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57 Most Delicious Fall Scented Candles You Need in 2021

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It’s officially Autumn and one of the best ways to get warm and cozy for this Fall season is to snuggle up against the fire and light some incredible Fall scented candles.

Candles are a great way to set the mood and especially for Autumn because Fall is the season for all things rich, decadent, cozy, and warm and candles evoke all of that! Keep reading for my favorite Fall scented candles in 2021 – you will love these!

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Best Fall Scented Candles for 2021

This list is in no particular order aka they’re all incredible!

1. APOTHEKE Luxury Scented Candle – $68.00

This luxury Fall scented candle isn’t what you would classically expect with an Autumnal fragrance. It doesn’t smell like pumpkins or cinnamon or a Starbucks in October lol.

This candle smells like amber woods and jasmine, making it strong and musky but also light and not overwhelming. This is such an understated but warm scent and it smells so rich and decadent, once you light it you won’t be able to blow it out.

It is on the pricey side at a hefty $68 but its right in line with its other luxury candle counterparts like Byredo. But if you’re expecting something that will smell exactly like Fall as you enter the door and be super strong, I would pass because this scent is more subdued and subtle. Personally I love that because I find a lot of candles to be too strong smelling and it can give me a headache but if you like very strong scents, you probably won’t like this.

If you want a woody, musky scent that will linger even after you’ve blown it out, you will love this Apotheke candle.

2. La Jolie Muse Pumpkin Chai Fall Scented Candle – $23.97

The previous candle was a lot more subtly Autumnal but this candle is a classic! It smells like pumpkin, sweet vanilla, and coconut. It’s very rich and smells very much like Fall.

What I really love about this candle is that it doesn’t smell super sweet. I know, I know, pumpkin, vanilla, and coconut are all sweet scents but trust me, this candle has the perfect balance between something sweet and something muskier and woodier. It vaguely smells like a men’s cologne that has been lingering for a couple of hours – it’s beautiful!

The scent also lasts for a long time after it’s blown out and it leaves a really nice aroma around the room.

3. Craft & Kin Leather Scented Candle – $16.99

For those of you like something deeper and more manly smelling, you will love this leather scented candle from Craft & Kin.

Craft & Kin’s candles use essential oils so their candles are very aromatic and strong smelling and will linger in your space long after you’ve blown them out. I also really love the jar and packaging – it’s super sleek and would look beautiful in your living room.

The only problem I have with this candle is that the jar is a little smaller than I would like. It’s about 8 ounces but I think if it was 13 or 14 ounces, it would be the perfect size! Either way, this scent is beautiful and perfect for Fall. Plus, leather is a unique Autumn scent that not a lot of people would have.

4. La Jolie Muse Orange and Bergamot Candle – $19.99

Before anything else, can we note how beautiful this candle is! I love the tin jar and love that it comes with a lid also – once the candle runs out you can totally use it as a decorative tin to place on a coffee table or put knick knacks in it.

This orange and bergamot candle is very citrus-y and makes a great Summer to Fall transitional candle while still leaning more towards the Autumn and Winter months. It also has hints of rose, vanilla, and jasmine so it feels very warm and cozy when you light it – perfect for Fall!

5. Byredo Burning Rose Candle – $97.00

Byredo is a luxury brand that has somewhat of a cult following among celebrities and influencers. Their candles are definitely on the pricey side but their scents are so, so beautiful and sophisticated.

One of the things I hate most about some candles is that they can smell very very strong and its almost to the point of gagging when you light them. This candle is not at all like that. It’s strong but muted and it lingers beautifully and the packaging is so chic and sleek, it would look incredible in any space.

This burning rose candle smells like a beautiful, manicured garden and it’s so fresh and light without being Summery. This is a great Fall scented candles option because its not obnoxiously Autumnal but will make you feel so cozy and warm.

These candles are pricey but worth trying!

6. Glasshouse Fragrances Trick or Treat Candle – $55.00

When I think of Fall scented candles, one of the first things I think about is Halloween. This candle from Glasshouse Fragrances is a trick or treat scented candle has top notes of coconut, orange, pumpkin; middle notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, cumin, and maple; and base notes of caramelized sugar, musk, and vanilla.

