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Fun and Unique Christmas Ornaments That Will Make You Smile

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Christmas is only a little more than a month away, and one of the most memorable and special parts of the holiday are the ornaments. Most ornaments nowadays are the same and kind of bland and boring, so if you’re looking for fun and unique Christmas ornaments that won’t break the bank and are such awesome statement pieces for your tree, then you need to check out these ones.

Keep reading for amazing ornaments you haven’t seen before!

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1. Alice in Wonderland 4-Piece Ornament Set – $69.98

How freaking adorable are these Alice in Wonderland ornaments?!

If you’re into film or just want something colorful and unique hanging on your Christmas tree this year, then you need this 4 piece set.

These ornaments are made of glass so be careful when you’re hanging them up, they’re fragile.

Nothing screams fun and unique Christmas ornaments like these!

2. USA License Plate Map Ornament – $17.17

This ornament of the USA map made of license plates is so fun and unique, I have never seen an ornament like this before and I think it would be a great piece to put in anyone’s Christmas ornament collection.

All the different license plates add so much color and depth and it’s just so fun and cool – you need this ornament if you’re looking for fun and unique Christmas ornaments.

3. Iridescent Acrylic Hummingbird Christmas Ornaments – $14.84

How beautiful are these iridescent hummingbird ornaments?! This is a set of 3 and each bird is a slightly different color.

These ornaments are STUNNING and would look so delicate and feminine on your Christmas tree and are super versatile – whether your Christmas decor is traditional or something more modern or even if it’s rustic, these ornaments would look great.

Plus, since they’re iridescent, they almost look translucent and gives a gives a beautiful sheen to the tree.

You will LOVE these!

4. Passport Christmas Ornament – $17.99

Because all of that’s been going on in the world the last 2 years, travelling seems like a world away which makes this passport ornament even more fitting for this Christmas!

I love the blue and yellow in the ornament – such festive colors that would look beautiful on any tree.

This is such a fun ornament!

5. Stacked Macaroons on Platter Ornament – $18.04

Talk about sweet! This stacked macaroon ornament is so cute and is giving me major ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ vibes.

I love how colorful and bright this ornament is – it will add so much life and character to your Christmas tree.

This is a great ornament if you’re looking for fun and unique Christmas ornaments that won’t break the bank and are timeless.

What’s really cool is that they have little bands of glitter throughout it, so if your tree is close to a window, in the afternoon the ornament will catch the light and sparkle – it looks so subtle but beautiful.

6. Egyptian Cat Christmas Ornament – $14.16

How regal and beautiful is this Egyptian cat Christmas ornament?

It’s pretty rare finding black Christmas ornaments but this one is so majestic and has such a presence.

The pops of color are great for offsetting the dark base and would be such a great statement ornament. But even though it’s a statement, since the actual ornament is pretty small, it looks strong and powerful without being too in your face.

I love, love, LOVE this ornament!

7. 2021 Santa Claus Ornament – $11.99

How funny is this 2021 Santa Claus ornament complete with a vaccine and face mask.

This ornament is so unique and is a great collector piece that you can look back on and remember this not so great year lol!

If you want fun and unique Christmas ornaments, then you need this ornament.

8. Cocktail Beverage Christmas Ornament – $21.18

Fun and creative Christmas ornaments? I’ve got you covered!

How adorable is this cocktail beverage ornament? I love the coral pink and lime colors and think it would look epic dangling on your Christmas tree.

Most people use the traditional round glitter ornaments and tend to stay away from silly and fun ornaments like this one, but these are so versatile and great to add character and charm to your tree.

You’ll love this one!

9. Baby’s First Bear Christmas Ornament – $68.49

This baby’s first bear ornament is a Waterford crystal piece and it is INCREDIBLE.

It’s advertised as an ornament to celebrate a baby’s first year, but I think it would make a great ornament regardless of whether you have a baby or not lol.

This is definitely a luxury Christmas ornament but it’s so beautiful and fun, it is truly worth the investment.

10. Russian Santa Christmas Ornament – $21.22

Santa ornaments are way overdone and usually a little boring, but this Russian Santa figure is quite unique and such a great addition to your Christmas tree.

I love how instead of the usual red Santa suit we’re used to seeing, this Russian Santa is dressed in an ornate cream and green robe.

This ornament is an awesome collector’s piece and looks a lot more expensive than it actually is.

11. Sunflower Glass Blown Christmas Ornament – $13.53

How beautiful is this sunflower ornament?

If you miss the Summer and want to add a lot of color to your Christmas tree this year, this glass blown ornament is a great option that won’t break the bank.

Since the ornament is glass blown it already has that silky, glassy finish to it but there’s also glitter sprinkled on top so it’s extra glitzy and fun.

12. Roses and Vines Egg Ornament – $21.38

Doesn’t this roses and vines egg ornament remind you of a Faberge egg?

This ornament looks so luxurious and expensive and is great if you want a unique and colorful ornament to elevate your Christmas tree this year.

