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Holiday Party Outfits: Formal Winter Essentials You Will Love

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holiday party outfits
Via Mia Mia Mine

It’s officially holiday season and everyone’s scrambling to find their holiday party outfits. Whether it’s for work or a family party or anything in between, these are some formal winter essentials you need for all your holiday parties this year. Holiday party outfits have never been this affordable, cute, and sexy (but not too sexy!). You will love these!

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Holiday Party Outfits for 2021

1. Velvet Dresses

holiday party outfits

If you’re trying to come up with holiday party outfits last minute and feel kind of overwhelmed because you want something sexy but appropriate, something presentable but fun, then you need to invest in a nice velvet dress.

Velvet dresses are perfect for holiday parties because they’re elegant and sophisticated while still also being fun and a little sexy.

These dresses are a great option for work parties, for holiday parties at home, and even just for going out with friends in the Winter.

Velvet is such a classic Winter fabric.

Best Velvet Dresses for Holiday Parties

I have found the most amazing velvet dresses that are affordable and perfect for any holiday party this year.

I think you’ll love these!

2. Jumpsuits

holiday party outfits
Via La Belle Society

A great holiday party outfits idea is a jumpsuit!

Not only are jumpsuits really elegant and great for formal events, but they’re also really convenient if you don’t know what to wear because it’s one piece of clothing that covers both your top and bottom – it’s easy and perfect if you don’t know what to wear.

Plus, jumpsuits are actually kind of sexy – perfect for work holiday parties but also family events where you want to be elegant but also a little sexy.

Jumpsuits for Holiday Party Outfits

Here are some amazing jumpsuits that you should definitely check out for the holiday season this year:

3. Velvet Blazers

Since velvet is such a classic Winter fabric, I thought I’d give you some options if you’re not into dresses for your holiday parties.

A good velvet blazer looks so luxe and expensive, and is great to throw on top of any blouse for your holiday party.

The Best Velvet Blazers for Winter 2021

Since holiday parties are pretty formal, I wouldn’t recommend wearing an oversized blazer that swallows your body because they tend to look informal. If you want to size up a size to give your shoulders a more boxy frame, that can look edgy and cool, though.

Here are some of my favorite velvet blazers for this holiday season – I even added a velvet blazer suit because who doesn’t love a matching set!

4. Knit Sweater Dresses

This is a holiday party outfits ESSENTIAL.

Knit dresses are perfect for winter holiday parties because you can easily dress them up with cute boots and lots of accessories, or you can keep it a little casual – knit dresses are super versatile!

If you have a lot of holiday parties with friends and family, then knit sweater dresses are a great option because they aren’t super formal but still look elegant and really nice.

I love wearing sweater dresses for Winter parties – and if I’m feeling extra spunky I’ll throw on cool tights with them and it’s the perfect comfy, cozy Winter party outfit.

Where to Buy Sweater Dresses

Check out these adorable knit dresses:

5. Patterned Tights

Skirts and dresses are really popular options for holiday party outfits but if it’s very cold where you live, then you might want to pair the bottoms with tights to keep you warm and cozy the entire night.

But your tights don’t just have to be another, simple accessory that adds nothing to your outfit: add some spice to your outfit by wearing patterned tights that are so much more fun for holiday parties.

Patterned tights are also a great option if the rest of your outfit is quite simple – the tights will be a statement and make your outfit POP!

Fun Patterned Tights for Christmas

6. Pearl Tops

A great top option for holiday parties are pearl tops: they’re elegant and formal but still fun and trendy.

When you’re dressing for formal events like holiday parties, you want to make sure you’re dressed appropriately but also still fun and lightweight that you can enjoy yourself the whole night.

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And pearl tops are perfect for that!

Pearl Tops for Holiday Parties

Here are some beautiful pearl tops you will love for this season!

7. Sequined Dresses

Sequined dresses are another holiday party must-have!

If you want your holiday party outfits to be more fun and light, then a sequined dress is perfect because they’re sexy and cute but can also be elegant and put-together if you pick the right cut.

Sequined Dresses for Holiday Parties

Here are some awesome sequined dresses you will love for this holiday season:

8. Dangly Earrings

I don’t know what it is about long dangly earrings but whenever I think of holiday party outfits, I always imagine myself wearing them.

Dangle earrings are really great for holiday parties because since it’s Winter, you might be bundled up, and one of the few parts of your body that people will instantly see is your face and you want something that catches peoples eyes and frame your face.

These type of earrings are major statement pieces and will make any outfit feel more formal and put together.

Plus, if you feel like your holiday party outfit is a bit boring and plain, dangle earrings are a great way to spice it up without having to add on any extra layers.

These earrings are a MUST for holiday party outfits!

Best Long, Dangle Earrings for Parties

9. Long Satin Dresses

Satin midi dresses are super popular for the Spring and Summer but you can easily transition them into the Winter by layering properly.

Satin makes for a great Christmas fabric because it’s subtle but sexy and makes a statement without being too in your face.

The best way to wear a satin midi dress for your holiday parties is to wear a sweater over the dress and belt it so it cinches in the waist. Or you can wear the dress with tights underneath and then an awesome coat on top.

Either way, a satin midi dress is a great holiday party option if worn properly. Just make sure to stay warm so you don’t get sick!

Best Midi Dresses for Parties

10. Winter Shawls and Scarves

I grew up watching my mom wrap herself in shawls and luxurious scarves for Winter events and now I find myself doing the same thing.

Winter shawls are not only super practical and warm for the Winter weather, but look so elegant and put together – I feel like I always look so much more expensive and luxe when I have a shawl on.

Plus, you can use shawls and scarves to make any outfit more formal. Sometimes I’ll wear an all black outfit and throw on a colorful shawl and it’s the perfect way to add some color, texture, and depth to your holiday party outfits.

Love this as a holiday party outfit option – shawls are so underrated!

Where to Find Winter Shawls?

Here’s a few Winter shawls I think you’ll love!

11. Sequin Tops

A great way to spruce up your holiday party outfits is to add sequins to it. Nothing screams ‘Christmas party!!’ like sequins, which is why sequined dresses and tops are so popular for Winter festivities.

You can pair these tops with satin pants, tucked into a satin midi skirt, or flowing on top of fitted flared pants – the options are endless.

Best Sequin Tops for Holiday Parties

Here a few great sequin tops I’ve found that are perfect for holiday season and would look killer for your upcoming Thanksgiving or Christmas get-togethers.

12. Leather Pants

Leather pants are a great Winter staple and are perfect for holiday parties because they can be formal, look amazing on everyone, and are great if you have a more busy, statement top and want something more subtle on the bottom.

I’m a huge fan of leather pants because they can be dresses up or down so easily and transition between seasons really.

Leather pants are a closet staple anyhow, and are great for holiday parties this Winter season.

Best Leather Pants

Here are a few leather pants that would look amazing for your holiday party outfits!

I hope these holiday party outfits inspiration gives you ideas for your upcoming Winter parties and makes getting ready for them a whole lot easier.

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