The packaging is stunning and would also make a great gift, and look very luxurious in your home. One of my favorite things about this candle is that you can smell the high quality ingredients that go into it. Oftentimes I will smell a candle and it smells so artificially sweet it smells like cotton candy perfume, but this scent is so rich and deep and the multiple layers of notes adds so much depth to it. Even though $55 is a lot for a candle, believe me, this candle smells even more expensive than that.

This is an amazing candle for the Fall time, I would highly, highly recommend it.

7. Homesick ‘Connecticut’ Scented Candle – $29.79

This candle feels like Fall but if Fall was a rich, sophisticated man that walks with an oak cane and smokes a pipe.

It has top notes of nutmeg, lemon, eucalyptus; mid notes of hay, clove, cinnamon; and base notes of amber, tonka, and oakmoss.

The company has candles with scents of many states, but I like Connecticut the most.

This candle is also super unique because it’s based off a place, and that is super uncommon. It’s definitely worth giving a try – especially if you’re from Connecticut.

8. Urban Concepts Spices & Evergreen Candle – $15.95

This is a great nature evoking scent – it smells of spices and evergreen – and would be an amazing transition candle from Fall to Winter.

I love spicy smelling candles because I feel like the lingering scent they leave is really beautiful and musky – it’s almost like the lingering of a really handsome man’s perfume lol! With the addition of evergreens to the spice, it smells very earthy and woodsy without it smelling overtly like a wood or cedarwood candle.

If you want candles with a lot of depth, I would highly suggest checking out candles with notes of spice, like this one.

9. Gourmet Sugar Cookie Scented Candle – $22.00

A Cheerful Giver has some of the best Fall scented candles, including this Gourmet Sugar Cookie one! This scent is so comforting and warm and will remind you of baking goodies while it snows outside.

The fragrance is a rich, creamy butter baked scent with sweet vanilla toffee and sugar. The brand always has amazing burn times and this candle is no different with a 125 hour burn time – this candle will last you very long time!

The candle is also 22 ounces which is a great candle size – I hate when I order a candle online and get super excited only for it to be the size of my thumb and it last a few hours.

10. A Cheerful Giver Scented Candle in ‘Butterflies’ – $26.00

This ‘Butterflies’ scented candle is a great transition candle from Summer to Fall with a daisies and peonies fragrance with verbana and sandalwood. This candle is a great blend of floral and fresh with spicy and musky.

Plus, how beautiful is the candle in this stunning blue color – it would amazing sitting on a counter top. If you have a very neutral toned home, this candle would give it a great pop of color.

This 34 ounce candle has a burn time of 155 hours and will last you such a long time!

11. Craft & Kin Russian Leather Scented Candle – $15.99

This scented candle is meant to be for men, but if you like muskier, deeper scents like I do, then it’s a great Fall scented candle for all genders!

The masculine tones of birch, amber, Russian leather, and cedar wood bring a really woodsy and strong fragrance to the space without it smelling like men’s cologne lol!

I love this scent – it’s deep and rich – but if you prefer sweeter scents then you probably won’t like this as much. BUT, if you want something that isn’t traditionally Autumnal but will still make you feel warm and cozy, this scent is a great option.

12. Craft & Kin Scented Candle in ‘Whiskey Caramel’ – $16.99

I love the smokey sweet dynamic in this candle and it’s great for the Fall time! This is the classic Fall caramel scent with a twist that adds a lot of depth and richness to the candle.

This smell is a great way to get that sweet smell in your home without it smelling fake like those cotton candy perfumes lol!

I love how this Fall scented candle isn’t too classic but classic enough to make your home smell like a Disney Halloween movie.

13. La Jolie Muse Spicy Amber Scented Candle – $20.99

Another spicy scent because it’s so fitting for Autumn and Fall. This spicy amber scent is an Autumnal dream, smelling of cardamom, nutmeg, bergamot, vanilla, cedarwood, and balsam.

This candle smells like your home when you’ve been baking lots of treats and left the front door open – it’s sweet but spicy, cozy but outdoorsy.

