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My Favorite Funky Patterned Tights That I Know You’ll Love

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It’s getting colder out, and I feel like as it gets colder and I start putting on more and more layers, my outfits are becoming more and more boring. So the easiest and most fun way I’ve found to keep my outfits cute is by adding funky patterned tights that make a statement and make any outfit more interesting.

So if you want some funky patterned tights to brighten up these colder months, then keep on reading!

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The Best Funky Patterned Tights

1. Japanese Inspired Floral Tights – $22.00

How adorable are these Japanese inspired floral tights?

Floral tights are really trendy right now and these tights would be a great way to stay on trend and stylish.

I love the baby pink and muted red tones!

2. Check Patterned Tights – $6.92

If you want fun patterned tights without going too crazy on the color and print, then these check patterned tights are a great way to get used to wearing them.

These are trendy but also really classic and will never really go out of style.

3. Tiger Paisley Funky Patterned Tights – $22.00

These tiger paisley funky patterned tights are WILD but in the best way possible!

I am in love with these tights just because of how crazy and weird they are – I have never seen tights like these before.

Throw on these tights and it’s the ultimate way to amp up any boring outfit.

Nothing says statement piece like these babies lol!

4. Teal Plaid Patterned Tights – $22.00

Plaid is a Winter classic and these teal plaid tights are such an adorable twist on a Winter classic.

These would be great for the Winter holiday season!

5. Gothic Style Tights – $9.00

These gothic style tights have a spider web inspired design that looks kind of like a floral pattern and it’s really beautiful!

These tights remind me of Corpse Bride – love them!

6. Swirly Abstract Tights – $14.54

How fun are these tights? If you want something abstract, I think you will absolutely love these!

I love how these tights have darker colors – they’re perfect for the Winter.

7. Animal Print Patterned Tights – $16.53

Cheetah and leopard print tights are really common but I’ve never seen animal print tights like these!

I love how chunky and block-y they are – they look so chic and trendy.

8. Retro 70s Floral Tights – $27.71

These retro, 70s inspired floral tights are my DREAM.

I don’t think I have ever added anything so fast to my cart, because I can totally imagine wearing these with a black chunky sweater, black mini skirt, and some boots and then transitioning them into the Spring and Summer with warmer outfits.

These tights are a lot more versatile than they look and I know you’ll LOVE them!

9. 70’s Psychedelic Swirly Funky Printed Tights – $15.11

Psychedelic prints have been SO trendy this year and there’s no better way to wear this trend in the Winter than these 70s inspired tights.

These are so trippy and fun, I know you’ll love ’em.

10. Small Ditsy Printed Patterned Tights – $22.00

These printed tights are so dainty and feminine, I love them!
The floral, colorful pattern perfectly balances the dark base color.

These would be epic transitional tights from Winter to Spring or Summer to Fall.

11. Line Printed Tights – $12.98

These tights are so simple and elegant but fun and unexpected.

They have line art in the form of a girls face and it’s so delicate and a close staple that can be worn on nights out as well as to formal dinners.

I hope these funky patterned tights make your outfits so much more fun and exciting!

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  1. […] My Favorite Funky Patterned Tights That I Know You’ll Love […]

  2. […] My Favorite Funky Patterned Tights That I Know You’ll Love […]

  3. […] My Favorite Funky Patterned Tights That I Know You’ll Love […]

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