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19 Heart Nails Ideas to Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day! (DIY)

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner and these heart nails designs are an easy, fun, and romantic way to spice up your V-day celebrations. Even if you’re not celebrating, these heart nails ideas are cute for any occasion!

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Easy Heart Nails Ideas for 2021

1. Pink and Red Baby Hearts

heart nails design

This heart nails idea is so easy and romantic, it’s kind of crazy. I have done this design on my own nails and it was so easy, and if I can do it, you can DEFINITELY do it.

The hardest part of this design is the little red heart on the nails, and this can be kind of tricky, especially if you have shaky hands like me. You can find super thin paint brushes and use them to draw the hearts, or even a toothpick.

BUT, since I suck at any sort of art whatsoever, drawing the little red hearts absolutely terrified me because I was afraid of ruining the baby pink base on my nails. Here’s a little hack I found:

HACK: instead of drawing the red hearts on your nails, you just put stick-on stickers on your nail and then apply a topcoat so that they last longer and voila! You have heart nails without the hassle and fuss. Applying another layer of topcoat on the nails will help the stickers last longer, but to be safe you can put on nail glue on the back of the sticker and then let it dry for a few seconds and once it gets tacky, you can stick it on to the nail. Easy peasy!

Here are the nail polishes you can use for this look (I have included many different shades of pink and red so that you have a variety to choose from!) :

2. Simple Rhinestone Heart Nails

heart nails design

Now there is nothing easier than this heart nails design.

All you have to do is apply a shiny top coat (or a very light nude color) and then put on the rhinestone heart stick on. After that, I would recommend putting on another layer of top coat, just to make sure the rhinestone sets in place, or you can use nail glue!

To be honest, I like this heart nails idea a lot more than most of the other ones I have seen because its simple and understated but still super cute.

You know how everyone talks about the model off-duty looks that look so effortless and cool on models, this is the nail art equivalent of that haha! This look is easy and simple but a really soft and sweet way to be in the V-day spirit.

Here are some supplies that might help you with this look!

3. Half&Half Heart Nails

I absolutely LOVE this heart nails design. It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland and is so romantic and sweet and just so freaking adorable!

Here are some links that will really help with in creating this look:

I added these 3D heart decal stickers because if you can’t draw the little heart in the center (its hard, trust me, I have tried lol!) then you can just use heart stickers and it looks super cute and adorable without all the trouble.

4. Red and White Heart Manicure

How sweet and fun are these heart nails?

I’m obsessed with the little red strip of the white tips!

If you need a good white and red nail polish to recreate this look, check these out:

5. Pink and Brown Heart Nails


Pink and red are the most traditional Valentine’s Day colors but another really great color to go with pink is BROWN. Brown and pink is a killer color combo and it’s really great for the winter months that Valentine’s Day is in.

What you need to get these adorable pink and brown heart nails for Valentine’s Day:

heart nails design

6. Simple White Heart Manicure

If you’re looking for heart nails that are elegant and lowkey, you will love this Valentine’s Day nail inspiration.

Show your nail tech this design and let her handle the rest!

7. Shades of Green Heart Nails Design

heart nails design

Another really fun and personal way to wear heart nails for Valentine’s Day without following the traditional pink and red shades is by personalizing it with your favorite colors or just any color, really.

This different shades of green nail design is so cute and fun without being too lovey dovey lol.

These different shades of green nail polishes are perfect for this look!!

In the photo, the hearts have been hand painted, which is easier if you make the heart a bigger size, like in the photo. Here is a nail art brush ($9.99) set that will make making hearts (or any shape, really) a lot easier and won’t mess up any of the polish you have underneath.

8. Heart Nails… on STEROIDS

Lazy Oaf

I’ve probably mentioned like a 100 times that drawing hearts on nails is tough so it might be easier to use stickers, but this heart nails design fixes that! The hearts on this design are so big that it will be so much easier to draw hearts on your nail without messing up.

In fact, maybe this design came about because they kept messing up the heart so they just made it bigger and bigger and bigger lol. Either way, this design is perfect if you have a hard time drawing shapes on your nails.