It’s a beautiful scent and would make an awesome Autumn staple scent.

14. Lemon Butter Pound Cake Scented Candle – $26.00

Just the name of this scented candle is enough to make your mouth water!

A Cheerful Giver is back at it with it’s incredible Fall scented candles, like this one with a mouth watering baked lemon pound cake fragrance with tones of spicy nutmeg and sweet vanilla.

Oh my gosh, this scented candle is DIVINE! What’s even better is that scent is very strong and within minutes of lighting it your entire space will heavily smell like the candle.

The candle is also 34 ounces (which is huge if you consider that most candles usually come in 8-13 ounce jars!) and has a burn time of 155 hours. The candle also burns very clean so there’s no mess.

This candle is so amazing, I will never stop recommending it to anyone in the market for amazing Fall scented candles.

15. Lux Fragrances Fall Chai Tea – $24.00

Want your home to smell like Starbucks in October and November? This candle is it!

This candle smells like chai tea combined with traditional Fall scents like cinnamon, apples, raisins, vanilla, and clove. It’s sweet and sugary but also deep and rich – a great Fall scent if you want something more classically Fall with a bit of a twist.

16. Chesapeake Bay Candle in ‘Cashmere Plum’ – $10.99

How decadent and luxurious does this scented candle sound?

This Cashmere Plum scented candle is one of the most unique smelling candles I have ever smelt. It’s sweet without being overwhelming; it’s rich without being dense; it’s bright and light and creamy without being heavy; it’s tangy and plumy without being sour. The fragrance is warm and sexy and so intriguing – you’ll smell it and be amazed but won’t be able to exactly pin point what the notes are.

Long story short, this candle smells INCREDIBLE and would make the ultimate Fall scented candle.

You have to check it out this Autumn season.

17. APOTHEKE Luxury Scented Candle in Charcoal – $38.00

As the name of the candle suggests, this candle is smoky, deep, and very musky. If you don’t like sweet smells and would rather have a candle that is smoky and smells like oud, you will love this scent!

The packaging of the candle is very sleek and plain, with a math black jar and the brands logo on the base. This would look beautiful in any space, and would also make a really great gift.

The fragrance is strong and lingering without being overwhelming. This is a great luxury candle, especially if you want to splurge but don’t want to spend as much as a Byredo candle might cost you.

18. HHI Candle in Vanilla Musk – $18.99

If you love deep, rich scents that are both sweet and spicy, you will love this vanilla-musk scent from HHI Candles. This scent has notes of cinnamon and amber in addition to vanilla and musk and it makes for a very beautiful fragrance that is warm and inviting but very deep and rich.

Love this scent!

19. Sandalwood and Jasmine Scented Candle – $29.99

Scents like this are classic Autumnal fragrances! This floral and spicy scented candle would make a great living room candle that won’t make your home smell too feminine or masculine or too sweet and too musky – it’s the perfect blend of Fall scents. The fragrance leans more toward jasmine than it does sandalwood so its not too woodsy smelling.

If you want Fall scented candles that are decadent and delicious and will make your entire room smell yummy and luxurious without even lighting it, you will love this Sandalwood and Jasmine candle from Home Lights.

20. Homesick Candle in ‘Pumpkin Picking’ – $34.00

When I think of Fall scented candles, I usually think of pumpkin and you can’t ever go wrong with a pumpkin fragrance during Autumn.

This ‘Pumpkin Picking’ candle by Homesick is the quintessential Fall scent with mid notes of ginger, cinnamon, and clove; and base notes of vanilla, tonka bean, and sugar.

This candle smells quite sweet, but it’s not very strong. I would recommend putting this in an area of your home where you want a more muted smell, because it’s definitely not going to be enough for a larger space like your living room or bedroom.

If you want a subtle, sweet scent then this Homesick candle is for you!

21. Wild Lavender Scented Candle – $16.99

This candle is a lot better quality than you would expect given the price tag! For one, the packaging is very beautiful and feminine with a rose gold jar so it would look like a decorative piece wherever you put it. The smell is a little woodsy and sweet and very floral.

