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The 16 Best Greasy Hair Hairstyles That Look Chic & Stylish in 2022

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I wash my hair about once a week, which means that a lot of days my hair is greasy, oily, and very dirty – and let’s be real, there’s only so much dry shampoo and other hair products can do. That’s why I’ve become an expert on greasy hair hairstyles that either make my hair look a lot cleaner and fresher than it actually is or helps hide my oily hair.

If you want hairstyles for dirty hair days, you need to keep reading for the cutest hairstyles to hide your greasy roots in 2022.

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The Best Greasy Hair Hairstyles

braided bangs hairstyle

1. Braid the Grease Away

Whether you have long hair or short hair, this easy braided hairstyle is simple, quick, and great at hiding greasy hair.

I love easy hairstyles like this because you don’t even need dry shampoo – the oil in your hair is great for getting defined braids!

And you can do this hairstyle on any hair type and natural hair so it’s super convenient.

2. Hair Bandanas

This is one of my favorite easy hair hairstyles for oily hair, especially when its 6th day hair and my hair is way too greasy to keep it open.

A cute way to make hair bandanas more interesting is by braiding the front pieces of your hair!

space bun hairstyle

3. Half-Up, Half-Down Space Buns

This is one of the best hairstyles to do because it’s super easy but looks like you spent so much time and effort on it!
This slick backed hairstyle is great for hiding oil in your hair and looks so chic.

Use a straightener to curl the ends of your hair upwards for a retro vibe.

wet look waves for oily, dirty hair

4. Wet Look Waves

If you’re hair is very oil and greasy, why not embrace it and give your hair the wet look?

Wet hair looks have been so trendy this year and are super easy to achieve with a wave or curl enhancing serum that makes your hair look slick and like you’ve just come back from a swim.

This hairstyle looks best on wavy hair so if you have straight hair, you might want to curl it a little to get the perfect textured waves.

Embrace your natural hair texture with this wet look hair idea!

trendy y2k space buns

5. Trendy Y2K Space Buns

I love wearing my hair in space buns when my hair is too greasy to leave down!

Best for medium length to long hair, these Y2K space buns look trendy, chic, and so adorable!

If you’re isn’t too greasy, try leaving a few front pieces out for an effortlessly messy look.

hair clips for greasy hair looks

6. Clip the Bangs Away

So it’s second or third day hair and your hair is greasy enough that you know you can’t leave it open but not so greasy that the length of your hair looks dirty and oily.

In that case, clip away the greasy front pieces with cute and colorful hair clips and let the rest of your hair flow!

slick back pony

7. Use Your Grease as Hair Gel

Something about a slick back pony looks so model off-duty chic on short and medium length hair!

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If your hair isn’t too oily, keep a few front pieces out for face framing.

8. Stacking Hair Clips

One of my favorite dirty hair hairstyle ideas is to just distract with lots and LOTS of fun hair clips.

Styling greasy hair can be really annoying when your hair is super oily and the roots of your hair look like they’ve been dipped in oil, but this hairstyle is a great way to look trendy and stylish while also hiding oily roots.

Here are some of my favorite hair clips and bobby pins to use for this hair hairstyle:

middle part bun

9. Middle Part Buns

This Kendall Jenner inspired dirty hair hairstyle is perfect for work, for school, and even for formal occasions where you just didn’t have the time to wash your hair.

Parting your hair down the middle, pulling up the sides of your hair, and gathering it in a high bun looks chic, put together, and is a great way to hide oily hair.

space buns with bows

10. Bow Space Buns

Adding bows to your space buns is such a subtle and easy way to elevate your hair while also being perfect for dirty hair days.

Elevating easy hairstyles with bows is a great way to make simple hairstyles a lot more interesting!

braids and wavy hair

11. Slick Back Braids and Waves

If just your roots are starting to get greasy, put back the front of your hair and braid it, while keeping the rest of your hair in a classic half-up, half-down hairstyle – look how well it hides oily roots!

This is one of the best hairstyles for greasy hair because it looks like you put so much effort and time into it.

chic, slick back pigtails

12. Chic Pigtails

Pull a Hailey Bieber and wear your dirty hair into chic high pigtails – doesn’t this dirty hair hairstyle reminds you of Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls?

I’m obsessed!

slick back model pony

13. Classic Slick Back Pony

If all else fails, putting your hair in a slick back classic pony will never look bad.

This hairstyle is very model-off-duty and looks effortlessly stylish.

14. Y2K Headbands

Like with a hair bandana, sometimes your hair is so greasy and so oily and so dirty, that the easiest thing to do is just cover it up with a thick Y2K headband that looks trendy and stylish but also hides your unwashed roots.

Here are some stretchy headband options that will definitely come in handy on 3rd day hair:

messy bun with hair clips

15. Distract with Hair Clips!

Throwing your hair up in a bun is a classic hairstyle for greasy hair that can get kinda boring.

That’s why a fun and easy way to jazz up a classic updo is by adding fun hair accessories like clips and colorful bobby pins.

This easy dirty hair hairstyle looks so chic!

bubble braids

16. Bubble Braids

Bubble braids are so popular right now and one of the best hairstyles for greasy hair because you can slick your hair back, using your greasy roots as hair gel, and then just use hair ties to tie your hair every 3 inches for this trendy 2022 hairstyle.

I hope these hairstyles for greasy hair make hiding your greasy, dirty hair so much easier!

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