!


Bella is wearing a pair of hoop earrings in this babydoll inspired outfit. I can’t tell if they’re gold or silver, so I’m going to link both! Check out these affordable hoop earrings to complete this Bella Hadid style transformation.

From what I could tell, Bella isn’t wearing very thin long hoops but rather thicker smaller hoops. Those are the type of hoops I linked below, but Amazon has a huuuge variety of hoops to choose from!

Amazon Gold Hoop Earrings – $8.29

Amazon Silver Hoop Earrings from Nine West – $16

Outfit #3: Model Off-Duty Look

bella hadid street style

No one does model off-duty like Bella. This outfit is the epitome of sexy and chic, all at the same time.

Let’s find affordable dupes to recreate this street style outfit!


Zara Ripped Denim Mini Skirt – $36

This Zara denim skirt retails for $35.90 and the ripped edges are similar to the messy fringe on Bella’s skirt.

Not only is this skirt perfect to recreate this outfit but a denim skirt is also a staple in any wardrobe. If you don’t have a denim skirt in your closet, you need one ASAP!


Zara Ribbed Bodysuit – $25.90

Zara Combination Strappy Bodysuit – $39.90

zara strappy combination bodysuit $39.90
Zara Bodysuit

Pretty Little Thing Nude Plunging Neck Bodysuit – $8

Perfect Shop Nude Plunging Strappy Bodysuit – $36.78


Bella’s wearing a pair of lace up satin sandals. I haven’t seen many of these type of sandals in satin before, so it was a bit of a struggle trying to find affordable dupes to recreate the look. What was even harder was finding dupes that were in stock! I found a couple of cute pairs of shoes and would get so excited, only to find out they aren’t in stock. Scroll down to see what you shoes you can wear to recreate Bella’s model off-duty look!

Public Desire Nude Lace Up Strappy Heels – $39

These strappy heels by Public Desire are in the same color and style as Bella’s, but they aren’t satin. They do, however, give off the same vibes as Bella’s shoes, so they’re a great, affordable dupe!

AmiClubWear Satin Strappy High Heels – $10

These strappy heels are satin and lace up and they’re only $10! For such a steal, these had to be included!

Amazon Allegra K Satin Lace Up Heels – $28


AliExpress Small Oval Sunglasses – $2.15

Bella’s wearing what appears to be small oval sunglasses in a deep red shade. I found these sunnies on AliExpress for only $2.15! Be warned, though, that these sunglasses are probably not going to be the best quality, so it might be smart to over a few pairs so you have another on hand if one breaks. But, these sunnies are such a steal. If you’re on a budget, check these out!


Bella’s wearing some gold hoops in this look, so I’ve listed the same Amazon gold hoops I linked earlier. They’re the same thickness as the one Bella is wearing.

Amazon Gold Hoop Earrings – $8.29


We can’t see it too well, but Bella’s wearing a baby blue Chanel backpack in this photo. Now, Chanel is reallyyy expensive, so if we’re going to recreate this outfit on a budget, I’m not even going to bother linking it.

Check out these super cute baby blue bags to recreate Bella’s look!

PrettyLittleThing Baby Blue Ruched Bag – $26

Storets Pleather Purse Bag – $64.90

Neither of these bags is a backpack but to be honest, I think these shoulder bags are way cuter and would look just as adorable with the look!

Outfit #4

bella hadid street style
Bella Hadid Style

Crop Top

PrettyLittleThing Bardot Long Sleeve Crop Top – $8

This crop top by PrettyLittleThing is an exact dupe for what Bella is wearing for only $8! Check it out!


Zara Premium 90’s Full-Length Jeans – $49.90

zara full length 90's jeans $49.90
Zara 90’s Jeans


Bella’s wearing white, pointed boots in this look. I linked pointed whited boots when recreating Bella’s babydoll look, so I’ll relink those boots again. They would go perfectly with this look and are an exact dupe for her boots.

Missguided Croc Effect Knee High Boots – $50


Bershka Quilted Belt Bag – $14


Amazon Chunky Gold Plated Hoops – $13.99


Bershka Rectangular Sunglasses – $13

These sunnies from Bershka aren’t an exact dupe to Bella’s sunglasses, but they give off a similar vibe, and they’re for only $13.

Outfit #5: Rocker Chic

bella hadid street style
Bella Hadid Street Style


Pacsun Plaid Pants – $35

Dolls Kill Tapered Plaid Pants – $65

dolls kill plait tartan pants $65
Dolls Kill Plaid


Amazon Shein Basic Crop Top – $14

Amazon Gobles Crop Top – $12.99

Forever 21 Ribbed Racerback Crop Top – $12.99

forever 21 ribbed racerback crop top $12.99
Forever 21 Racerback Crop Top

Leather Jacket

Amazon Shein Cropped Leather Jacket – $30.99 – $40.99

Asos Bershka Cropped Faux Leather Jacket – $34


Lulus White Pointed Pumps – $34


Amazon Retro Cat Eye Sunglasses – $10.98

Outfit #6: Denim on Denim

bella hadid street style
Bella Hadid Street Style

This outfit is a great summer look. The denim skirt and black top is basic but the denim jacket adds dimension to the look and makes it more fun.

Let’s look at the clothes you need to recreate this look!


The denim skirt Bella is wearing in this look is very similar to the skirt she wore in the model off-duty look covered earlier, so I’m going to link the same skirt from Zara again.

Zara is a great place to get basics and also to stay up to date on the latest trends. If you want to recreate celebrity looks, always check Zara because they’ll probably have what you’re looking for!

Zara Ripped Denim Mini Skirt – $36


Prettylittlething Black Slinky Bodysuit – $14

Denim Jacket

Bella’s wearing a cropped denim jacket in this denim on denim look. Here’s a dupe to recreate the look:

Bershka Cropped Denim Jacket – $33

bershak denim cropped jacket $33
Bershka Denim Jacket

This cropped denim jacket from Bershka is an amazing dupe for the denim jacket Bella is wearing. The only difference is that this jacket is a bit more light-washed than Bella’s. Nonetheless, it’s a great dupe at a great price!

I love Bella Hadid’s style, but most of her looks just aren’t affordable. I hope this article gave you looks to recreate on a budget, and give you street style inspo for other outfits!

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