This candle is a great Autumn scent because it’s not overwhelmingly Autumnal but you still feel like you’re now in the cooler months and this candle helps you feel cozy and warm and makes you want to snuggle up on the couch with a blanket in front of the fireplace.

I also really love this lavender smell for Fall because lavender is a less common note for Fall candles so it does stand out more in the Fall time.

22. Mulled Cider Scented Candle – $28.95

This candle smells like October and it is perfect for Fall.

The main scents are apple, cinnamon, and allspice berries and it smells so delicious and yummy and it feel like you’re at a pumpkin patch, eating some candied apples.

If you want a classic Fall scented candle, you will love this one!

23. Cashmere Scented Candle – $26.00

Cashmere scented candles, like this one, are great for Fall and Winter months because they’re some of the most welcoming and inviting candles. Lighting a cashmere scented candle will make you feel warm and cozy and cuddly and are so, so perfect for Fall.

So if you want the best Fall scented candles, you need to check out cashmere scented candles. This one is a woodsy vanilla fragrance with blends of deep floral and fresh citrus. In general, I think the best way I can describe this scent is as a soft blend Jasmine, sandalwood, and other woodsy but fresh scents.

One of the most impressive things about this candle is the 155 hour burn time! This candle will last you a long time and considering it’s already 34 oz., it’s a great investment candle for the Fall months.

This is an amazing Autumnal scent!

24. Brown Sugar and Fig Scented Candle – $19.99

This sweet scent is so delicious, your home will always smell like there’s something delicious in the oven baking. This scent would be perfect in the kitchen or any other space you want to smell very sweet.

I think sweet smells are very inviting and cozy, so if that is what you want your home to feel like, a sweet scented candle like this one would be great for you.

What makes this candle extra adorable is that it comes with a candle snuffer, which is so fun and cute!

25. Calyan Wax Co. Pumpkin Spice Candle – $23.99

What sounds more Fall than warm pumpkin, brown sugar, and nutmeg? These are the main scents in this pumpkin spice candle and it’s sweet, delicious, and oh so Autumnal.

This candle smells like a caramel glaze with vanilla and just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

Another sweet, perfect scent for Autumn.

26. La Jolie Muse Woody Leather Scented Candle – $18.99

If you aren’t into the sweet, sugary scents I just mentioned, you’ll probably really like this candle.

This candle is muskier and more spicy than sweet. The brand tries to bring leather ‘alive’ using notes of pink pepper, orange flower, clove, guaiacwood, juniper, vanilla, balsam of Peru, and Kashmir wood.

This scent is sexy and warm and feels woodsy and outdoorsy. I love this scent, it’s great if you want something strong and masculine without your home smelling like men’s cologne.

Love, love, love this scented candle.

27. Chesapeake Bay Candle in Chestnut & Acorn – $19.99

This candle is so warm and cozy, and would make the perfect addition to your bedroom. With top notes of cinnamon and chestnuts, this candle smells so yummy you’ll want to eat it. The middle notes are brown sugared pecans, nutmeg, walnut; the base notes are clove, vanilla butter, cedarwood, maple. Doesn’t this sound the ingredient list for a really yummy cake?

One of the really great things about this candle are the size options: you can choose from a small jar, a large jar, a coffee table jar, or a double wick tin. The candle in the photo is the large jar which is 19.5 wax ounces.

28. Premium Bergamot and Jasmine Candle – $16.99

This scent is so beautiful and sophisticated and smells so much more expensive than it is.

There are top notes of bergamot, mandarin orange, black pepper, black currant, jasmine, lily of the valley, geranium, violet, and ylang-ylang with musk, sandalwood, cedar, and vanilla notes.

This candle is peppery and floral and makes the most beautiful mixture.

The scent is also strong and very fragrant, and you will be able to smell the candle throughout the entire room within minutes. It also burns for a very long time.

This is a great Autumn candle for 2021.

29. Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Scented Candle – $17.95

Sweet, succulent, and oh so delicious! This candle is so yummy smelling, you’ll want to just eat it. If you want quintessential sweet smelling Fall scented candles that remind you of apple picking, pumpkin patches, and leaves falling, you need this candle!