The champagne pink base color is really versatile and would look beautiful with basically any Christmas tree vibe but especially traditional and modern.

The new trend is to have artificial white Christmas trees and this ornament would pop and look fabulous on one.

13. Naughty Gingerbread Man Pole Dancer – $15.99

Now, this naughty gingerbread pole dancer Christmas ornament is such a laugh and will be a hit this Christmas, regardless of what your 2021 Winter holiday theme is.

Gingerbread Christmas ornaments are classics but this one is unique and fun because the gingerbread man is using the candy cane as a pole – it’s cheeky, a little naughty, and a lot of fun.

What I really like about this ornament is that it will always be a hit with your friends and family and is super versatile and can be used over and over again. It’s a great bang for your buck!

If you’re looking for fun and unique Christmas ornaments that are silly and lighthearted, you will LOVE this one.

14. Santa in Rocket Christmas Ornament – $18.88

How fun and cute is this Santa in a rocket Christmas ornament?

I love the colors – very festive – and how well traditional and unique are balanced together in this ornament.

This is such a creative ornament, especially if there’s lots of kids in your family – they will love it!

15. International Dancer Christmas Ornaments (Set of 4) – $54.02

This set of 4 of international dancer ornaments is so unique and fun, I’ve never seen ornaments like these before!
It includes a Russian dancer, a Femal Flamenco dancer, a belly dancer, and a Chinese dancer.

If you want Nutcracker themed ornaments, these are such a great option without being too obviously Christmas-y.

You’ll get so many compliments on these ornaments – they’re iconic and quite rare so get them quick before they sell out!

Absolutely adore these ones!

16. Fortune Cookie Christmas Ornaments – $8.90

These adorable little Christmas ornaments are so fun and festive, they’ll put you right in the Christmas mood!

The little fortune says “you will have a merry Christmas” and it comes with an extra flexible wire so you put it onto your tree exactly how you would like. It comes ready to hang and is 100% glass so be careful not to drop them!

These fortune cookie ornaments are simple, fun, and creative but also quite festive and Christmas-y.

A must have for this holiday season.

17. Brilliant Butterflies Christmas Ornament – $15.99

How absolutely STUNNING is this butterfly ornament?

It’s dainty, delicate, and super feminine. If you want something girly and unique for your Christmas tree, this ornament is for you!

Most of the butterfly ornaments I’ve seen are a lot darker and more intense in color, and this baby pink and yellow butterfly is refreshing take on your typical butterfly Christmas ornament.

Doesn’t this ornament remind you of the Barbie movies of our childhood?

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18. Russian Matryoshka with Nativity Glass Christmas Ornament – $12.35

This Russian ornament is so cute and creative – not in Russia where it’s super common, but in the rest of the world.

A great collector’s piece, these Russian doll figures and ornaments add a lot of character to your Christmas decor and look so elegant and regal!

This would also be a great gift – especially for your mom or older female family members.

19. Avocado Toast Glass Ornament – $16.53

Fun and unique Christmas ornaments? Look no further because this avocado toast Christmas tree ornament is so fun and different!

Ornaments like these are really great because they using the same old traditional Christmas tree ornaments is so overdone and frankly, kind of boring. Switch it up with ornaments like these that are quirky and fun and your Christmas will be a lot more memorable.

20. Peacock Miniature Eggs – $25.49

If you want ornaments that are unique and elegant, you will love these peacock miniature eggs in blue and lavender with teal cording, iridescent beads and glitter.

There’s three of them in the set and each is 3 inches big. If you want something that is unique and different but still very sophisticated and elegant, then these are perfect.

These peacock eggs would look so beautiful on any Christmas tree.

21. Instant Ramen Noodle Cup Christmas Ornament – $13.02

This ornament is so fun and unique, I think I’m going to order it for my younger brother.

My little brother used to collect little Christmas ornaments that were unique and funny and silly and this instant ramen ornament fits the description perfectly.

If you want a lighthearted and funny Christmas tree ornament, you will totally appreciate this one.

22. Flamingo Ballerina Ornament – $17.99

I am OBSESSED with this flamingo ballerina Christmas tree ornament by Kurt Adler.

It’s super delicate and thin so looks really dainty and beautiful hanging on your Christmas tree.

I have never seen a Christmas ornament like this one before and I love it!

You need this one!

23. Rainbow Christmas Ornament – $13.50

If you’re missing the warmer weather, you will really appreciate this rainbow Christmas ornament that is the perfect pop of color to your Christmas tree this Winter.

Even though this ornament is bright and colorful, it’s not overwhelming and won’t take away from all the other ornaments on your tree.

24. Peppermint Candy Cane Assortment – $22.99

This candy cane assortment of ornaments is a really tasteful twist on your traditional Christmas tree ornaments.

I love how there’s Christmas tree shaped ornaments made from ‘candy cane’ which is actually just clay dough.

