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Eyeshadow Trends You Need to Try in 2020!

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Makeup is art, and art is ever evolving and changing and makeup trends are some trends that change faster than even fashion trends sometimes. In this post we’ll look at some of the most popular eyeshadow trends this spring and summer!

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Eyeshadow Trends


Monochrome looks so effortlessly chic and messy but also put together at the same time. For a more natural look – more suitable for the daytime – take an eyeshadow shade similar to your skin tone and swipe it from your lid to above the crease. The best shades for this are neutrals like brown and gold for a natural but subtle glow.

For nighttime looks – or any formal event – bright, in your face colors are the ultimate statement!

Wear a metallic or neon shade from lid to crease and watch it be the evening’s ice breaker! One of my favorite examples of metallic monochrome is:

monochrome is one of this years biggest eyeshadow trends. This is a silver metallic monochrome eyeshadow look
via Instsgram

Metallics are perfect for monochrome eyeshadow looks because they catch the light and create shadows, so it looks like you’re wearing more than one shade while still channeling major monochrome vibes.


Just like monochrome is super popular this year, so is lots of color!

This one of those eyeshadow trends that has really taken off this year and looks beautiful on every skin tone – depending on the colors you choose. But not just the same color palette of neutrals or smokey shades. This is more exciting with mixing and matching different colors you may not usually put together!

So, pick up your makeup palette and go crazy! Use colors you would usually never wear together and watch it turn out surprisingly fabulous. If doing your whole look with multi-colors seems too daunting, then maybe start off with using a bright color for your eyeliner or even cooler, colored mascara!

See how you like those and then transition to wilder looks! Here’s my fav multicolor look:

Multicolor eye looks is one of this years biggest eyeshadow trends. This is a multicolor eyeshow look with bright summer colors like purple, yellow, pink, and turquoise.
via Instagram

Animal Print

Animal print eyeshadow is all the rage right now and rightly so! It’s wild and fun and looks a lot more complex than it actually is. The way I usually do this is by making asymmetric little circles on my lid and the stenciling it with black liquid liner to achieve a cheetah print look! Check this one out by Sydney Carlson:


Mismatched eyeshadow is super fun and youthful and though it’s not ideal for professional settings, its perfect for a fun date with friends.

Regardless of the occasion, you have to try this trend just because of how different it is!

Now, mismatched eye makeup can either be monochromatic looks or two entirely different eye looks on each eye, but it;s usually easier to do the monochrome look. Just pick two colors that look good together, like purple and green or orange and blue, and put each color on a different eye:

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