Coco Benjamin has amazing candles at great prices and personally, I think their candles are a lot better than most of these big candle companies. The quality of wax is great and after you burn the candle it doesn’t smell burnt and smokey, instead the sweet smell lingers for hours.

The fragrance is strong without being sickeningly sweet.

30. Lumira Arabian Oud Scented Candle – $70.00 (with free returns!)

Lumira, a luxury fragrance brand, has some of the most beautiful smelling candles I have ever smelt. Yes, it’s a hefty price tag at $70.00 for all their candles, but these candles are some of the most unique, rich, and complex fragrances that will make your home so sophisticated and sleek and add an unparalleled earthiness to it.

This Arabian Oud candle has top notes of: bergamot, orange, smoke;

Heart notes of: floral, rose, patchouli, sandalwood;

Base notes of: oud, amber, musk, nagarmotha.

This scent is perfect for Autumn if you want something more elevated and musky as opposed to something very sweet. This scent is so beautiful and deep, and it’s super versatile. You can light it for basically any occasion and it will work.

One of the best Fall scented candles on the market.

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31. Cinnamon & Pumpkin Scented Candle – $12.59

If you want a simple Fall candle, this is a great option. This candle smells sweet and like Fall’s favorite baked goods. When looking for Fall scented candles, you need to know what it is that you want in that candle. If you want some sweet and that smells like a pumpkin spiced latte, then this is a great option.

32. ESNA Home Luxury Candle in Leather & Tobacco Leaf – $36.99

The scent of this candle is RICH. This candle smells opulent and velvety and alluring and it’s beautiful!

If you are looking for a candle that is more sophisticated and musky, but still rich and decadent, you will love this scent.

The top notes are: smokey birch and saffron

The middle notes are: leather and vanilla

The base note is sandalwood.

This candle smells very elegant and sleek and the container it comes in is that, too.

I would definitely suggest trying this candle out, it’s worth the splurge.

33. Fyumee Caramel and Coconut Scented Candle – $29.90

This candle is such a good transitional candle from Summer to Fall because the coconut scents are very beachy and the caramel scents counter it and feel very warm and cozy, and remind me of candied apples.

There are also dark chocolate and coffee notes in the candle, which make it a lot richer and more suitable for Autumn.

This sweet smell is really yummy and it just reminds me of cooking with my mom and evokes really great memories. Scents like these are bound to make you feel nostalgic. Burning this candle will remind you of toffee popcorn and espresso and it is the most delicious smell ever! What’s really great is that the scent is strong so you definitely get the most bang for your buck – love this candle!

The packaging of this candle is also super cute, with a cute jar with ‘keep moving forward’ on the front and a crescent moon.

34. The Hugo Collection Scented Candle in Sandalwood & Jasmine – $34.90

The packaging of this candle feels luxurious and elegant and would look so beautiful in your space. The fragrance is strong and rich and you’ll be able to smell it right from open packaging, let alone from lighting the candle. The smell radiates throughout the home and it smells so beautiful.

The easiest way to describe the smell is that its a little woodsy from the sandalwood and quite floral from the jasmine – it’s feminine but strong.

Check this candle out if you want something more refreshing and cozy as opposed to something super sweet and traditionally Autumnal.

35. Wax & Wit Scented Candles in Pumpkin Spice and Mulled Cider – $34.95

Think of Fall scented candles and I’m sure you think of mulled cider and Starbuck’s pumpkin spiced lattes and these candles are exactly that.

They’re affordable, smell absolutely delicious, and come in adorable festive Autumnal packaging. Considering the price tag, the smell of these candles is very high quality and it doesn’t smell artificially sweet like a lot of pumpkin candles.

These candles smell rich and decadent and have a strong scent without being overwhelming. A lot of famous brands, like Yankee Candle, make Fall scents but I think these candles smell much better than Yankee’s.

They burn very well and last a long time. I’ve heard horror stories of candles exploding, but these burn clean and don’t explode.

These are such a steal, you need to try them this Autumn!