If you want something different and unique that is still very festive and traditional, these are for you!

25. Chinese Takeout Christmas Ornament – $16.19

I am obsessed with how fun and cozy this Chinese takeout container Christmas ornament is.

This ornament reminds me of the type of ornament that Carrie Bradshaw would have and I LOVE it!

If you’re looking for fun and unique Christmas ornaments, add this one to your cart!

26. Luxury Christmas Ornament Set – $29.95

This luxury, handmade ornament set is so unique because the fabric and embroidery is quite ethnic and reminds me of my South Asian background and the embroidery we put on a lot of formal outfits.

This Christmas ornament set is great if you want the traditional Christmas shapes but unique and different fabrics and trinkets on them.

These ornaments would add so much spice to your tree lol!

Love this twist on your classic Christmas tree ornaments.

27. Flying Pig Christmas Ornament – $18.60

If this flying pig Christmas ornament doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will!

Little ornaments like these that are fun and unique serve as perfect little knick knacks to put on your Christmas tree.

This ornament would also be a really great gift for small kids.

Because the ornament is quite small and isn’t too bold and bright in colors, it would amazing with literally any Christmas tree aesthetic – boho, traditional, modern, mid-century mod, literally ANYTHING.

28. The Golden Girls Ornament (with sound!) – $16.52

This Christmas tree ornament is EPIC!

It’s a Golden Girls Blanche Devereaux ornament that even has sound! You press the button in the back and it has some of Blanche’s most popular catch phrases. And what’s even better is that batteries are included!

What I really love about this ornament (besides the sound bites) is that it would sense on your tree even if you didn’t watch The Golden Girls because it just looks like an elegant dancer. Ornaments like these that look amazing whether you know the story behind it or not are the best because they’re so versatile.

This would also make for a beautiful and fun gift – it comes prepackaged in it’s own box.

29. Folding Fan Christmas Ornament – $17.21

This little folding fan Christmas ornament is beautiful for any tree theme because it has the ultimate Winter holiday color as it’s base color: red.

Fun and creative, this ornament is great if you want something unique and different without it being too out there.

So cute!

30. Jellyfish Christmas Tree Ornaments (Set of 4) – $23.99

Major ‘Little Mermaid’ vibes with this set of jellyfish Christmas tree ornaments that are made with glass and have rhinestones, pearls, and glitter on them. The tails are a mixture of iridescent plastic, pearl, and beads.

These ornaments look so magical on a Christmas tree and give it a beautiful modern vibe.

If you’re looking for fun and unique Christmas ornaments, these are great!

31. Peacock Hot Air Balloon Christmas Ornaments (Set of 2) – $34.95

How fun are these peacock hot air balloon ornaments?

The colors are fun and bright and kind of reminds me of a really fun circus.

These would look so beautiful hanging on your Christmas tree – bold and unique but oh so festive.

32. White Furry Unicorn Ornaments (Set of 2) – $14.99

These furry unicorn ornaments are so cute and adorable! They have a completely faux fur body with realistic eyes and a glitter design.

When I saw these Christmas ornaments, my first thought was: ‘I bet Paris Hilton would LOVE these.’

These ornaments are so fun and unique but are also a perfect Christmas ornament idea that feels classic and timeless.

They would look especially great if you have a very modern Christmas theme because of how white they are.

33. Sugar Skulls Set of 3 Christmas Ornaments – $39.98

These sugar skull ornaments are colorful, bright, and so unique for the Christmas time.

If you’re in the market for fun and unique Christmas ornaments, this is a no-brainer and would also be such a great conversation starter.

Pieces like these attract a lot of attention to the tree and make it more of a statement piece.

LOVE it.

34. Diet Coke Can Christmas Ornament – $10.76

Not only is this Diet Coke can Christmas ornament so funny and unique, but it’s also surprisingly stylish and trendy.

I love how minimal it is with the red lettering popping against the metal can.

It’s fun, unique, and a great ornament for all us Diet Coke drinkers.

35. Peacock on Ball Christmas Ornament – $24.31

If you want fun and unique Christmas ornaments that are quite bold and make a statement, then I would highly suggest this one.

This peacock on ball Christmas ornament has deep, rich colors of purple, blue, and green and is definitely an eye-catch.

I don’t think an ornament like this is everyone’s taste because of how much of a statement it is, but it would look beautiful if you have a relatively simple Christmas tree with a bunch of bold, statement ornaments.

If you’re looking for something traditional with a twist, I think you’ll really like this ornament.

36. Vintage Alarm Clock Christmas Ornament – $12.48

I am in love with this vintage style alarm clock Christmas ornament!

How fun and creative is this ornament? The colors are classic and the front of the ornament will catch the light so beautifully.

This is a great collector ornament!

I hope these 36 fun and unique Christmas ornaments make your Christmas shopping a lot easier and your holiday fun and filled with love. Check out these articles on the best gifts for your bf and wall prints that are perfect for your bedroom!

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