Get this look on a budget!

9. Heart Nails Manicure

This simple twist on your classic white tip manicure is so fun but so simple and a great way to spice up your Valentine’s Day without it being too festive and borderline tacky.

10. Heart Nails Swirls

heart nails design

Doesn’t this heart nails design remind you of those strawberry swirly candies all our grandmothers used to give us? Not gonna lie, these nails are making me kind of nostalgic lol!

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Now, this nail design is harder to DIY but if you’re good at art or just have a steady hand, then this will be a really fun nail design to try for Valentine’s Day.

HACK: if you want to do this nail design but don’t think you’ll be able to do it, a great idea is to try press on nails, but before putting them on your nails, you can paint the design you want on the press on and then glue it on to your nails. This is such a convenient way to do your nails, especially when you’ll be doing your dominant hand.

Get this look:

11. Heart Candies Nail Design

heart nails design

Now tell me this isn’t cutest nail design you have ever seen. It’ll be pretty hard to DIY, but if you have the knack for it, then go for it! The hardest part of this design is writing the words on the nail but you can use a nail stamp for that, which I’ll link below in the list of supplies you might need for this design.

This style of the heart shape on the bottom half of the nail is super trendy and popular this year, so it’s perfect for this Valentine’s Day!

Here’s everything you need for this nail look:

12. Neutral Heart Nails Swirls

I love this heart nails design in neutral tones. It’s perfect for the winter months (which just so happens to be during Valentine’s Day) and it will go with all your outfits.

This look will be hard to do on your own but try the press on nail hack I mentioned earlier and it will make your nail design so much easier and more convenient.

What you need for this adorable nail look:

13. Rhinestone Heart Nails

heart nails design

If you want something simple and easy but still glamorous and glitzy, then this is the look for you!

Literally all you have to do for this look is a base color (baby pinks would be perfect for V-day!) and then use nail glue to stick on the rhinestones. Yup, it’s THAT easy!

Here’s what you need:

14. Simple but Classic Heart Nails

heart nails design

This is probably the easiest of the looks shown but its classic, simple, and great for all events, not just Valentine’s Day.

This type of nail design has been really popular last year and this year and it’s super easy to DIY at home.

If you’re looking for good red nail polish colors to use for this nail look, check these out:

15. Oreo Heart Nails


Love these basic cream and dark brown/black nails, and I think you will, too! These nails will go with an look and are a simple way to celebrate V-day.

16. Sexy, Black Heart Nails

heart nails design

These nails are sexy and sultry and actually really easy! The heart in this look is more messy and flexible, so you can room for error that will still look like its meant to be a little messy and all over the place.

Other than that, all you need is to paint your nails black and then one nail could be a statement color, with the black heart to tie everything in. I would recommend a lighter color for the nail you will paint the heart on because black is already such a dark color that a lighter color like baby pink or nude would contrast super well with it.

Check out how to get this look for less:

17. Nude Nails

How adorable is this nude manicure with a simple black heart on the sing finger – so sweet!

Create these nails with:

18. Classic with a Twist Red Heart Nails


This look is a classic Valentine’s Day look! It’s sexy, romantic, and the deep red shade is super sultry.

I think this look is sexiest on longer nails but can look great on all nail lengths! In this photo the nails are French manicured but you can do this look on plan unpainted nails, too. A convenient hack for this nail look is to put on a topcoat so your nails are glossy and then put on the rhinestones and stickers.

In this look the nails have little hearts painted on them but I would recommend using nail stickers if you want to DIY this look because its so much easier and more convenient.

Here’s what you need for this look!

19. Black Hearts

Black tip manicures are so sexy but the little black heart makes it approachable and sweet.

These nails are actually press ons that you can order HERE – they make getting cute nails so convenient and affordable.

Love this nail design!

I hope these 19 heart nails designs for the 14th of February make your Valentine’s Day more romantic and fun! Tell me what your favorite look was and if you recreate them, I would love to see!

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