36. Marlowe. No. 701 Scented Candle – $19.99

I love this scent! It’s refreshing and woodsy and smells like an outdoorsy dream. It includes the brand’s signature, original scent of agarwood and pine with other refreshing undertones that make this candle smell so woody and like the best parts of nature in the Fall.

Plus, this candle is vegan, paraben free, non-toxic, and cruelty free. It also has a long 65 hour burn time so this candle will last you a long time! This scent is so popular they even have a body lotion and scrub.

37. Chloefu Lan Fresh Apple Scented Candle – $16.99

This fresh apple scented candle is so sweet and delicious but fresh and light and is so, so perfect for Fall.

The only downside I’ve noticed with this candle is that it’s stronger smelling unlit, so the smell once it’s burning is more subtle. But, it’s still a beautiful scent and would be perfect if you’re sensitive to smells and want something lighter.

38. Caramelized Creme Brulee Scented Candle – $21.00

This delectable scented candle has notes of fresh creme, sticky caramel toffee, coconut vanilla, and mixed spices, and smells so sweet and delicious. If you’re into sweet scents, you will LOVE this candle.

My favorite part about this candle, and all of A Cheerful Giver’s candles, is the incredibly long burn times and how large the candles are. They are such a great value and especially so when the quality of the candle is so high. I haven’t tried a single one of the brand’s candles and been disappointed, it’s a consistently great brand and this scented candle is no exception.

The fragrance is really strong and will waft through your entire house beautifully and linger for so long after it’s been burnt.

39. Love & Linger Scented Candle in ‘Cowboy’ – $28.95

This candle is definitely more masculine because it’s a mix of leather and campfire scents which creates a deep, woodsy fragrance that is great for the Fall.

The scent is so strong that even unlit, if you don’t have the lid on the entire room will smell like the candle. I love how strong and potent the candle is because it lasts a lot longer and just goes to show high quality the wax used is.

If you’re into more masculine Fall scented candles, you will really enjoy this candle from Love & Linger.

40. Hot Cocoa Butter Scented Candle – $16.99

I LOVE this scent! I’m not into very sweet scents because I feel like most smell very fake and suffocating, but this candle smells like hot chocolate and cream and like your cooking up a dessert galore in the kitchen.

It’s a sweet hot cocoa scent with cream and it smells DIVINE.

If you like sweet scents, you will absolutely love this candle! Scents like this would be perfect for Thanksgiving or a weekend where everyone’s crowded around in the kitchen and living room.

This candle definitely smells like Fall.

41. T&H Eucalyptus Jasmine Candle – $19.88

This candle is a beautiful blend of eucalyptus and jasmine and smells bold and strong and fills up a room with fragrance very fast. It also wafts and lingers and long after you’ve blown it out the room will smell like the candle without also smelling like it’s burning.

I have tried candles that once you blow them out the scent lingers but so does the smell of something burning – this candle doesn’t do that AT ALL which is really great.

The candle also has 3 wicks so it’s quite big and lasts for a while.

42. Fornasetti Flora Scented Candle in ‘Rossetti’ – $204.25

Now, this candle is definitely a splurge but Fornasetti candles are iconic and ruly works of art.

This candle has a floral scent but with woody and green notes that make it a really great Autumnal and Summer scent. It has notes of jasmine, lily of the valley, sandalwood, and tuberose. The container is ceramic and uses natural wax, so the candle won’t have that plastic-y scent a lot of candles do.

The ceramic jar makes for great decor to use after the candle runs out – which won’t for a while with a 60 hour burn time – and looks really beautiful and like a piece of art on its own.

But be quick, these candles run out fast!

43. Banana Nut Bread and Hazelnut Vanilla Scented Candle – $19.99

This funny brand with parody names like Bofa Deez Nuts actually have some of the best smelling candles!

This candle is sweet and nutty and feels like a warm, yummy hug in the middle of October. The candle is really strong considering it’s only 6 oz, but I mean that in the best way. It will spread through a room quickly and smell like baked deliciousness long after it’s been blown out.

This candle is so fun and light-hearted, it would make a great gift.

If you’re looking for Fall scented candles, you need to try this one!

44. Lumira Cuban Tobacco Scented Candle – $70.00

This is one of Lumira’s most popular candles, in fact it’s become somewhat of a cult classic among celebrities. This candle is so sophisticated and rich – like all of Lumira’s candles – and smells like the perfect balance between spicy and sweet.

Perfect for Fall, this scent is warm, sensual, spicy, and sexy.

The tops notes are: tangerine, cardamom, clove bud.

The mid notes are: clean floral.

The base notes are: mahogany, patchouli, musk, vanilla, tobacco.

If you want a complex scent that would make Autumn extra memorable, you need this candle. Fall scented candles have never smelt so luxurious!

45. Bonfire Marshmallow Scented Candle – $17.99

This fruity, vanilla scent will remind you of girl scouts. With a fitting name, Bonfire Marshmallow is sweet, succulent, and a little woody.

Traditional Fall scented candles are famous for scents like these that are very warm, cozy, and sweet.

If you want an affordable and traditional Autumnal scent, you will like this one!

My biggest problem with this candle is that though the smell is strong and fragrant, it doesn’t last as long as most of the other candles on this list. If you light this candle for long periods of time, it will probably last you around a week. But the smell is so delicious, I think it’s worth it.

46. La Jolie Muse Rose Noir and Oud Scented Candle – $29.99

One of my favorite things about La Jolie Muse candles is their packaging – it’s always so beautiful and luxe, it always looks a lot more expensive than it is.

If you’re looking for beautiful, decadent Fall scented candles, try to look for candles with oud scents in them. Oud is such a rich, complex smell and it makes for great Autumnal scents. Even a candle like this one that has rose in it, a floral and Summery scent, when combined with oud becomes a lot deeper and Autumnal.

The smell of this candle is strong and will linger for hours even after blowing it out. There is also no black smoke and the wicks burn clean which is pretty rare in a lot of candles. Plus, it also lasts for a long time.

Not only would this be beautiful in your home, it would also make for a beautiful gift.

47. Aromascape Scented Candle in ‘Caramel & Toffee’ – $14.99

This scented candle is a great affordable option at less than $15 for a 19 ounce candle.

Caramel and toffee are great Autumnal scents and this sweet fragrance is great for the upcoming colder months. You’ll smell this candle and feel so warm, cozy, and want to bundle up with lots of blankets and eat candied apples. The fragrance is sweet but not overwhelming and is a bit more subtle.

This candle is such a great value and if you want a great Fall candle without forking up a lot of money, you’ll love this one.

For something sweet and rich, check this scented candle out.

48. Lumira Wilderness Scented Candle – $70.00

These are my favorite type of Fall scented candles – woodsy, earthy, and a little peppery. I’ve already raved about Lumira candles because I love them so much, and the Wilderness candle is no exception. It’s very smokey and fragrant and just reminds me of very luxurious camping trip lol!

The top notes are herbal tea and berry.

Heart notes are earthy, patchouli, pine.

The base notes are woody, cedar wood, smokey, fir balsam, gurjum balsam.

This candle is definitely not sweet smelling like pumpkin spice candles but its very sensual and outdoorsy, I love it!

49. 5 O’clock Shadow Scented Candle – $16.17

This scent is mainly targeted towards men but if you like musky, woodsy smells then regardless of gender you will love this scented candle.

With primary notes of oak moss, musk, and fresh fir, this candle is very outdoorsy and smells like a sexy wreath lol. The scent is rich and dark but not like cologne and will make you feel so decadent and sexy.

This is a seriously underrated scented candle, give it a try!

50. Fyumee Scented Candle in ‘Love’ – $29.90

With primary notes of orange peel, red apple, cloves, cinnamon, and pumpkin, this candle screams FALL. The burning time of this candle is quite long at 50 hours and it doesn’t leave a burnt smell after blowing it out, which is important if you like to light your candles for longer periods of time.

Plus, the packaging of the candle is so luxurious and pretty, it would look like a decorative piece in your home.

Give this candle a try for all the Autumnal feels.

51. Rustic Woodland Fig Scented Candle – $22.00

Another beautiful woodsy scent that will make you want to go camping lol.

This rustic woodland fig scent has primary notes of warm figs, jasmine, sandalwood, and spicy anise. I absolutely adore scents like these because they’re sweet but also a little tangy and musky and it creates the most beautiful, rich, and complex blend of fragrances that will make your home smell so delicious.

The scent is clean and fresh but also quite rich and decadent, it’s a great balance and makes for a great Autumn candle.

Plus, it has a 125 hour burn time so this baby will last you a long time!

52. Caramel Coffee Bean Scented Candle – $14.95

The smell of this Caramel Coffee Bean scented candle is like no other. This candle smells so rich and decadent and sweet that my mouth is literally watering typing this. Within minutes of lighting the candle the entire room will strongly smell like a coffee shop and it’s incredible.

The scent is strong and it lasts. This 8 oz. candle will last you upwards of a month if you burn it for a few hours every day, which is incredible.

I love, love, LOVE this candle and bed you will, too.

53. Tobacco and Vanilla Scented Candle – $19.49

If you want something musky and sweet, you will absolutely love this candle. It’s rich and complex but the vanilla adds a beautiful warmth to it that reminds me of a old 1920’s store where everyone smoked vanilla tobacco pipes.

This scent is incredible and makes for a beautiful Fall scented candle, perfect for these upcoming colder months.

I highly, highly recommend this candle.

54. Pumpkin Spice Scented Candle – $24.99

Before I even get into how incredible this Pumpkin Spice scented candle smells, let’s just appreciate how adorable and luxurious the packaging is! The orange matte jar looks so luxe and expensive and would look so cute as Fall home decor.

This limited edition candle has notes of creamy pumpkin, cinnamon, spiced sugar, and nutmeg that will make your home smell like Starbucks in October. The fragrance is strong and fills up a room within 20 minutes and will linger for hours after it’s been blown out. A lot of sweet fragrances can become sickeningly sweet but this candle doesn’t give you that artificial, heavily sweet smell – it’s rich but light.

I love that the candle has 3 wicks, it burns much more evenly and lasts for so long. You can instantly tell that the quality of these candles is great and very high – there’s literally nothing bad I can say about this candle.

You have to try this scented candle!

55. La Jolie Muse Scented Candle in ‘Tobacco Leaf Herb’ – $19.99

I really like La Jolie Muse’s candles because I think they’re great value for what you get and you can tell that the wax and essential oils used are really great quality.

Plus, I love the packaging of all their candles – it looks so luxurious and makes for beautiful home decor.

This candle has notes of warm vanilla, tobacco leaf, musk, and wood. The musk and tobacco makes it very woodsy and heavy and the warm vanilla brings the perfect amount of sweetness and lightness. The candle is spot on with it’s name – it smells exactly like tobacco leaf herb.

If you like smokey scents, this one’s for you!

56. A Cheerful Giver Scented Candle in ‘Grandma’s Kitchen’ – $22.00

This candle will make your home smell like you’ve spent the entire day baking desserts. With notes of baked apples and peaches, cinnamon, and spice, this candle is so Autumnal and perfect for Fall, I can guarantee you will love it!

With a 125 hour burn time, this candle will last you a long time. Plus, the fragrance is strong and fills up a room very quickly so even lighting it for an hour a day will have your home smelling like the rest of the day.

I also really like that it burns very clean so there is never a mess with this candle.

57. Studio Oh! Scented Candle in ‘Speakeasy’ – $20.00

The name of this scented candle fits the smell perfectly – it reminds me of being in an old, smoke filled bar.

The candle has top notes of tobacco and cognac.

Mid notes of oud, hay, and vanilla.

And base notes of cardamom and spiced patchouli.

This candle fills up a room very fast and is the perfect mix of sweet and spicy. It’s rich and deep and is perfect as a Fall scent that would transition very well into Winter.

LOVE this candle!

I hope these amazing Fall scented candles make your Autumn season warm, cozy, and cuddly. Check out these articles on Amazon bedroom decor on a budget and festive Fall decor you need!

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